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    SI #5 This is Simen Sandnes | Evergrey | TEMIC

    11 GIU 2024 · Today is Simen Sandnes day and I want to say that I love this man.  He's one of my favorite people in the world, because when Simen shows up, the world smiles a little brighter. Simen offers so much in the way of inspiration. He's a fantastic drummer, to be sure, but what sets him apart is his never ending desire to love, share kind thoughts, to encourage, and as mentioned in the previous sentence, to inspire. He's a wonder. I hope you love this show as much as we did sharing the 2 hours together. I hope his gift of love and affection takes you to another space where the world of music and spirit collide. This is Sentimental Illness. Time Codes: 4:00 'Unfuck Yourself' by Gary John Bishop 9:40 Ladies and gentlemen, it's Simen Sandnes! 10:50 Peaches in heavy syrup 13:30 You must be a high level player and a good guy 16:25 Trains in Japan 19:00 Lindbergh and Earhart  22:30 Jeffrey Dahmer 25:50 How one becomes a sociopath  30:00 Swedish singer Karin Park 31:20 Jørgen Munkeby is the most handsome man in the world 32:30 End of the World day 36:00 Simen is the new drummer for Evergrey. Wow.  42:00 Lessons at a young age 48:30 Playing drums professionally 54:00 Sleep Token  59:00 Red Rocks Colorado 1:03:00 The world's best goalkeeper 1:08:45 The discipline and priorities 1:15:00 Born in the north 1:20:00 When the system works against you  1:25:00 The type of drummer you are 1:30:00 President or Astronaut or Fireman  1:35:00 Playing every drum and cymbal live 1:40:00 The experience of knowing Simen  1:46:00 Deserving to be loved --------------------------- I'm a former professional drummer hosting challenging conversations with other artists/creatives about mental health, new music, weekly news, and spiritual truths. My goal is to entertain you and encourage you to enjoy life in healthier ways. The truth is hidden inside every one of us. Support the show AND watch uncensored FULL LENGTH content here: https://www.patreon.com/thisissentimentalillness Copyright 2024 Sentimental Illness - All Rights Reserved
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    SI #4 This is Ruslan Babayev | Ukrainian Animal Rights Advocate

    28 MAG 2024 · When the Ukraine fell into war a few years ago, Ruslan was ready. He knows his way around a war and I'm positive he'll find his way through. I believe this with all my heart and so do the animals he supports! Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from Kiev, my buddy and amazing animal humanitarian, Ruslan Babayev! Time Codes: 2:00 Bonneville let a lot of radio talent go in the Seattle area. 4:00 I listened to Arnold Schwarzeneggar's book, 'Be Useful'  9:00 Terminal Illness 13:50 Ukrainian animal rights activist, Ruslan Babayev, is my guest 20:50 Nettles aren't a kind plant  25:00 Ruslan was born in the 1990's 28:45 The beginning of the Russian/Ukrainian war story 32:45 This is where we react to 3 different songs from up and coming artists! Too bad you missed it, but you can always subscribe to the show at Patreon and get the whole thing! 33:00 Playing drums at slow tempos is really hard  39:00 Ruslan's early years in Ukraine 45:00 When Ruslan tried music as a young man 53:00 What's REALLY happening in the Russian War 59:00 This is a war of cultures 1:06:00 Hoping for a political intervention  1:12:00 So many soldiers and civilians are dead 1:18:00 Ruslan decided to save animals affected by the war 1:25:00 Why the US news doesn't tell us the war is as bad as it actually is 1:30:00 Playing music can keep a person sane during extreme moments in life --------------------------- I'm a former professional drummer hosting challenging conversations with other artists/creatives about mental health, new music, weekly news, and spiritual truths. My goal is to entertain you and encourage you to enjoy life in healthier ways. The truth is hidden inside every one of us. Support the show AND watch uncensored FULL LENGTH content here: https://www.patreon.com/thisissentimentalillness Copyright 2024 Sentimental Illness - All Rights Reserved
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  • SI #3 This is Josiah James | Lincoln Brewster | Colby Wedgeworth

    21 MAG 2024 · I love Josiah James. I have been a fan of Josiah's for a number of years.... fortunate to have met him way back in 2012, when he was touring his music around the country, driving his old Prius and playing at churches.  He's had quite the career, both as a solo artist and as a songwriter for others. I'm sure you've heard his work and today we'll get a chance to dig a little deeper into the man, who he's working with (if at all) and what his plans are for the future.  This is all to say, I don't know exactly what Josiah is moving towards, but I think we can both agree it's to the light.  Always towards the light.... Ladies and gentlemen, my buddy from the outskirts of Sacramento, California, and singer of songs that hit the heart like an anthem to forever.... this is Josiah James. TIME CODES: 1:45 Monologue about Rob's neck and weird dreams 8:00 Our guest, Josiah James Meeker 13:45 Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Tinker Toys 19:00 Thriving where you're at 24:50 A take on trivia and history 29:00 This is the part that has been removed due to copyright reasons, but if you want to hear this section as well as other missing bits, you can subscribe to our show at Patreon. Link below! 30:00 Moderate shredding! 35:00 What helped Josiah through his hard times 40:00 What makes each of us different 46:00 When self harm becomes real 50:00 When Rob broke his hand 55:00 Touring music around the country 1:00:00 When your pastor is a metalhead 1:04:00 People need to be loved regardless of disparate belief systems 1:09:45 Keeping faith close to the chest 1:14:00 Find your family and love them regardless of differences 1:20:00 Food network influenced Josiah's future in food service 1:24:00 Getting that Michelin Star MONOLOGUE:  Okay, had a long night. Not gonna exaggerate, but yeah.... it was a rough one. I did something to my neck last night and it kept me up all night.  Ended up having an insane dream that I won't really share with you because it'd be boring, but let me say something. I've heard over the years that God talks to you through dreams.  I have had some really compelling memorable dreams that have excited and terrified me. Some of you have heard the stories.  In fact, years ago, I shared a very vivid dream I had with Seattle radio legend Spike O'neill about the end of the world and I can still see it in my head.   Well... last night, I had a dream where I was with friends, riding in a helicopter and the pilot didn't know what she was doing.  We ended up crash landing, but survived (duh, it's a dream).... after the crash, I noticed we were near a friend's house.  We went over... this guy is super famous.. .i mean like Beatles famous, and he's got a house full of guests, but he's also doing renovation work, so the house is in shambles in most rooms.  As I wandered around, I noticed that I could never quite catch up to my famous friend and his friends, but when I got close, I would see them look at me from a distance, then duck into the next room... this happened over and over. When I woke, it occurred to me that my dream was that I know these guys who are super famous, wealthy and successful in the worlds, and MY eyes, but I was never actually in the group.... meaning I was invited into the home, but never to the actual table.   It made me think about friendships and how we assume people feel differently about us than we do about them.  It also made me think who do I really know and do they really know me?  Do they care?  Am I that overwhelming a personality that people will allow me into their world, but never care about me?  Is it all in my head?  Should it matter? How does God feel about me?  Am I invited to that table?  Lots to ponder. -------------------------- What special things are happening on April 30th? 1) Stuff that happened on this day - a) NATIONAL MR POTATO HEAD DAY b) INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY - invented by Herbie Hancock! c) INTERNATIONAL GUITAR MONTH BIRTHDAYS: 1) Kirsten Dunst is 41 today, which freaks me out, because I remember her so well as a 12 year old in Interview with the Vampire. 2) Gal Gadot, who plays wonder woman, is 38 today 3) Ana De Armas, the Cuban actress, is 35 4) Way too many Tik Tok stars were born today and nobody cares.  Do you wish Tik Tok was a thing when you were starting up as a songwriter?  Do you think it would have been a distraction or helped your career? DEATHS: 1) Adolf Hitler died on this day in 1945.... or did he? ------------------------------- REACTIONS: 1) Redd Kross - Candy Colored Catastrophe (Classic old school RK. They started as a band in the late 70's when they were kids. The brothers were always the staple. They went on the Tonight show in the late 80's, but they never broke in the huge way.  However, they've always been an indie standard.  They influenced so many bands. 2) A Bitter End - Gone (Band is from France and are a new thing.  I really love the mesmerizing aspect of the music. Great smooth voice) - New album is called "This is Ephemeral" 3) SOM - Animals , because it's the best song ever. --------------------  Copyright 2024 Sentimental Illness
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  • Embracing Mediocrity | A Sentimental Illness Special

    8 MAG 2024 · I did a special recently on Mediocrity and how it does NOT mean what you've been taught.  If you're feeling less than...  If you're feeling down... If you wonder what you're doing with your life... If you wonder if you'll ever be anything... My answer is to be fully mediocre.  This is NOT a joke. Listen and learn. Today is a new day and it's made just for you. Thank you! ---- ***This is not a TED or TEDx talk, but an audition reel for TED. As it happens to many, I can only assume that they'll pass on me, so I recorded it myself, found an audience and here we are. I hope it speaks to you. *** Copyright Rob Leland, Sentimental Illness, and the Rockstar Superhero Company 2024. All Rights Reserved.
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    SI #2 This is Nik Barker | ex-Twelve Foot Ninja

    2 MAG 2024 · This week's guest is Nik (kin) Barker, ex singer of Twelve Foot Ninja! MONOLOGUE:  It's been a week full of creative energy and gnashing of teeth.  My head hurts way too much because I don't sleep, but when have I ever actually slept? The bags under my eyes prove the truth, you know? I'm starting to seriously think I have a solid case of sleep apnea.  I know I'm not in perfect shape, but I've noticed the last few months (only the last few) that I wake every night with a very dry mouth and I think I'm sleeping with my mouth open at night.  Granted, I'm also a diabetic now (don't get me started) and it's a sign of something greater and sadly distressing.  All said, I know I'm turning a blind eye to my health, but I just don't have the bandwidth to care at this moment.   I'm still dealing with anger, but I can't complain too much.  I've been begging the big man to take it all away from me, but he's got bigger fish to fry. A very close friend who suffered from a brain tumor a few years ago has finally been diagnosed with malignant cancers in her liver and chest so things went upside down in our community of friends pretty quickly. It reminds me that as much as I hate my life at times, I don't have to worry about having my head cut off because I don't believe the same things that the government does or how can I complain when I have a refrigerator with 25 different hot sauce flavors to compliment my meal?  I mean ... how hard is this really? Nik Barker and I had never met in person until today. Today is numero uno.  All said, I have been a fan of Nik's for a number of years.  I discovered his old band, Twelve Foot Ninja at the end of 2015. I'd heard about the band through the grapevine and my connections in the music business.   A buddy of mine had seen them at a festival in Ohio and told me how much he'd enjoyed them. Surprisingly, a new video of theirs ended up on YouTube.... something called One Hand Killing, and the next thing you know, I'm jumping down the rabbit hole of everything I'd missed.  I told everyone. I learned all the material.  I reveled in the absurdity of their musical skill levels and their very bizarre sense of humor.  Sadly, within the last few years, the band went on permanent hiatus and Nik has moved on.   This all to say, regardless of what happened and where they may be going, they have done something very few bands have... they've created something truly unique and inspiring, they've reached around the globe and my guest today was the VOICE of that legacy.  FUN STUFF:   What special things are happening on April 23rd? Today is NATIONAL ENGLISH MUFFIN DAY Today is WORLD TABLE TENNIS DAY Today is also NATIONAL TAKE A CHANCE DAY, NATIONAL TALK LIKE SHAKESPEAR DAY, and most importantly, NATIONAL LOVERS DAY.   NEWS: Rock and Roll Hall of fame BIRTHDAYS: Roy Orbison DEATHS: According to Sir Isaac Newton, Jesus Christ was crucified on this date in the year 34 AD.    TIME CODES: 3:00 No bandwidth in my life. Full on midlife crisis. 8:00 Introducing Nik Barker 10:00 Fun Stuff 13:00 Vegemite 17:45 American hubris 22:00 Political affiliations on your sleeve 26:20 Stuck with presidents 31:20 Shutting down those that dissent 36:00 The point of popularism 41:30 Exemplfying the teachings of Christ 46:00 Trump tried to be Jesus 49:40 The source of all light 52:30 Diverting attention away 58:30 Singling out artists doesn't make sense 1:07:00 Nik did an Odd Covers cover of Anubis 1:14:00 Nik is grateful 1:19:00 Nik's parents were musicians as well 1:23:00 KISS was the one 1:27:00 When Nik figured out music was the future 1:33:00 White lace doilies 1:37:30 Nik getting better at controlling emotions 1:41:45 What is Nik nostalgic about? 1:47:00 Nik's irrational fear is being seen 1:50:40 Neglecting others for selfish reasons Copyright 2024 Sentimental Illness, a Rockstar Superhero production, All Rights Reserved.
    1 h 54 min. 31 sec.
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    SI #1 This is Sander Rom | L'itch | ex-Hippotraktor

    19 APR 2024 · My guest this week is Belgium's own Sander Rom! Sander is a fantastic songwriter, guitarist and singer and I love him to death. He's the leader of the Mechelen scene's L'itch and, until recently (one week post recording this interview, one fifth of the EU supergroup known as Hippotraktor. Available on Pelagic Records, Hippotraktor features members of L'itch and Psychonaut. The band is known for soaring hooks, technical riffing and earth-shattering breakdowns. Their new album releases June 7th, 2024 and it's progressive metal of the highest order. L'itch is an monster of an alternative band and is Sander's most important pet, with a new record releasing soon. I've heard it and it's unbelievably good. I can't wait to share more when the time is right. Reiterating, Sander has all the bells and whistles in his musical repertoire and he's a fantastic human. Maybe the best ever. He is so clearly aware of his surroundings, he's inspiring, and above all, he's kind. We could all do better like Sander. Please enjoy our wonderful conversation, completely unedited and ready for consumption. If you're seeking answers and a connection to the truth, this show will help you find the way. TIME CODES: 3:00 A frustrated moment of release 6:45 Guest: Sander Rom 11:25 Fun stuff  11:50 The Titanic sunk on this day 17:30 Fan club president is a murderer 20:00 Sander got picked on as a kid 24:00 Kidney donations 32:00 You shouldn't keep veggies after cutting them 39:00 Reacting instinctively 45:20 The priviledge to do the right thing 50:50 Crazy cool collections at The Louvre 56:20 Star Wars and the Mona Lisa 1:02:05 Rob was super interested in drums 1:05:00 Hippotraktor's new album title - 'Statis' 1:07:00 The noise you're feeling 1:12:00 Wanting to know the real person behind the music 1:17:00 People seeing the hidden parts of our heart 1:22:30 Sander's neck injury and future 1:27:00 The purpose of life is to influence others and help them find their own 1:31:00 Struggling with communication when angry Theme music, 'Goretex Weather Report' provided graciously by Jørgen Munkeby (Shining NOR). Copyright 2024 Rockstar Superhero Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    1 h 37 min. 6 sec.

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I'm a former professional drummer hosting challenging conversations with other artists/creatives about mental health, new music, weekly news, and spiritual truths. My goal is to encourage you to enjoy life....

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I'm a former professional drummer hosting challenging conversations with other artists/creatives about mental health, new music, weekly news, and spiritual truths. My goal is to encourage you to enjoy life. The truth is hidden inside every one of us.

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