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Saved, Sexy, and Single


    9 GIU 2024 · Dr. Bell discusses how we often sit in fear while camouflaging it as faith. An example of fear allows us to sit in a mess while believing an outside entity will step in and handle our situations for us. Or how we may play the victim simply because we are afraid to move in our situation. Leaders go through much and still have to lead the organization. If the leader is not built to handle situations and circumstances and not continue to lead the organization, then they should not be in any position to lead. One cannot lead if they cannot handle their own emotions. Leaders are capable of handling life and resolving issues concerning the life of others. Living a life of fear is to live a life of disrespect. Humans tend to disrespect and take advantage of those who do not respect nor stand up for themselves. These are those who do not know who they are and often feel that they are not enough. Humans who live in fear are those who are used and downtrodden by others who do not respect them. Dr. Bell testifies how she used to sit in fear and self-medicate until she found her voice and began to live a life of purpose. Forgive the splice together. Anytime you get ready to complete your purpose something always has to happen to detour us. Just as I was set to begin, I received a phone call for me to go to take care of something for someone else. Subscribe and click the notification bell to stay updated on new messages as they are posted. If the content inspires you, please like it, and share it if you believe it will inspire others. Remember to stay encouraged. CONTENT DISCLAIMER The views and opinions expressed in the media or comments on this channel are those of Dr. Bell and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by this channel's broadcaster. This broadcaster was educated at three accredited universities but is a therapist intern and is not giving expert advice. Contact your own medical provider if you feel you are experiencing any symptoms of any mental disorder.
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    10 MAG 2024 · Dr. Theresa M. Bell delves into the art of decisive action in life, advocating for thoughtful decision-making over impulsive reactions. She imparts wisdom on nurturing success in children by encouraging them to embrace calculated risks rather than succumb to fear. Dr. Bell underscores the importance of wielding influence responsibly, both within society and towards its betterment. Each of us is endowed with the power to make choices, yet often we falter in decision-making, leading to a sense of stagnation. Life's unpredictable nature persists, operating in its own course. Should you find value in Dr. Bell's insights, consider extending its reach by liking and sharing it across various social media platforms. Your support can amplify its impact, ensuring it reaches a broader audience. Don't forget to subscribe and enable notifications for future content.
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Dr. Bell discusses topics that we go through in life and how to maneuver the topics while having morals, values, and belief in God. Saved, Sexy, and Single is a...

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Dr. Bell discusses topics that we go through in life and how to maneuver the topics while having morals, values, and belief in God. Saved, Sexy, and Single is a podcast birthed by a woman who is continually evolving. Dr. Bell, a woman who has experienced 14 years of sexual abuse, drug addiction, divorced after 20 years, and raised three children as a single parent. Embarking on a journey of healing and restoration by enrolling into college to find the answers to why life had been so cruel to her.
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