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Shifting Priorities

  • Miscarriage is Normal, but It Should Not be Normalized (ft. Lydia Andrews)

    23 MAG 2024 · We are here at the season finale of Shifting Priorities, and for the final episode, Alli is joined by her friend Lydia Andrews to talk about miscarriage.  In this episode, we share our stories, we talk about where we were and weren't supported, and where we're at now. We even hear the beautiful story of Lydia's journey to adopting her twins!   We hope that anyone who has been through this before can listen to this episode and know they are not alone. They're not alone in miscarriage, and they're not alone after as they embark on trying again with a ton of fear, and feelings of frustration when they find the answers. We also hope, that by being open with our stories, it will encourage others to do the same. Social media is a ton of rainbows, butterflies, and pregnancy announcements - which of course is not reality. We want to showcase more stories that are somewhere in the middle. We're here for you! 
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  • Redefining Gender Roles in Parenting (ft. Lydia Andrews)

    9 MAG 2024 · Lydia Andrews, Owner of joins Alli this week on Shifting Priorities. Lydia is someone that Alli has looked up to for years. She's a mom of three and has been so wonderful documenting the challenges and beauty of motherhood, adoption, miscarriage, and more on social media. She's also very knowledgeable about topics like the enneagram, relationships, therapy, and more.  In part one of our series, Alli and Lydia talk about... - Lydia's move to start a business simply out of necessity when starting out as a stay-at-home mom - The importance of therapy in relationships - The fact that the US does have the right systems in place for two-income families - Redefining gender roles in partnerships
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  • The Rise of The Involved Working Dad (ft. Alex Tunell)

    2 MAG 2024 · We're switching it up and bringing on a working dad, my husband, Alex Tunell! Alex is an Account Executive at Benevity, which means we both work full-time, with no family nearby. This has been a massive learning experience for us, as we've tried our best to find a balance, and like many couples, it's been a struggle. We feel like we're in a good rhythm now, though. And we're excited to talk about it with you all! In this episode, we share... - Our origin story, how we met, and how we became parents (including our NICU experience) - How we reevaluate our year, and our relationship, and how we learn and grow - How we balance friendships, hobbies, and work - How we set each other up for success when we need to rely on the other person
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  • How to Actually Recover From Burnout (ft. Hana Jacover)

    25 APR 2024 · This episode could not be more important!  Hana Jacover joins Alli this week to talk about trauma, burnout, being neurodivergent, and learning how you work best. Hana is a Leadership, Executive, and Performance Coach as well as the Fractional Marketing Leader at Hype House Coaching. Along with recovery, Hana and Alli also talk about... - How to actually take a break and make a clear choice on your next steps after burnout - How to transition your career - The power of understanding how your body functions best and how to stay regulated.   - Transitioning your mom guilt into gratitude and love Recommendations from Hana:
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  • Finding a Role That Aligns With Your Values (ft. Chelsea Castle)

    11 APR 2024 · Chelsea Castle joins Alli on this week's episode of Shifting Priorities. Chelsea was most recently the Senior Director of Content & Brand at Lavender, and before that, worked as The Director of Content Marketing at Chili Piper.  After being impacted by a reduction in force shortly after returning from her leave, Chelsea reevaluated her relationship with work and thought deeply about the values that were most important to her. During that retrospective process, Chelsea created an EXCELLENT system for assessing jobs, which reignited her passion for work. Join us to learn more about this system and... - Creating a childcare schedule that works for you - How to adjust your day to ensure you're working on your most important tasks at your most optimal times - How to give yourself grace when returning from leave - The realities of mom guilt, and how to process it as best you can - The red flags you should never look past when evaluating opportunities 
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  • Benefits, Boundaries, and Balance (ft. Jessica D. Winder)

    4 APR 2024 · On this episode of Shifting Priorities, Alli sits down with Senior HR Executive, Jessica D. Winder to talk through the hard work conversations all moms need to be prepared for. Jessica brought so many actionable tips to this episode because of her expertise in both people ops and career growth. She's also a working mom to twin girls.  Listen in to learn more about... - How to create a more flexible schedule for yourself while working when pregnant  - How to evaluate benefit packages - What to ask for when planning your leave - How to set boundaries at work after returning from leave - How to evaluate if a company is actually family-friendly & so much more!
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  • Know and Own Your Worth (ft. Jess Cook)

    28 MAR 2024 · This week we hear Jess Cook's story about her agency career, the long hours she was putting in, and the moment she decided it was time for a change (while very pregnant with her second child.) Since making the jump to B2B SaaS, Jess has doubled her salary in just four years. She's pushed herself to not fear change, believe in her abilities, and always have a growth mindset. In this episode, Jess shares actionable tips around... - How to push through imposter syndrome - How to embrace career shifts confidently, and why you should always be open to opportunities - How to always approach work with a growth mindset, and showcase that viewpoint with your actions - Ways to advocate for yourself and come equipped for the hard conversations around promotions and salary increases
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  • Babies Make You Brave (ft. Shannon Curran)

    21 MAR 2024 · While working as a VP at MadKudu, Shannon realized that the company didn’t need a full-time marketing team member at their current stage. So she took a risk and offered to work for them fractionally while she started her own consulting business.  In this episode, we’ll talk about Shannon’s career, what life was like for her before becoming a mother, and the life she’s currently building for herself with her new business.    We also touch on… - Family planning while starting a new job - How Shannon approached her boss about moving to fractional work - The rise of dads who “dad out loud”  - Finding community while working remotely
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  • Why Motherhood Unlocks Leadership Excellence (ft. Sarah Wagle)

    14 MAR 2024 · This week, Alli invites a working mom she's always looked up to onto the show, Sarah Wagle.  Sarah is currently The Director of Creative & Content at Compassion International and a mom to four children. Alli and Sarah worked closely together at BombBomb and had many conversations when Alli was pregnant with Penelope.  In this episode, they look back on those conversations, and also, dive deep into... - The evolution of workplace support for pregnant women and mothers - The limited impact of career changes, or breaks on your career - Unique qualities and strengths that motherhood brings to professional roles - Working fathers' roles in promoting a family-friendly workplace culture - The art of boundary-setting and radical focus as a working mom
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  • How to Prioritize The Life You Want (ft. Erin Balsa)

    7 MAR 2024 · For the very first episode of Shifting Priorities, Alli welcomes the Founder of Haus of Bold, Erin Balsa. Erin is a leader in the B2B content marketing world and a mom to three kids. In this episode, Alli and Erin talk through how Erin has maintained such consistent career and income growth even while balancing her family needs and growing a business. Erin gives insights on topics like... - Viewing your life in seasons of growth and seasons of rest - Navigating parenthood through the COVID-19 Pandemic - How to change your perspective when evaluating whether to stay home, or work full-time - The steps she took to transition to a three-day workweek - How to ensure you're prioritizing and attracting the right type
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In shifting priorities, your host, Alli Tunell, is going to talk to working moms everywhere about their transition into motherhood, the challenges they faced, and how they shifted their priorities...

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In shifting priorities, your host, Alli Tunell, is going to talk to working moms everywhere about their transition into motherhood, the challenges they faced, and how they shifted their priorities when they took on this new role. Maybe they changed careers, maybe they started their own business, or they might have even decided to walk away altogether – whatever decision they made – we’re here to learn more, and celebrate them all.
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