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    009 ‘I’m Addicted’ : Food Makes Us Feel Good…or is it Worse?

    3 MAG 2024 · We all need to eat, but for some of us food becomes more of a necessity than for others. What are we doing when we eat? Do we eat to live or live to eat? Join  Gary and Jon in this honest and open chat about their own relationship to food, as they ask what is really going on at a deeper level when we are addicted to food.
    31 min. 17 sec.
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    008 It's Like I've got a Volcano under the Surface Ready to Erupt | Anger

    9 MAR 2024 · In this episode Gary and Jon scratch a bit deeper than the surface to find they are both actually angry people. Anger like a volcano 🌋 sits dormant for a while....but when will it erupt and how much damage will it cause? Can anything be done to stop this?
    40 min. 3 sec.
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    007 You Just Want to Butt Scratch All Day : Laziness is it all Bad?

    2 FEB 2024 · Join Gary and Jon in this refreshingly honest chat as we dive into the topic of laziness and our absolute love for lounging around all day. With humour and dash of authenticity, they explore the contrasting work ethics between themselves and their hardworking wives. Together, they ponder the age-old question: Is laziness all bad, or could it potentially serve us well if we strike the right balance? Tune in as they navigate the nuances of laziness, productivity, and the pursuit of a well-balanced lifestyle.
    39 min. 30 sec.
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    006 A Digital Dilemma - Navigating the Impact of Mobile Phones and Social Media on Our Daily Lives

    7 GEN 2024 · In this video Gary and Jon delve into the world of our phones and social media and explore the influence these have on us and in turn the people around us; together with the addictive nature of mobile phones and the ever-evolving world of social media. We break down the positives and negatives of our digital dependencies. Together, we'll explore the challenges and opportunities presented by these technologies and discuss strategies for finding a healthy balance. Join our digital exploration by hitting the follow button for more insightful content, and sharing with friends who might benefit…👍😄
    45 min. 33 sec.
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    005 Fear - It's Crippling Power in Our Lives

    18 NOV 2023 · Uncover the gripping influence of fear in our daily lives with Gary & Jon in this podcast. Join us as we delve into the profound impact of fear and share personal examples of what sparks our own fears. Explore the diverse manifestations of fear and engage in the thought-provoking discussion on whether there are actionable steps to overcome this paralysing emotion. Can we truly escape the clutches of fear, and if so, how?
    50 min. 36 sec.
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    004 Not Being Present - Zoning Out on People

    22 OTT 2023 · Ever struggle to pay attention to what is going on around you? Find it tough to properly listen to what people are saying? Ever zone out during conversations… In this video Gary and Jon discuss the topic of not really being present in a conversation, the causes of this and how these can be overcome. A live counselling session…
    43 min. 19 sec.
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    003 Self Esteem - How It Impacts Us

    23 SET 2023 · In this thought-provoking live counselling session, Gary and Jon delve into the topic of low self-esteem and its strong connection to comparing ourselves with others. We explore how this comparison trap can have a significant impact on our well-being and self-perception. Join us as we discuss the challenges of navigating low self-esteem and discover insights to cultivate a positive self-image. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a valuable perspective on how our self esteem can impact our mental health…
    34 min. 12 sec.
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    002 The Boomerang - I Know What You Are Thinking About Me

    25 LUG 2023 · Ever feel like you know exactly what someone is thinking about you (Projection) It’s a bit like a boomerang we throw out that can result in some negative consequences… In this episode Gary and Jon look at the boomerang and how it can impact our own self image and how we interact with other people too.
    29 min. 33 sec.
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    001 The Mask - Living a Fake Life

    12 LUG 2023 · How guarded are we? Do you ever feel like you don’t really know someone? Do we all live on a surface level, to extent that we can come to the end of someones life and feel we don’t really know who they are! In this episode Gary and Jon explore what its like to wear and mask, its advantages and some of its major draw backs, all the while asking the question, if we are wearing a mask will people even know who we really are?
    37 min. 3 sec.

Hi All, thanks for stopping by... sit.discover.change is a podcast-style show and live counselling platform hosted by Gary Lamb, a seasoned therapist with over a decade of experience. The show...

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Hi All, thanks for stopping by...
sit.discover.change is a podcast-style show and live counselling platform hosted by Gary Lamb, a seasoned therapist with over a decade of experience. The show dives into unspoken issues that affect us all, tackling the things that bother us but often remain hidden, whilst exploring insights Gary has learned through his Counselling journey. Gary and his guests aim to be authentic and open about these topics, reassuring listeners that they're not alone in facing difficult issues.
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