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Single Moms Survive & Thrive

  • Hobbies or Hell Raisers

    10 GIU 2023 · We all have to let off steam and learn to cope with life in a healthy way! Join Jeanette as she discusses the difference beteween developing healthy hobbies or unhealthy hellraisers!
    34 min. 56 sec.
  • Big Sister Love

    21 MAG 2023 · It's so nice to have friends that are as close to you as family. It's a special gift to have friends standing with you through thick and thin. This epidsode Jeanette speaks with Maya, her big sister from another mister, a special friend that has walked with her through her single Mom journey from the start. Listen to them talk about some of the ups and downs of single Mom life and how they have been there for each other! Drop a line! FB: @SingleMomsSurviveAndThrive IG: @SingleMomSurviveAndThrive
    34 min. 59 sec.
  • 2023: New Year, New Head Games!

    16 GEN 2023 · Happy 2023! Join Jeanette as she pours out her heart and discusses a little bit of how her mind starts to play tricks on her when things start to go good! The new year always bring so many new things, and as single Moms, we have to be ready for anything - including new head games! Don't forget to reach out to Jeanette any time on FB at @SingleMomSurviveAndThrive and on IG at @SingleMomsSurviveAndThrive. Have a very happy and healthy new year! #SurvingisThriving
    41 min. 33 sec.
  • Terrible Two's? Nope.. Terrible Teens!!

    29 NOV 2022 · Kids are our world aren't they? But yet we as Moms still get pushed to the edge with our beloved babies! We are tested and tested by the dreaded TERRIBLE TEENS!!! We have all been warned! Join Jeanette as she discusses the trials and struggles of raising teens by herself. Whether you are a single parent or not, we all need to lean on each other, so we can SURVIVE AND THRIVE! Follow the podcast on FB at @SingleMomSurviveAndThrive Or on IG @Singlemomssurviveandthrive
    30 min. 51 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Distant Dads

    15 AGO 2022 · A lot of you single Moms out there share a familiar story: the Dads were there and present but then they become distant in your kids lives during or after the divorce. This could also be the case for Moms too - it happens! No matter which parent it is, it is always devastating when this happens. And it happens in different severities to some, which leaves single parents lost and unsure of how to help the children through this. Jeanette chats with her friend Kanitra in this episode about the struggles of dealing with distant dads in their children's lives. You can check out Coach Kanitra's website to learn more all about her life coaching and books she has written at / IG: narcliberation Also - please feel free to drop a note to Jeanette any time at her FB page at @SingleMomSurviveAndThrive or on IG @singlemomssurviveandthrive. Any ideas or topics you want to suggest - are always welcome. We are here to survive & thrive together!
    54 min. 10 sec.
  • Esplicito

    The "D" Word - Part 2

    20 APR 2022 · The dreaded D word... Depression. As a single mom this comes in many forms into our lives and even into the lives of our children. How do we cope? How do we walk through this? Jeanette discusses her journey with this and all the things that she has endured along the way. Drop a line if you want to share your story with depression any time at @SingleMomSurviveAndThrive. We will walk through this life together united as Single Moms SURVIVING & THRIVING!
    51 min. 53 sec.
  • Esplicito

    The "D" Word - Part 1

    25 MAR 2022 · Oh the dreaded "D" Word!! of course! And anything and everything that goes along with it! It is really challenging for single moms to make time for all this and not only making time, but how and when we should do it. How will it affect our lives and our kid's lives? Join Jeanette as she dives deep into the ups and downs of juggling all this in single mom life!
    39 min. 11 sec.
  • 2022: New Year, New Moms!

    10 FEB 2022 · 2022 is here! In this episode, Jeanette & Colleen, two long time single mommy friends, spend time catching up and discussing everything single mom life! They discuss getting through the holidays in one piece and surviving the ups and downs that come afterwards. They dive into all the challenges we face such as mom guilt, difficulty dating, raising kids to be well balanced, and how hard that can all be. But most of all you will enjoy the laughs and fun had in their conversation! It's time to celebrate: new year, new moms! Drop Jeanette a line any time with feedback or comments: @SingleMomSurviveAndThrive (FB) Also, if you would like to contact Colleen regarding her Life Coach services, email her at:
    1 h 34 min. 50 sec.
  • Surviving The Wreckage - Thanksgiving Edition

    30 NOV 2021 · You are 7 years post-divorce, yet you find yourself in bed on Thanksgiving Day in tears, hiding from the family, drowning in wine and not wanting to be a part. The holidays reminds you of the previous year, the year that was too difficult to bear. Or you are 4 years down the line post separation, and your child is going through a bout of depression and it stems from their Dad leaving. Or you are just one week post divorce, you are happy and having a great day, but then you look at your phone and your ex sends you a text saying he hates you. Whatever it is that you are dealing with, at whatever time, there is always some wreckage to be dealing with! It might be big, it might be small, it can come and go. But just know that it can linger in different ways and rear it's ugly head! Listen to Jeanette talk about her struggles this year getting through Thanksgiving, and how she copes! Drop a line to Jeanette at @SingleMomSurviveAndThrive - what wreckage are you dealing with? How are you getting through it?
    49 min. 41 sec.
  • Me, Myself and I

    21 AGO 2021 · Ever sit alone for a few minutes with your thoughts and let your mind get the better of you?! Sitting in the torture of Mom guilt for absolutely no reason at all?! Wondering why you aren't watering the plants, or cleaning the house, or going to the gym or opening up the computer to go through your banking?! No, instead you sit and swipe left and right on the dating apps!! Well, in this episode Jeanette talks to Jen about the woes of this predicament. Why can't we just sit in our own skin, content with who we are and where we are sometimes? What is in our way? We discuss all the ups and downs of single mom life when you get some time to yourself! Hopefully it brings some smiles to your lovely faces! Don't forget you can message Jeanette on Facebook at @SingleMomSurvive&Thrive or IG at @SingleMomsSurvive&Thrive. Drop a line any time! - stay surviving & thriving!
    1 h 13 min. 5 sec.

The journey after divorce or separation is a rough road for anyone, but when children are involved it’s so much harder. In this podcast Jeanette & her single mama friends...

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The journey after divorce or separation is a rough road for anyone, but when children are involved it’s so much harder. In this podcast Jeanette & her single mama friends will discuss various stages of the post divorce/separation journey and coping methods that have helped them survive and thrive! Over the last 6 years since being a single parent, Jeanette has encountered so many seasons, trials and tribulations but has risen victorious and embraced her single mom life! In this podcast Jeanette and guests will come together to discuss all kinds of topics - focusing on the support fellow single moms can give each other through these stages, loving each other through the good times and the bad. Get ready to laugh a little and cry a little, but most of all get ready to feel the love and support from them because you are not alone!! Because when single Moms come together we SURVIVE and THRIVE! Did anyone give you a guidebook on this when you became a single parent?! I know I didn’t get one! But I do know that single parents that have been through it ahead of me were my best support structure. Once I knew I wasn’t alone I felt so comforted and found the healing process a lot easier. My hope is that you will learn to embrace and love your single Mom life and from listening to this podcast you will know you are empowered to be the best Mom you can be, whatever your situation because we SURVIVE AND THRIVE!
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