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  • Future Trends in Brand Naming

    22 MAG 2024 · Explore branding complexities with Brad Flowers, co-founder of Bullhorn, on this compelling episode of the Schmidt List Podcast. Discover the transformative impact of digital innovation and AI on brand naming strategies. Brad discusses the evolution from domain-driven naming to the creative freedoms introduced by new domain extensions and social media influences. In this episode, we learn how generative AI reshapes the art of naming in branding, enhances traditional processes with innovative tools for generating names, and ensures legal compliance. Highlights include: - Evolving branding practices with digital and social media influences. - Differences in naming strategies between B2B and B2C markets. - Practical uses of AI in brand strategy and name generation. - Insights into contemporary challenges in brand naming. Subscribe for more insights, and hit the bell for notifications. Check the description for links to Brad's work and book, "The Naming Book." 🔗 Useful Links: - Bullhorn Creative: [Insert URL] - Buy "The Naming Book": [Insert URL] 📩 Contact Brad Flowers: Follow Bullhorn Creative: @BullhornCreative
    29 min. 33 sec.
  • Becoming a CMO

    15 MAG 2024 · Discover the secrets to becoming a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with insights from marketing expert Alan Gonsenhauser on an enlightening episode of the Schmidt List podcast. Hosted by Kurt Schmidt alongside Gonsenhauser, this episode uncovers the pivotal strategies necessary for ascending the marketing ranks to secure a coveted CMO position. In this episode, you'll explore diverse topics, including: - Leaping to a marketing career from varied backgrounds - The essential skills needed for a CMO role - The critical role of mentorship and broad networking in advancing one’s career - Staying ahead of the curve with technological innovations, especially the integration of AI in marketing strategies With his rich background in various CMO roles and an eclectic professional journey, Alan Gonsenhauser imparts priceless wisdom for those aiming to lead in the marketing realm. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology, like AI, and the value of diverse experiences across different business sectors, offering a wealth of knowledge for anyone in marketing. Tune into the Schmidt List podcast for further expert discussions on marketing leadership, career progression, and the embrace of innovation within the marketing sphere. For more on Alan Gonsenhauser's expertise, visit []( There is too much Schmidt to List! Check out for more show info.    Visit Kurt’s coaching site at   Subscribe to The Road Map Newsletter and unlock the secrets to achieving a harmonious work-life balance as a leader. New Book!   Follow us on all the things!
    22 min. 50 sec.
  • Empowering Women in Leadership

    7 MAG 2024 · Join us on this enlightening episode of the Schmidt List Podcast, where host Kurt Schmidt engages in an engaging conversation with Tricia Dege, a leadership development expert and coach. This episode is a must-watch for professional women, mainly working mothers, seeking effective personal and professional growth strategies. 🔹 What's Covered: - Tricia Dege shares her journey from being a chief financial officer in healthcare to discovering her passion for leadership development. - Insights into working moms' unique challenges and how leadership coaching can help. - The benefits of the cohort model in leadership training and its impact on professional growth. - Practical tips on managing work-life balance, reducing workplace stress, and navigating career advancement as a working mother. - Strategies for businesses to support the career development of working moms and promote female leadership. - Discussion on combating imposter syndrome and building confidence among professional women. 🔹 Key Highlights: - Discover how leadership development can transform your career and personal life. - Learn about the importance of community and coaching for professional women. - Understand the real meaning of workplace flexibility and how it can be effectively implemented. - Gain insights on the importance of having allies and mentors in career advancement. - Explore practical steps working mothers can take to balance their professional and personal responsibilities. 🔹 Who Should Watch: - Working mothers looking for strategies to juggle career and family. - HR professionals and business leaders want to understand how to support female employees better. - Women in leadership roles seeking community and validation. - Anyone interested in personal development, leadership coaching, and organizational culture. Connect with Tricia:  There is too much Schmidt to List! Check out for more show info.  Visit Kurt’s coaching site at Subscribe to The Road Map Newsletter and unlock the secrets to achieving a harmonious work-life balance as a leader. New Book!  Follow us on all the things!
    29 min. 7 sec.
  • The Power of Authenticity in Networking

    30 APR 2024 · Do you feel like networking is just a business card exchange game? Get ready to rethink your approach with this week's enlightening Schmidt List episode featuring the incredible Susan Rylance! 🔗 Episode Highlights: Beyond Business Cards: Dive deep with Susan and Kurt as they dissect the conventional misnomers around networking. Discover how genuine connections outshine mere business transactions and learn how to transform your networking into meaningful events.- **Values in Action: Susan shares her intentional networking strategy, which is aligned with her core company values — supporting women-owned organizations and ESOPs. Kurt underscores the vital importance of aligning actions with values, especially regarding empowerment, diversity, and inclusivity.-  From Interaction to Impact: Learn how Susan’s approach to meeting new people and nurturing relationships led to creating the successful "Women in Wine" group — a testament to the strength of focused networking based on shared interests and values.-  Masterful Event Planning:** Take a page from Susan's playbook on organizing panel events that resonate with authenticity and purpose. Plus, find out how turning a profit from these events into charitable donations can amplify attendance and impact.-  Empowering Women in Tech: You will gain practical advice on navigating networking events in male-dominated industries, making them more accessible and comfortable for women, and leveraging male allies for support. Connect with Susan! There is too much Schmidt to List! Check out for more show info.  Visit Kurt’s coaching site at Subscribe to The Road Map Newsletter and unlock the secrets to achieving a harmonious work-life balance as a leader. New Book!   Follow us on all the things!
    33 min. 30 sec.
  • Marketing's Secret Weapon

    23 APR 2024 · In a captivating episode, hosts Kurt Schmidt and Katharine Kelly discuss the transformative power of understanding consumer insights for business strategy and sales success. The hosts dive into the birth of Katharine’s business, Inquisitive, in the wake of the pandemic’s onset in 2021. With a focus on qualitative over quantitative research, Inquisitive aims to decode the reasons behind customer behavior to enrich businesses with deeper understanding. They highlight the pitfalls companies face when they neglect the dynamic needs of their customer base. Particularly vulnerable are growing businesses that may lose touch with their market without thorough research, often relying on outdated or superficial data. The intersection of sales and consumer research is crucial. Katharine underscores that while salespeople are important custodians of customer relationships, they must work in tandem with research teams to generate nuanced insights, mindful of inherent biases. The episode reveals the significance of continuously gathering diverse customer feedback to fuel innovation and maintain trust. The hosts advocate for curiosity-driven enterprises that prioritize customers’ evolving perceptions as the key to remaining nimble and successful in a competitive market. In closing, both Kurt and Katharine reflect positively on how the pandemic has altered their approaches to business, viewing these shifts as openings to capture human behavioral insights more effectively. Katharine shares her contact details for listeners interested in Inquisitive Insights. This episode not only highlights the indispensability of connecting with customers on a deeper level but also serves as an instructional guide for those seeking to integrate these insights into their corporate culture for enhanced decision-making and business growth. Find Katharine here! Website: Insta: LinkedIn: There is too much Schmidt to List! Check out for more show info.  Visit Kurt’s coaching site at Subscribe to The Road Map Newsletter and unlock the secrets to achieving a harmonious work-life balance as a leader.
    33 min. 31 sec.
  • AI's Role in Security

    9 APR 2024 · Are you equipped to make fast, effective decisions and protect your business from internet crime? We just wrapped up a thought-provoking conversation with Dylan Evans on the latest episode of Schmidt List, where we tackled the intricacies of decision-making in business and the ever-evolving challenges of cybersecurity. In this episode: - Amazon's strategy of minimal coordination 🔄 and how it faces challenges like single points of failure. - The reality of cyber threats 💻, including ransomware that demands cryptocurrency, and the tools and strategies to prevent such digital extortion. - How security measures are advancing 🛡️, requiring more than just traditional methods, and why continuous education and smart processes are your best line of defense. 🔑 Key Takeaways: - Empowering line workers with decision-making accountability can lead to more agile and effective outcomes. - An integrated approach to security—including AI, financial process engineering, and real-time awareness—can significantly reduce the incidence and impact of ransomware attacks. - Don't lag on your digital hygiene: Implement tools like password managers (Bitwarden, LastPass, One Password) and hardware tokens (YubiKey) for an extra layer of security. To hear the full conversation and gain deeper insights into protecting your business, tune in to this episode of Schmidt List! 🔗 And for those looking to fortify their operations against cybercrime, Dylan Evans offers a wealth of knowledge. Connect with him on LinkedIn or check out Simple Salt for invaluable resources.
    41 min. 5 sec.
  • Cracking The Career Code - LIVE SHOW

    2 APR 2024 · 🎙️ In Episode 256, we dove into the tech world within the agriculture supply chain and fetched some invaluable lessons suitable for any tech enthusiast or professional looking to ride the waves of tech evolution successfully. Here's what you should absolutely take away from this insightful session: 🌱 **The Growth Mindset**: - Confidence is crucial but complement it with humility to conquer impostor syndrome. - Be a perpetual learner—stagnation is the enemy in this fast-paced tech landscape. - Embrace curiosity and expand knowledge beyond your domain to stay relevant. 🤝 **The Power of Networking & Mentorship**: - Prioritize aligning with a company’s values and mission—where you contribute matters. - Leverage networking for opportunities; it’s not just what you know, but who you know. - Seek diverse mentorship and guidance—growth often comes from unexpected places. 💡 **Career Advancement Strategies**: - Conveying your ideas is as important as crafting them—hone your persuasive skills. - Look internally for growth; if a role doesn’t fit, angle for the one that does. - Offer value in your network; it’s about giving as much as you take. There is too much Schmidt to List! Check out for more show info.  Visit Kurt’s coaching site at Subscribe to The Road Map Newsletter and unlock the secrets to achieving a harmonious work-life balance as a leader.
    42 min. 14 sec.
  • Harnessing Your Leadership Potential

    21 MAR 2024 · In this installment of the Schmidt List, host Kurt Schmidt sits down with leadership expert Dave Pygon to dissect the role of self-awareness in ineffective leadership. Pygon, the mind behind and author of "16 Principles and Strategies to Optimize Your Day," delves into the need for leaders to be aware of their values and the impacts of their leadership styles on their teams. A critical theme of the episode is the need for clarity in setting expectations for team performance while moving away from the glorification of 'busyness.' Pygon champions a shift towards discussing positive, productive aspects of daily life, noting that negative talk can be demotivating and unhelpful. The conversation turns to the pitfalls of micromanagement, pushing for a culture that empowers individuals rather than fostering dependency. Pygon encourages the practice of regular self-improvement through coaching and mentoring to enhance leadership skills like communication and mental resilience. Kurt and Dave concur on the essentiality of adapting and staying open to change rather than remaining tethered to familiar, old-fashioned methods of operation. Pygon suggests that facing challenges with a positive outlook and communicating effectively can dramatically improve professional and personal outcomes. Illustrating his book's principles, Pygon advises avoiding micromanagement by entrusting teams with tools and autonomy. He shares anecdotes that further demonstrate the positive impact of communication in both business and personal spheres. Most of the episode discusses the importance of prioritizing and effectively managing time. Pygon shares his strategies for fitting high-priority tasks into busy schedules, emphasizing the need to compete with time to achieve better outcomes. Listeners interested in Pygon's insights on leadership and productivity can find more information on his website,, and his book on Amazon. Subscribe to The Road Map Newsletter and unlock the secrets to achieving a harmonious work-life balance as a leader.
    40 min. 34 sec.
  • Healthcare Meets AI

    14 MAR 2024 · Tune in and delve into the integration of AI in healthcare with guest expert Grant Wood. Discover how AI and machine learning can streamline patient throughput, enhance employee satisfaction, and bolster safety in the medical industry. 🔍 COVERED TOPICS: Balancing patient outcomes with employee experience- Chatbots for customer service efficiency- AI and machine learning solutions in businesses- Training machine learning systems with data sets- Robotics and automation in manufacturing- Machine vision for food safety and livestock management- Security concerns and ethical AI deployment 🎙️ EXPERT INSIGHTS: Innovation leader Grant Wood, founder of Notion Labs, shares his extensive knowledge on developing AI strategies that prioritize customer and employee experience—critical for CEOs and businesses prioritizing innovation. 💡 KEY POINTS:- Critical role of AI in improving healthcare operations- Leveraging existing tech for better AI adoption- Practical examples of AI successes and pitfalls- AI's impact on business, job market, and societal change- Finding balance with AI implementation and security 📲 CONNECT: For more from Grant Wood, search "Grant Wood Innovation" on Google or find him on LinkedIn and Subscribe to Schmidt List for expert discussions on AI, innovation, and tech trends.
    47 min. 32 sec.
  • Building Authority Through Speaking

    5 MAR 2024 · In a compelling episode of Schmidt List, host Kurt Schmidt converses with Sally Zimney, an acclaimed speaker and coach. Sally imparts her wisdom on the significance of internal authenticity in public speaking and how it trumps mere performance. She champions the concept of a signature talk, advising individuals to concentrate on a singular topic they are passionate about to solidify their authority and brand. Kurt shares his own transformation and echoes Sally's sentiments on the personal journey involved in becoming an effective public speaker. They touch upon Sally's book, "Speaking Story," which explores speaking as a mechanism for persuasion and leadership. Addressing common fears, Sally and Kurt discuss overcoming the reluctance to stand out and utilizing public speaking to enhance one’s professional influence. They stress the role of speaking engagements in expanding one's business network, generating new clients, and building a persuasive market presence. The episode also covers strategies for becoming a thought leader, incorporating personal stories with professional expertise to resonate deeply with audiences. Both guest and host exchange gratitude for their shared insights, leaving listeners with actionable advice for using public speaking to drive business growth and establish oneself as a trusted industry voice. Sally on LinkedIn: Website: Grab the book here: Find out about Sally's programs here: Become a supporter of this podcast:
    32 min. 43 sec.

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Transformative leaders have something unique in common: they know how to inspire. Kurt Schmidt, entrepreneur and author, brings that inspiration to life each week with his podcast - the Schmidt...

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Transformative leaders have something unique in common: they know how to inspire. Kurt Schmidt, entrepreneur and author, brings that inspiration to life each week with his podcast - the Schmidt List! Tune in for an exciting interview-style show where you'll gain invaluable knowledge about today's dynamic business world.
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