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Simple Life in the Mountains

  • Culture: A talk with Elisa Deutschmann and Arnaud Cottet

    26 MAG 2023 · In this third episode of our podcast, our two guests Elisa and Arnaud, talk about their connection with nature and mountain culture. Elisa, from Bavaria, grew up skiing and became passionate about various mountain sports, including paragliding. Arnaud, from Switzerland, is a skier who has competed and participated in expeditions around the world, preferring to explore less mainstream areas and learn about different mountains. Both agree that mountain culture brings people together in communities.
    22 min. 24 sec.
  • Contribution: A talk with Paul Guschlbauer and Martin Sieberer

    26 MAG 2023 · In this episode Martin and Paul talk with Simon Messner about their passion for adventures in the mountains. Martin is an alpinist who enjoys traditional climbing and ice climbing. Both of them agree that the journey towards their passions was full of mistakes and dead ends, but they never gave up on their search.
    26 min. 8 sec.
  • Values: A talk with Antonia Stöger and Federica Mingolla

    26 MAG 2023 · This story is about two strong women, Antonia from Bavaria and Federica from Italy, who have different backgrounds but share the same passion for mountaineering. Antonia talks about how her mother inspired her love for the mountains and for skiing, while Federica talks about her early experiences with swimming, way before becoming an Alpine Guide and professional climber. We talked about the pursuit of happiness, being constantly in the process of climbing rather than just reaching the top. After achieving a goal, they often feel a sense of emptiness, already waiting for the next project, but they find comfort in sharing their experiences with others.
    25 min. 23 sec.
  • Happiness: A talk with Anna Stöhr and Simon Messner

    26 MAG 2023 · In this last episode of "Simple life in the mountains" Federica Mingolla is the host of the podcast and Simon Messner and climber Anna Stöhr will be the guests. Simon will talk about his background and his recent decision to start a farm in South Tirol with the help of his wife. On the other side Anna will speak about how her life has changed since becoming a mother and how she balances her love for climbing with the new responsibilities. She also talks about her childhood and how her interest in climbing began, along with her role models and inspirations.
    26 min. 29 sec.
  • Knowledge: A talk with Eline and Hanspeter

    26 MAG 2023 · Eline and Hans believe there are two sources of knowledge: personal experiences and learning from others through books or human interaction. They also think that humans have a great capacity to connect with others and to live with contradictions. In this conversation, they suggest that experiencing the benefits of reducing consumption is necessary for people to understand their value, and that it might require some rules and regulations to change cultural practices.
    29 min. 50 sec.
  • Responsibility: A talk with Judith Rubner and Thomas Friedrich

    26 MAG 2023 · In this new episode of our simple life in the mountains series, Judith and Thomas talk about their common experiences and how simplicity affects their lives. Judith believes that living in the mountains is about not having too many things, while Thomas thinks that simplicity is key as it is in paragliding. They also discuss the impact of climate change on winter sports and how it’s affecting everybody’s lives. They both agree that learning is essential and that they need to learn how to master their skills in various ways.
    20 min. 25 sec.

Welcome to our podcast, where we ask ourselves and a bunch of our good friends: what does it mean to live a simple life in the mountains? Our Salewa People...

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Welcome to our podcast, where we ask ourselves and a bunch of our good friends: what does it mean to live a simple life in the mountains?

Our Salewa People gathered at Simon Messner's place in Val Senales where we had the great opportunity to sit together and talk about different topics related to our daily life, such as: overcoming our fears, enjoying the journey not just the final result, what does it mean to contribute to the mountain culture and also what can we do to reduce our impact on the planet. We also discussed knowledge, happiness and other interesting things.

Being in the mountains gives us the chance to slow down and appreciate our surroundings. It's about focusing on what really matters, what makes us happy, but at the same time it’s about learning and reflecting on responsibilities.

We invite you to join us on this journey, and be a part of it.
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