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  • Is Trump Walking Into A Trap Debating Biden with CNN Moderators?

    24 GIU 2024 · Even with a week of prep, sleep, and who knows what else, President Biden is no match for Donald Trump in a debate. But add in two anti-Trump moderators from CNN and the deck may be stacked against Trump. Will Jake Tapper and Dana Bash spend their time asking Trump about accepting election results and January 6th? Will they interrupt Trump and inject themselves into the conversation to save Biden if he starts drifting off? That's exactly what Mercedes Schlapp expects to happen. Schlapp served as Trump's Director of Strategic Communications at the White House. She is also the host of CPAC NOW America Uncancelled. She is also the wife of CPAC President Matt Schlapp. Sara and Mercedes also dissect the latest revelations of the Department of Homeland Security spying on Americans - particularly supporters of President Trump. Will we ever see a return to equal justice after Biden's rampant politicization of one of our most critical institutions? They also discuss Biden's dereliction at the border and how it's directly leading to seemingly daily stories of American women and girls being raped and murdered. Plus, they recoil at the far-left radicals who are landing top spots in the Biden White House and the administration's open celebration of perversion. Time Stamps: 0:05 We are excited to debate 6:21 Mercedes Schlapp joins the Sara Carter Show 9:30 DHS targeting Trump supporters  12:37 Biden is literally in a bunker 13:50 Americans fear the system 19:20 Dems view Americans as terrorists 22:38 The biased CNN debate is right around the corner 30:05 New White House Comms director 31:31 Rapists coming across the border Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75.
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  • Terrorists Thrive in Afghanistan After Biden's Failures, We're Already Close to the Next 9/11

    20 GIU 2024 · It's been less than three years since Joe Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Terrorists have flooded back into the country to train, and the next 9/11 may be much closer than most of us realize. And to no one's surprise, women and girls in Afghanistan are facing severe repression from the Taliban. But their cries are met with a cold silence in the Biden White House. Sara traveled to Afghanistan repeatedly during the war, reported on all different aspects of the war and Afghan culture, and she worked feverishly to rescue friends during those final chaotic days before the U.S. left Kabul in August 2021. In fact, she is still trying to rescue Afghan allies from the clutches of the Taliban. Jason Criss Howk is another patriot who remains very concerned about Afghanistan, what the women there are enduring, and how America is once again in the crosshairs of terrorists that have flooded back into the country. Howk is a retired U.S. Army veteran who served with Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Gen Michael Flynn in Afghanistan. Sara and Howk walk through the horrific conditions facing females in Afghanistan and why the oppression of women also makes the terrorist indoctrination of young men and boys much easier. Howk also explains the major warning signs that another 9/11 could be arriving much sooner than we think - he says conditions are very reminiscent of how things looked just a year before 9/11. Finally, Sara and Howk sound the alarm on the resurgence of the Haqqani network and how Sirajuddin Haqqani himself has emerged from hiding and is gallivanting around the Middle East like a celebrity - all signs of a region that is not the slightest bit intimidated by Joe Biden. Thanks for being a part of the Sara Carter Show! Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75. Time Stamps: 0:05 I still dream about Afghanistan 10:17 Jason Criss Howk joins the Sara Carter Show 11:27 The emotions of the Afghanistan withdrawal 13:03 Terror activity is coming back 16:33 We are so naive 19:01 Biden wanted to wash his hands of this 22:00 Gender apartheid 30:05 Biden has made us less safe 35:50 Talking with women in the region 37:51 I have a family I need to get out
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  • Rep. Biggs: Time for Consequences for the Deep State Partisans Who Called Hunter's Laptop Russian Disinformation

    17 GIU 2024 · National security leftists deliberately lied about Hunter Biden's laptop being Russian disinformation. Now we have clear proof it was a lie and it's time for those deep state actors to face some consequences. Less than a month before the very close 2020 presidential election, the New York Post reported that Hunter Biden left a laptop at a Delaware computer repair business and that laptop revealed all sorts of personal and professional malfeasance - from videos of Hunter's drug use and prostitutes to detailed explanations of family business dealings. Immediately, social media sites throttled the story and suspended its Twitter account. The mainstream media deliberately buried the story and condemned the Post and anyone else who touched it as wrong and reckless. But the most egregious effort to discredit the story came from 51 former national security and intelligence figures who signed a letter dismissing the laptop story as "having all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation." President Biden even cited the letter in a debate with President Trump as a way of trying to make the issue go away. And to some extent it did. Biden became president and a significant percentage of Biden voters said they would not have voted for him had they known about the laptop story and that the details were true. The FBI knew that all along the truth became indisputable this month when the Justice Department entered the laptop into evidence during Hunter Biden's felony gun trial. Now, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs is leading the effort to strip those 51 signers of the fallacious letter of their security clearances. Rep. Biggs joins Sara today to discuss the unconscionable actions of those operatives in pulling a disinformation campaign on the American people and why there need to be consequences. Sara and Rep. Biggs also discuss the intelligence community setting Trump up for the Russian collusion hoax and trying to undermine his presidency at literally every turn. Biggs also stresses how critically important the 2024 elections are, what's at stake of Biden gets another four years, and why most Republicans in Congress are still clueless on the threats the left poses to the future of our nation. Time Stamps: 0:05 We need to strip them of their clearances  8:05 Rep. Andy Biggs joins the Sara Carter Show 11:40 They wanted to change the outcome of the election 15:28 They knew the dossier was a lie 18:54 Johnson flip-flopped  20:57 How can we fix the DOJ? 23:42 George Santos’ Bill 29:20 Biggs response to the lying media 33:46 McCabe on CNN 39:46 Should Garland be prosecuted?  42:27 The stakes of this election. Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75.
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  • 'Living the Nightmare': Inside the Hidden Truth of the 'Gender Ideology Cult

    13 GIU 2024 · Your kids are being sold a lie. And you need to protect them from the "gender ideology cult" before it's too late. From the shows they stream to their school curriculum and from social media to their own doctors, kids going through a difficult and awkward time in life are repeatedly sold the lie that if they don't feel comfortable in their own bodies - during puberty - that the problem is they're really a boy instead of a girl or vice versa and transitioning to the opposite sex will somehow solve their problems. But it doesn't. It actually creates a whole new avalanche of physical and psychological problems, many of which are irreversible. So what happens when a young person - or any person - discovers that radically altering their body and their hormones was a huge mistake? Today, Sara welcomes Daily Signal Senior Reporter Mary Margaret Olohan, author of " Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult." Sara and Olohan walk through the various ways that teens are lured into transgender ideology, smothered in "love bombs," and told to remove anyone discouraging their transgender journey from their lives. But these same activists are nowhere to be found when these victims realize it was all a lie and their lives are now a "nightmare." And Mary Margaret is providing a desperately needed voice for the voiceless. Olohan also explains how parents get trapped by thinking that doctors will convince their troubled kids not to transition only to find that physicians are violating their oath and demanding that parents affirm their child's delusions. Filled with advice on how to handle the challenge when gender confusion arises and how to help when your loved one wants to "detransition," this is a conversation that every parent and everyone who cares about our young people needs to hear. Thank you for being a part of the Sara Carter Show. Time Stamps: 0:05 Is gender ideology over? 8:02 Mary Margaret Olohan joins the Sara Carter Show 8:58 Why it is a cult? 14:38 14-year-old exposed to porn and social media 17:00 Doctors are tricking kids into joining the cult 24:17 When did they realize their mistake? 27:14 Are they warned? 31:02 We are experimenting on our kids 35:18 Miss Maryland is a Mister 38:52 We need to sue the doctors 43:26 Doctors need to speak up Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75.
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  • China is Waging Chemical Warfare Against Us, and Winning

    11 GIU 2024 · We're not at war with Communist China, but Communist China is at war with us. It's been waging a chemical war against our people for years. And it's winning. More than 100,000 Americans are dying from drug overdoses every year, and the real number is likely much higher than the one we get from the government. It also doesn't include lives saved from emergency doses of Narcan. Today, Sara welcomes Derek Maltz to discuss how this problem keeps getting worse and Joe Biden's open border makes this chemical warfare easier than ever for China to wage. Maltz served with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for 28 years and also spent 10 years as the Special Agent in Charge of the Justice Department's Special Operations Division. No one advocates more fiercely or tirelessly for the families ripped apart by these poisons flooding our streets than Derek Maltz. Today, Sara and Maltz preview their Border 911 conference scheduled for Wednesday in Chicago, the dramatic influx of poisons even beyond fentanyl onto our streets and what communities around the nation must do to fight back effectively against this chemical warfare. In addition to fentanyl, Sara and Maltz explain how marijuana is produced with much higher levels of THC, leading to many cases of "marijuana psychosis". There's also fentanyl mixed with drugs like xylazine, which literally eats away at the flesh of addicts. Both Sara and Maltz have seen this first hand while working in Philadelphia. It's a war that impacts every community in this nation. And only one side is fighting it. It's time to fight back and win! Thank you for being a part of the Sara Carter Show. Time Stamps: 0:05 What does Chicago have to do with the border? 9:50 Derek Maltz joins the Sara Carter Show 10:53 A life of service 13:44 Border 9-11 in Chicago 17:04 The proxy war on the American People 20:55 President Xi is mega-wealthy 21:38 Will Americans ever get justice? 22:15 We need better stats 25:09 We own the streets, not them Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75. Visit:
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  • EXPOSED: Biden's Border Order Proves He Doesn't Care About You

    7 GIU 2024 · Joe Biden doesn't care about you, your family, or your security. And he proved it again this week. Three years after reversing dozens of Trump policies that had successfully secured our border, and after saying there was nothing he could do on his own to tighten border security, President Biden issued an executive order that he says will rein in the chaos. He lied. Biden's entire presidency has shown that the never-ending tsunami of unvetted humanity crossing our border is the goal of his policies, not some sort of unintended consequence. Today, Sara exposes the craven political motivations of Biden's move and how there are so many exceptions and loopholes to the supposed limit of weekly crossings that nothing is really changing. Sara also reacts to the panic from former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and other leftist national security officials that they might face prosecution if Trump wins in November. So they're planning to leave the country. Sara, who covered many of these disgraced figures who tried to frame Trump in the Russian collusion hoax, has a simple message for McCabe: "I'll help you pack." Time Stamps: 0:05 Have you dealt with a pathological liar? 5:43 We can’t act like this isn’t a problem 10:46 Biden’s executive order 12:59 What the order ACTUALLY does 15:10 It has to matter to you 19:27 Significant loopholes in the order 27:47 Cartels are not messing around 31:08 Will former intel agents leave? 36:41 They don’t make the decision for me  Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75.
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  • Check Out Hollywood In Toto!

    7 GIU 2024 · Hollywood in Toto Most Hollywood news sites either ignore or malign readers who crave more freedom, less regulation, and a smaller government footprint.You won’t find that at Hollywood in Toto.Christian Toto is an award-winning journalist, film critic, and podcaster with more than 20 years of experience covering Hollywood. Toto is a Rotten Tomatoes certified reviewer and belongs to both the Critics’ Choice Association and the Denver Film Critics Society. Most importantly? He loves movies. What he doesn’t love is how both Hollywood and the media can’t stop trashing people that don’t agree with their point of view. AKA Conservatives.Toto has worked in media long enough to know the vast majority of entertainment coverage leans to the left. And it’s getting even more imbalanced. That’s why he created Hollywood in Toto in 2014 – to give fellow conservatives a place where they can discover the latest news and reviews without insults.HiT also cheers when Hollywood gets it right, no pun intended (this time). Stars giving ’til it hurts. Movies celebrating freedom and liberty. Actors using their platforms for unabashedly good causes.
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  • EXCLUSIVE: Bukele Rescued El Salvador, Can That Happen in the U.S. Too?

    5 GIU 2024 · Sara is back from El Salvador, where she attended the inauguration of a president who dramatically improved the lives of his people within just a few years. Can that be done in the U.S. too? Nayib Bukele was elected in 2019 and inherited one of the most crime-ridden nations on earth. The country was overrun by ruthless gangs who drove the homicide rate into the stratosphere. Bukele promptly rounded up nearly 80,000 murderers, violent gang members, and other hardened criminals. Now, just a few years later, El Salvador boasts the second-lowest homicide rate in the Western Hemisphere - even lower than the U.S. Sara was invited for Bukele's second inauguration last week and she's here to share all the details - from the beautiful land and people to nibbling on sushi with Bukele and talking with him one-on-one after the inauguration. Could a turnaround like that happen in a far bigger country like ours? Could a new president fix much of our border lawlessness in just a few years? How about rampant crime in our big cities and the fentanyl epidemic that afflicts us from coast to coast? Is it possible to restore respect for the U.S. on the world stage within just a few years? Sara addresses all of that and much more, including the biggest threat to El Salvador and many other nations - the infiltration of Chinese money and influence. Thank you for being a part of the Sara Carter Show. Time Stamps: 0:05 I just got back from El Salvador 2:29 He loves his country and his faith 7:39 Soros isn’t welcome in El Salvador 10:52 El Salvador used to be extremely dangerous 11:37 Chicago Teens Attack Couple 14:41 The inauguration day 16:35 Why Bukele is special 19:34 Coffee farm 22:15 Biden has even noticed his success 26:55 Bukele has stopped out-migration 29:56 Meeting privately with Bukele 37:19 What about America? 39:32 China’s massive library Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75.
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  • SEEK THE TRUTH: Americans Increasingly Only Want News from Reporters They Agree With

    31 MAG 2024 · When you look for the news, do you care most about getting the truth or having your political opinions reinforced? Thanks to the internet, we can get news from an endless number of sources. A few networks and major newspapers no longer control the news cycle. But are we seeking the facts, wherever they may lead, or do we only want our news from outlets and reporters who share our political beliefs? A new Pew Research Center survey shows that about 40 percent of Americans on both sides of the political divide make a point of getting news from people who share their ideology. And that factor dwarfs any other characteristic news consumers care about with respect to reporters. But is this a good thing, just the way things are now, or a major warning sign when it comes to pursuing the truth? Sara shares her experience both as a reporter and an opinion columnist, pointing out the very strict standards her editors insisted upon before running any stories. And even as a columnist, she says her opinions must be rooted in well-sourced reporting. But much of our media does not operate this way. Sara points out how the mainstream press openly cheered for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016 and how reporters at some of the most powerful news organizations dutifully published lies about Trump without scrutinizing their sources with the federal government. She also highlights the scourge of suppressing truth by omission, which is when media outlets just ignore a significant story because it's inconvenient to their political allies or beneficial to their adversaries. Seeking the truth about what is really happening in the world takes honesty on the part of those consuming the news and those reporting it. Do we just want confirmation bias or do we really want the facts? Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75. Time Stamps: 00:00 How healthy is your media diet? 3:28 My story 7:32 Americans want journalists to share their politics 11:27 Americans are missing key stories 14:31 Has Iran taken over our media? 15:30 Man on the street 17:00 Rashida at an event with terrorists 22:07 The anti-Israel Protests 26:14 How do you consume media? The Pew Study:
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  • DEMS BEWARE: Star Parker Says the Party Is Over for the 'Progressive Pagans'

    29 MAG 2024 · The Democrats are in a full-blown "freakout" over President Biden's constantly dismal polls. Even with President Trump stuck in a courthouse for weeks on end, President Biden still trails in all of the swing states. But the left has much more to fear than just low poll numbers. As Trump's rally in the Bronx proved last week, Americans of all races and ethnicities are disgusted with the Biden record. Even though many of them never voted for Trump before, they are now. Democrats are terrified and they should be. Today, Sara welcomes Star Parker, a syndicated columnist and the founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) to discuss what is changing in the minds of many minority voters, the campaign messaging that will work with them, and the rhetoric that could still drive them away from the Republicans. Many years ago, Parker believed all the lies about the left about feminism, sexual liberation, abortion, welfare and so much more. But after her powerful conversion to Christianity, she saw those lies for what they were and she has committed every day since then to warning others about the destruction peddled by the Democrats and championing the freedom, dignity, and success that traditional conservative values promote. Parker also shares some simple wisdom on what Republicans should and should not say to sway minority voters. She says pointing out their embrace of the failed policies of Democrats for many years is an especially bad idea. What will work? Finding out the one issue they each care about most and offering solid solutions from the border to the economy to education to crime or whatever that issue might be. It's a powerful, high-energy conversation about Americans busting out of their political stereotypes, rejecting the failed leadership of Joe Biden, and embracing ideas and candidates that understand them better than the Democrats. Please visit our great sponsors: Goldco Get your free gold kit today and learn how to get $10,000 in bonus silver.  My Pillow Use code CARTER for $25 prices and free shipping on orders over $75. Time Stamps: 00:00  Democrats have alienated Americans 10:09 Star Parker joins the Sara Carter Show 11:59 We are far from our founding vision 14:43 Trump Rally in the Bronx 20:29 Democrats love dead black babies 22:45 School Choice Programs are winning 25:55 Trump is telling the truth 32:06 What Trump must do 34:08 Mother’s story  37:48 What is Democracy? 39:58 What we can do
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Sara A. Carter is an award-winning investigative reporter who is taking back the story. Each week, Carter shares her unique perspective as a mom, a wife to a wounded war...

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Sara A. Carter is an award-winning investigative reporter who is taking back the story. Each week, Carter shares her unique perspective as a mom, a wife to a wounded war hero, and a reporter who’s told stories from the darkest corners of the world. Join her as she takes you on a journey taking listeners inside exclusive stories and interviews you won’t hear anywhere else.

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