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    Esteban Flores episode

    18 GIU 2021 · Today we’re talking to Esteban Flores Valenzuela, head of the Skacore Cartel, keyboardist for bands like Matamoska, Bandulus, and many more!! Este talks about his journey in music and beyond - everything from being a spotlight contributor to the LA underground ska scene early on w/ his show outfit Top Shot Productions, to even being a touring member in The Interrupter’s live band at one point, Mr. Flores also fills us in on his experience being a full time musician and full time college student, as well as the topic of relocation for a better circumstance! Artwork provided by Rodrigo Samudio.
    Played 1 h 43 min. 14 sec.
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    Girls Go Ska episode

    2 GIU 2021 · hoy estamos hablando con GIRLS GO SKA! Souledad, Arlet, Dani, y Jocelin hablan conmigo sobre sus historias dentro de ser instrumentalistas y como colaboran eficientemente para ser el grupo autogestionado con excito que son Girls Go Ska! También me dicen de toda la nueva música te tienen en rumbo, muchas sorpresas por venir es lo que cuentan! Promo art by Rodrigo Samudio.
    Played 57 min. 45 sec.
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    Joystick! episode

    22 MAR 2021 · today we got JOYSTICK! on the program & they're talking about their new LP, 'I Can't Take It Anymore', out everywhere April 16th! The collaboration by Stomp Records and Bad Time Records introduces 15 new songs from the New Orleans rockers themselves and trust me when I say it 100% packs circle pit slammers. Shout out to Duck (vocals), Clay (bass), and Andrew (trombone) for giving us their time to chat! Promo artwork provided by Juan Sebastian Garzon.
    Played 48 min. 37 sec.
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    Mr. Kowalsky episode

    10 MAR 2021 · interview with MR. KOWALSKY! Singer, songwriter, surfer, rocker of the reggae & ska community talking to me about his latest album, ‘Everybody Nice!’ - streaming everywhere now. Hailing from San Jose, Costa Rica; we also get into his start as apart of 13 Millas de Libertad, and as well as his path traveling around the world and getting to play with the best musicians in the genre. Promotional artwork for this interview was provided by Juan Sebastian Garzon.
    Played 48 min. 59 sec.
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    Joe Snapped episode

    12 FEB 2021 · today we got artist, videographer, and friend of the show JOE SNAPPED! Joe talks to us about his current catalog available on his bandcamp, along with everything else he's got coming up. We also get a deep dive not only into his background in film, but also the way he approaches his artistry when it comes to recording music and the format of his songs. Keep up with Joe at - promo artwork for this episode provided by Rodrigo Samudio!
    Played 1 h 15 min. 43 sec.
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    Omnigone episode

    28 GEN 2021 · today we're chatting with east bay ska punker ADAM DAVIS - currently the front man for Omnigone, Adam shares with us his story starting out playing in bands like Link 80 and Flat Planet, to today being apart of the Bad Time Records family w/ Omnigone. We also talking about his experience in illustration and skills in fitness training. Thank you to Adam for his time! Promotional artwork provided by Rodrigo Samudio.
    Played 1 h 54 min. 11 sec.
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    Flying Raccoon Suit episode

    25 GEN 2021 · Today on the program we have FLYING RACCOON SUIT, hailing from Biloxi, Mississippi! Jessica, Kerley, Andy, & Guillermo talk to me about each of their paths as musicians themselves, as well as the kickstarter that was recently announced for their newest upcoming album, 'Afterglow', which by the way is completely fire from start to finish. Shout out to Flying Raccoon Suit for their time and conversation! Promo artwork provided by Juan Sebastian Garzon.
    Played 49 min. 36 sec.
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    Ludvig Gür episode - Pretending I'm A Superman, the Tony Hawk video game story

    15 GEN 2021 · Today on the show we have LUDVIG GUR, film director responsible for the August 2020 documentary, 'Pretending I'm A Superman'; a film dedicated to the legacy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This interview was a personal one for me as I've actually been a follower of Ludvig's content for a while now. Going back to his YouTube channel, Icebears 4ever, I found his Tony Hawk video game content something I genuinely related to and enjoyed watching. I stumbled upon his channel years ago when I was revisiting an online wikia site dedicated to the series as well (of course, Tony Hawk's Games Wiki) in which I had a hand in writing articles for in my freshmen and sophomore years of high school. Once revisiting that site after graduating high school, I had a hunch to look up THPS videos, which led me to Ludvig's channel. After being a subscriber of his for a while, he started to announce his plans for working on a documentary about the series - to see it unfold the way that it has with it's righteous unveiling last year in August was certainly something to see for all Tony Hawk's Pro Skater fans everywhere. Many thanks to Ludvig for his time and conversation! Shout out to Tony Hawk and Neversoft for the memories!! Promotional artwork for this episode provided by Juan Sebastian Garzon.
    Played 1 h 14 min. 7 sec.
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    Betania Lopez episode

    23 DIC 2020 · Entrevista con la mas honorable BETANIA LOPEZ, desde Santiago, Chile! Habla con nosotros sobre todo lo nuevo que tiene por venir, incluyendo su historia como diseñadora, publicista y cantante. Muchísimas gracias a ella por todo el tiempo que nos regalo, sus últimos dos sencillos "Santa Capucha" y "Censura" están disponibles hoy donde quiera que agarras tu música, pendientes que su proximo disco esta por llegar también! Saludos a Rita Boooh por el arte promocional.
    Played 56 min. 14 sec.
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    Bad Operation episode

    4 DIC 2020 · Bad Operation interview! Today we got the New Tone rockers themselves, repping Community Records and Bad Time Records! Chilling w/ Dominic (vocals/lyrics/guitar), D-Ray (keys/trombone), Rob (drums), and Greg (bass), talking about their upcoming self-titled debut record out December 18th. We also get into each of their musical stories, and what they aim to communicate with their songs. Promotional artwork provided by Rodrigo Samudio.
    Played 45 min. 46 sec.
Show about the scene! We're talking to all the reggae, alternative, punk, dancehall, and ska artists we love. ¡Entrevistas en ingles y español!

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