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  • From Reggae Rockstar to Gospel Crusader: The Epic Journey of Shalom! #Reggae #Gospel #MusicLegend

    12 GIU 2024 · SHALOM!!! Get ready for a reggae redemption story that will have you shouting "Hallelujah!" and skanking to the beat all at once. Today, we delve into the incredible life and music of Stephen Omar Harper, better known by his stage names: Stevie Wonder (yes, you read that right!), and the mighty Shalom! Shalom's journey began in 1968, in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica. Music coursed through his veins from a young age, with the eight-year-old already belting out tunes. Fate intervened when he met the legendary Sugar Minott, founder of Youth Man Promotion Recording Studio. This is where Stevie Wonder, the name (don't ask!), transformed into a teenage reggae enthusiast soaking up knowledge under the wing of a master. Image of Sugar Minott Sugar Minott Those early days saw Shalom touring the globe as a backup vocalist alongside the likes of the late Jennifer Lara. He crisscrossed continents, experiencing the electric energy of reggae fans in England, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, the US, and even Africa! Image of Reggae Concert Crowd Reggae Concert Crowd By 1997, it was time to step out of the shadows. Shalom emerged, and with him came the smash hit "Baby I've Got News For You." This wasn't just any song; it dominated the charts in Jamaica, England, and even Malawi for a whopping 14 weeks! Love songs like "I Love You Forever" solidified Shalom's place as a reggae force to be reckoned with. Image of Gold Record Gold Record Then, in 2002, a twist of fate (or perhaps divine intervention?) changed everything. During a US tour, Shalom reconnected with his fiancée, Rose Hamilton, who was deeply involved in ministry work. A spiritual awakening followed, leading Shalom to embrace Christianity. Image of Bible This newfound faith led to a new direction. In 2004, Shalom, now an ordained pastor, released his debut Gospel album, "Never Changing God." His music continued to evolve, with tracks like "Jesus Don't Stop At All" winning him the Caribbean Gospel Award. Image of Shalom performing Gospel Music Shalom performing Gospel Music Shalom hasn't forgotten his roots, though. Collaborations with reggae and Gospel artists like Glacia Robinson and Avalanche showcase his ability to bridge genres. Image of Shalom collaborating with other musicians Shalom collaborating with other musicians And the beat goes on! His latest single, "Mi Daddy Nuh Dead," is a testament to Shalom's ever-evolving sound and message. So there you have it, folks! From reggae rebel to Gospel warrior, Shalom's story is an inspiration to us all. His music continues to bridge cultures and uplift spirits, reminding us that faith, love, and a killer reggae beat can truly move mountains!
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  • Don Dada: A Reggae Game Changer from South Africa

    23 MAG 2024 · Don Dada, also known as Menelik Nesta Gibbons, is a South African reggae and hip-hop artist making waves in the music industry. This post highlights his accomplishments and his dedication to social causes. Early Achievements and Accolades First South African artist to sign a distribution deal with Bob Marley's Tuff Gong International. First artist from South Africa to premiere a music video on Tuff Gong's YouTube channel. Performed at the prestigious "Catch a Fire" Bob Marley tribute concert in Kingston, Jamaica. Viva Mandela: An Anthem for Unity Don Dada's song "Viva Mandela" achieved multi-platinum status within a short period, a remarkable feat for an independent artist. He donates a portion of the royalties to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Don Dada has written three Mandela tributes in total. Spreading Positivity Through Music Don Dada is passionate about education and giving back to his community. He frequently interacts with fans and schools, and uses his platform to promote social causes. His recent album, "Alkebulan," celebrates African history and culture. Here are some of Don Dada's other initiatives: Launching the weekly "HipHop4Life #DadaFriday" segment on a radio station. Contributing to organizations like the Nkosi Johnson Foundation and Nelson Mandela Foundation Don Dada Drops the Bass: From Soweto Streets to Multi-Platinum Beats! #ReggaeGlobal #SouthAfricaMakesWaves Forget the stereotypes, y'all! Reggae is taking the world by storm, and this time, the vibes are radiating straight outta South Africa. Just had the incredible honor of chilling with the multi-platinum king himself, Don Dada! This dreadlocked legend rose from the streets of Soweto, weaving his unique blend of conscious lyrics and infectious rhythms that transcended borders. We chopped it up about his journey, from local hero to reggae royalty. Don Dada ain't shy about his message – unity, positivity, and a healthy dose of rebellion against injustice. And his fans are feeling it! His record, "Viva Mandela" just went multi-platinum, proving reggae's fire burns bright in Africa. This interview left me buzzing with inspiration. Don Dada's story is proof that reggae has a global pulse, and South Africa is a rising power in the movement. Stay tuned, music lovers, because Africa is bringing the heat to the reggae scene! Don Dada's social media: Website: Facebook: Don Dada is a unique artist who blends reggae and hip-hop to create positive and socially conscious music. His dedication to his craft and his community make him a true game changer. This Interview is Sponsored by Southside Beauty Care
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  • King Kong Reggae Interview

    20 MAG 2024 · Reggae legend King Kong, also known as Dennis Thomas, emerged in the early 1980s Jamaican music scene alongside other iconic artists like Tenor Saw and Nitty Gritty. His talent was quickly recognized by the legendary producer King Tubby, who brought him on board to record several singles for the Firehouse label, including "Step On Dem Corn," "Aids," and "Babylon." As digital music began to reshape the soundscape in 1985, King Kong collaborated with Anthony Red Rose on the hit song "Two Big Bull Ina One Pen." He later joined forces with producer King Jammy, churning out successive hits like "Legal We Legal," "Trouble Again," and "Mix Up" between 1985 and 1986. King Kong's versatility was further showcased during this period through his work with other labels including Black Scorpio, Bunny Lee, and Prince Jazzbo.In the late 1980s, King Kong's career took him beyond Jamaica to the United States and Canada, where he established his own label, Conscious Music.King Kong continued to make his mark in the late 1980s with a tribute song, "He Was A Friend," dedicated to the late reggae artist Tenor Saw. He then set his sights on new horizons, traveling to London in the early 1990s. There, he collaborated with several prominent figures in the reggae scene, including Mafia & Fluxy, Fashion Records, and Gussie P. He also linked up with the New York-based label Massive B.King Kong's creative spark remained evident in 1990 when he recorded a dubplate, a custom-made reggae record, titled "Call Mr. Madden." While initially unreleased, the song's potential was undeniable. Two years later, producer Bobby Konders decided to share "Call Mr. Madden" with the world, and it became a dancehall hit. Interestingly, the Fugees would later draw inspiration from this title for their smash hit "Fu-Gee-La" released in 1996.Despite these successes, King Kong's reggae career maintained a sporadic presence on the global stage.Reggae Reignited: Later Years and Continued SuccessAfter facing legal troubles in the mid-1990s, King Kong returned to Jamaica and reconnected with producer King Jammy, releasing tracks like "Seize All Guns" and "Break Down The Walls." However, it was the New York label Massive B who truly reignited his artistic fire. Collaborations with them produced inspirational songs like "Jah Is My Best Friend," "Earth Is The Lord," and "I Feel A Joy."King Kong's adventurous spirit then led him to Ethiopia in 2007. This new chapter culminated in the 2012 release of his 10th album, "Ethiopian Dream," a collaboration with the Dutch label King Shiloh. Singles like "Sweet Rub A Dub" and a cover of "Door Peeper" kept the momentum going. In 2017, he dropped an EP titled "In The Old Capital" featuring five tracks and their dub versions, produced by Old Capital Records.King Kong's artistic wellspring continued to flow in 2018 with the release of the acclaimed album "Repatriation" on the Irie Ites Records label. With a career spanning over 35 years and boasting an impressive discography of 12 albums and countless singles, King Kong remains a force to be reckoned with in the reggae world mark the minds of fans of the artist! Who Needs a Superhero When You Have Whipped Body Butter?Dry, itchy skin? Frizz so wild it could conduct an orchestra? Fear not, weary warriors of self-care! Southside Beauty Care's whipped body butter is here to vanquish your woes with a luxurious 4 ounces of pure, pampering goodness.This all-natural wonder is crafted with a team of superstar ingredients like shea butter, sunflower oil, and avocado oil (or coconut oil, depending on your flavor). Together, they fight dryness like it's their archnemesis, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and worthy of its own red carpet moment.But wait, there's more! This versatile superhero doesn't discriminate. Dry, frizzy hair doesn't stand a chance against a dollop of whipped goodness. Tame those fly aways and add a touch of shine for a mane that would make Rapunzel jealous.Choose Your Whipped Weapon: - Frankensense & Myrrh: For an air of mystical pampering. - Regular, Orange, Rose: Classic scents to match your mood. - Sea Moss: Because sometimes your skin needs a touch of the ocean (minus the sand). So ditch the sidekicks (expensive creams, harsh chemicals), Southside Beauty Care's whipped body butter is all you need to conquer dryness and leave your skin and hair feeling like a million bucks (or at least a very luxurious four ounces).
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  • Reggae Star Lincoln Prophet Discusses Musical Journey

    17 APR 2024 · In a recent interview on Mr. E's Southside Bosses show, Jamaican reggae artist Lincoln Prophet dives deep into his musical roots, tracing his path from his Jamaican upbringing to international recognition. Born Weithney Reid in Saint Elizabeth Parish, Lincoln's passion for music blossomed early. After immigrating to the US at 14, music became his constant companion. Even during his military service, Lincoln gravitated towards reggae, collaborating with established artists like Sugar Minott and Frankie Paul. The year 1991 marked a turning point. With laser focus, Lincoln embarked on a full-time music career. Experimenting with diverse styles and lyrical approaches, he landed his first vinyl production alongside Corporal Tim. His talent resonated with audiences both in the US and Jamaica, where he seamlessly blended reggae with emerging hip-hop influences. Back in Jamaica, Lincoln's star continued to rise. He signed with the prestigious Youth-man Promotion and Black Roots Production, joining the ranks of reggae greats. His dedication to his craft resulted in hits like "Destined to Win" and a loyal fanbase. Today, Lincoln Prophet remains a prominent figure in the reggae scene. He continues to perform extensively in Jamaica, his adopted home, and recently signed a new deal with JZ Wonder. Fans can listen to his latest tracks, including "My Crew" and "Golden Rule," on iTunes and Spotify. Don't miss this insightful interview with Lincoln Prophet – a testament to the enduring power of reggae music and the journey of a passionate artist. Listen and follow him today
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    Unraveling the Myth: The Origins of Eostre and Easter Traditions

    30 MAR 2024 · Uncover the captivating story behind the Easter festivities as we delve into the origins of Eostre. Discover how ancient pagan traditions seamlessly merged with Christian beliefs, shaping the way we celebrate this joyous holiday today. Journey through time as we connect the dots between Eostre and the modern-day Easter bunny and egg hunts! "What Type of American Are You? Unpacking the Diversity of American Identifications" 
Dive into the intricate tapestry of American identities in this eye-opening video. Explore the different ways individuals identify themselves as Americans, including ethnically, culturally, regionally, politically, and more. Prepare for a thought-provoking discussion that challenges conventional notions of American identity.
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    Sensimillia: Bob Marley, Retirement age, and more

    28 FEB 2024 · I don't know about you but watching that Bob Marley biopic made me feel like I do everytime I see a new Bob Marley film... LIKE SMOKIN'. FIrst, how did you like the new Bob Marley movie? Did You like the actor? The story line? The music? The Love? Lets talk about that and other Marijuana news such as Germany legalizing weed before TEXAS...
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  • Groove to the Rhythms of Crucial Riddim - Robstown's Finest

    30 GEN 2024 · Groove to the Rhythms of Crucial Riddim - Robstown's Finest Introduction, Texas has reggae sensation that is taking the music scene by storm Crucial Riddim. This talented band brings you the best of reggae vibes with their soulful beats and captivating melodies. Join me as we delve into the world of Crucial Riddim and discover where you can find their exceptional music. About Crucial Riddim:Crucial Riddim band from Robstown, Texas. Comprising a group of highly skilled musicians, this band has successfully merged the essence of traditional reggae with their own unique style, creating a sound that is both refreshing and irresistible. With their infectious energy and passion for the genre, Crucial Riddim promises an unforgettable musical journey.Listen to Interview Here: Social Media Links:To stay updated with all things Crucial Riddim follow them on their Social Media: - Instagram: -Facebook: - TikTok: Music Streaming Services:Get ready to groove along to Crucial Riddim's enchanting tunes. You can find their music on various streaming services such as: - Spotify: YouTube Music: Get Your Tickets: Don't miss out on the chance to experience Crucial Riddim's electrifying live performances. Visit their social media to find their next performances Join the Conversation: Let's spread the love for Crucial Riddim by using the following hashtags on social media: - #CrucialRiddim - #ReggaeVibes - #GrooveToTheBeat - #RobstownReggae Conclusion:Crucial Riddim is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the reggae music scene. Their authentic sound, combined with their electrifying performances, promises an unforgettable experience for music lovers. Follow them on social media, stream their music, and be a part of the journey as Crucial Riddim spreads joy through their soulful melodies. Get ready to sway, dance, and fall in reggae rhythms that define Crucial Riddim!
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    Southside Beauty Care Presents: Reggae Hour in the Mix

    27 GEN 2024 · Welcome to the roman-greco year of 2024. This yeaer promises to be a big one. Starting off like the past few years has started off, it's only right we get crunk right with it. B.O.S.S. Radio promised you more content and I'm here to deliver. Reggae Hours first episode of the year will not consist of a single interview, but rather more discussion on the culture the world exists in today and hopes to interject Love, Truth, Peace, Justice, and Freedom into the mix as best as we can. Mr. E has a wonderful surprise this episode for his long time listeners and I garuantee you will be left in awe. We are still bringing you more underground reggae artists and there art so all we can say is #TuneInTurnUpandZoneOut and lets getit rolling. Get your Mind, Body, and Soul Giftbox for Valentines Day TODAY
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    Fyah Prince: The Man, The Legend, The STORY

    20 DIC 2023 · Fyah Prince is a dancehall singer from Venda, Limpopo in South Africa. He started his career as a dancer and later became a hip hop artist/producer. In 2009, he stopped producing and began writing dancehall music. Prince’s music is known for its fierce and righteous lyrics. He has collaborated with various producers worldwide and has been featured in several music festivals. In 2017, he teamed up with few producers to release Jah Sent Album and The (People Dem A Calling Music Video) whilst in France. In 2018, he released Judgement the Album with More Love EP and few singles. In 2019, he released few singles to later release Rast-I-fication Album and Fire Lighter EP in 2020. Olden Days was released lately from which Fyah Prince did 90 per cent of producing. Yet featuring few producers from SA And Germany. Prince’s music is a blend of dancehall, hip hop, and reggae. His music is inspired by his life experiences and the social issues he has witnessed in his community. conclusion, Fyah Prince is a talented dancehall singer from Venda, Limpopo in South Africa. He has made a significant contribution to the music industry with his fierce and righteous lyrics. His music is a blend of dancehall, hip hop, and reggae and is inspired by his life experiences and the social issues he has witnessed in his community.
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    JAH Grasshopper of Truesounds Interview

    22 NOV 2023 · IS THE UK IN THE HOUSE? Without a doubt, representing Norwich and keeping the vibes going across the pond, we were blessed to interview Dom AKA JAH Grasshopper of TRUESOUNDS on Check out their article on our blog Hear their new releases here: Truesounds Cat#17 release - Crossroads Is a 2 track ep of our song - Crossraods featuring Prince Alla, on our Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim, produced by Jah Grasshopper (Domonic Birley), This release includes both the song with Prince Alla, as well as the Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim. Track List : (1) Truesounds, Prince Alla - Crossroads (2 Ton Riddim) (2) Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim Truesounds is a conscious Norwich (UK) based record label founded by Dominic Birley, Paying homage to the sound system culture originated in Jamaica during the 1950s and tracing it's diaspora throughout the world. We are a united collective of artists, producers, engineers and DJ'S from a variety of countries, nationalities and backgrounds creating music for the dancehall with diverse influences across a spectrum of genres and styles. Prince Alla (Keith Lorenzo Blake) is a Jamaican roots and reggae singer. His career began in the 1960s with a group called The Leaders, Prince Alla is a Rastafarian who has recorded for producers like Joe Gibbs and Tapper Zukie and he has toured the world with live performances. The song Crossroads is a conscious classic sounding roots song about the struggle with the system and trying to be true to yourself. Prince Alla's vocals fit our Truesounds - 2 Ton Riddim Perfectly. Our Truesounds Cat#17 release is due on November 11th 2023, available pre release at Our press release includes the 2 tracks related to this release, Our cover image for this release, Info and a short visualiser video created by Nizzar Brikka a music video director and producer from Barcelona. The tracks provided with this press release are all [mp3] format ... WAV files are available on request.
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Welcome to the Empire of Reggae. This beautiful artform has spread across the south since the days of Bob Marley. Its a culture of Love and Peace. Beauty and soul....

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Welcome to the Empire of Reggae. This beautiful artform has spread across the south since the days of Bob Marley. Its a culture of Love and Peace. Beauty and soul. The stories of the struggle and oppressed. From the Parishes of Jamaica to the east coast of the NY to all over the world, it leaves you wishing everyone blessings.
This is the very reason B.O.S.S. Radio and Southside Bosses has changed directions to bring you The artist themselves. From I-Octane to Glen Washington to Jimi Watusi, Reggae Hour keeps your spirits up and ready to conquer the world with love. So Tune In Turn Up and Zone Out as we get you ready to Shake ya rump in here.
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