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    (Ep 32) Connecting Appalachia & Palestine: Interview w/ Tiara - Part 1

    8 APR 2024 · Starting off April on the right foot: no fools here, just Chelsea and Tiara sitting down for what was supposed to be a primer on the situation in Palestine, but turned into a conversation that had to go on for two whole days and six hours of content. This is the first of the episodes that came from that content, and in this episode, we get to know Tiara better as a fresh face to cohost the podcast with us. She tells us about the grief that compelled her to stand in at a direct action in solidarity with Palestinians in October, and how that vulnerability in sharing her grief has transformed the lives and hearts of her own family members. We do our best to pull on the threads that are woven between Appalachia and occupied Palestine, and touch on the importance of paying attention, holding space, and reciprocity. We start to dig into the geopolitical history of the land and its people that led to the current genocide, but we cover that much more in depth in next week's episode. *TRIGGER WARNING - this episode contains dialogue related to genocide, settler colonialism, white supremacy, anti-semitism, and violence against human beings (including children)* You can support this podcast at; for all the places you can find us, check out our If you want to share your story on the show, get in touch with us at RESOURCES & FURTHER READING: - - - - - - - PEOPLE TO FOLLOW ON THE GROUND: - Motaz Azaiza  - Saleh Aljafarawi - Ismail Al Dahdouh - Bisan Owda - Wael Al Dadouh - Plestia Alaqad
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    (Ep 31) It's All One Big Conspiracy!

    25 MAR 2024 · SEASON TWO is back, this time with two new cohosts to make the show extra fun! In this episode, we introduce our new cohosts that are joining Chelsea on the show: Sierra (from episode 8) and Tiara, two additional loudmouthed and badass Appalachian women to raise hell and make good trouble with us. We declare ourselves a fullblown conspiracy podcast as we touch on everything from Amazon to Kate Middleton to AIPAC to Epstein to the Irish Prime Minister and on and on. As we tend to do in the show, we bring it all full circle around the idea that our liberation is inherently interconnected and none of us are free until al of us are free. *DISCLAIMERS: This podcast SHOULD NOT be considered legal advice at all, even if one of our hosts works for a Public Defense office. If you need legal office, please reach out to a lawyer. Also, this show is for entertainment purposes only; all of our comments are based on the reporting of others and solely represent our opinions, which are not to be represented as factual when we comment on individuals, organizations, or structures. *TRIGGER WARNING: We cuss a lot, so you probably don't want to listen to this on the speakers at work. This episode in particular touches on topics which may be sensitive for some individuals including gun violence, state oppression, and the genocide in Palestine.  You can support this podcast at If you want to share your story on the show, get in touch with us on socials or at our email, which you can find at
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    (Ep 30) We're Here, We're Queer, & We Won't Give Into Fear: Interview w/ Max & Hil (WNC)

    2 OTT 2023 · Get ready for SEASON TWO of the Podcast! We've been recalibrating, recentering, and we're back with a helluva episode to kick off the latest round of rabblerowsing redneck comraderie. In this episode, I sit down with friends & neighbors Max and Hil to talk about the community organizing that was catalyzed in Haywood County, NC following a hate-filled attack campaign against our trans neighbors. We describe in detail how effectively and quickly community can come together to show solidarity and create the version of reality that we want to live in. Community Organizing Is For Everyone. May you take in the content of today's episode and start your own journey of holy conspiracy with the folks in your own hollers. *TRIGGER WARNING - this episode contains dialogue related to transphobia, hate and violence, and trauma* Show some love to Hil's cosplay at @sewingsenpai. You can support this podcast at If you want to share your story on the show, get in touch with us at RESOURCES & FURTHER READING: - More info on NC's HB2 legislation - - More info on the recent Town Hall/Rec Center scenario in Haywood County -
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    (Ep 29) A Story Made to be Told: Interview w/ Whitni & Mark of Redneck Army (TN)

    14 GIU 2023 · After a long, unexpected hiatus, the SHOW IS BACK! And on the anniversary of our launch one year ago, no less! In today's anniversary episode, I sit down with Whitni Resides & Mark Brown, the screenwriters of Redneck Army -- a proposal to bring the story of the Battle on Blair Mountain to live on the silver screen. With a focus on all the people involved (including the women and children who made the largest worker rebellion in US history possible), they counter mainstream media's simplification and stereotypical portrayl of Appalachian people and this piece of our history. Don't forget to show them some love on their socials @redneckarmy. You can support this podcast at
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  • (Ep 28) It's All Shadow Work: Interview with Desiree B. Stephens (GA)

    9 FEB 2023 · Happy Black History Month, friends! In today's episode, we kick of this month by sitting down with one of my personal heroes: the brilliant Desiree B. Stephens. Desiree is an antiracist educator, counselor, and coach who creates community & fosters the healing work that is required for somatic decolonization -- she makes shi(f)t happen! In our conversation, Desiree digs into the idea behind her work, "who were you before you were white?" We explore the importance of taking back our power as the collective & ridding ourselves of the shame that comes from being at the bottom of a systemic hierarchy that we have inherited but have not consented to. Please follow & support Desiree at: and Follow & support this podcast at:
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    (Ep 27) Illegal Liquor, Fast Cars, Taxes, & War: More on the Race & Labor Rabbit Hole

    30 GEN 2023 · In this week's belated episode, we go for more adventures down the rabbit hole of race & labor -- but this time, we brought liquor and fast cars! We travel back to the 1600s together and follow the journey of homemade liquor throughout time and space, and just about every war since colonization began. We touch on the Whiskey Rebellion, the role of Roy Hall in the development of NASCAR, the political campaigns that led to the prohibition era, and just about everything else that we can squeeze into an hour. If you enjoy what you hear in this episode, you can support the show at: Resources & References: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)
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    (Ep 26) Don't Give Up, Get Petty: Interview w/ Jasmine Sherman (NC)

    18 GEN 2023 · In our second episode of 2023, we bring Ash Orr onto the show to give us a breakdown of what’s going on in the state legislature in places like West Virginia right now, where the old white dudes with too much power are going wild. Then, we sit down with Jasmine Sherman -- a self-proclaimed Fat, Black Socialist based out of Charlotte, NC who is taking on the system by running as a candidate in the 2024 election for President of the United States. If you enjoy the content of this episode, you can follow & support the show at: You can learn more about Jasmine Sherman's campaign & The Unicorn Party at: For updates on the WV state legislature, check out: - - - -
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    (Ep 25) Is For-Profit Adoption Legal Human Trafficking?: Orphan Trains, Georgia Tann, & Dr. Thomas Hicks

    10 GEN 2023 · In today's episode, we kick off the new year by digging into the history of the for-profit adoption industry in America. We touch on key players like the Orphan Trains, Georgia Tann, and Appalachia's own Dr. Thomas Hicks. But first! We have some exciting announcements that you don't want to miss, and I take my first swing at covering some current events taking place in West Virginia. This week's episode contains a TW for content related to child trafficking/abuse and issues related to adoption/reproduction/abortion/infertility. If you enjoy the content of this episode, you can support the show at: Resources & References: 1) Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13)
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    (Ep 24) Anti-Ableism Advocacy in Appalachia: Interview w/ Trevor Gates (WNC)

    7 DIC 2022 · In today's episode I chat with my long-time friend, neighbor, & co-conspirator -- Trevor Gates. Trevor is a visually-impaired/blind Appalachian, an aspiring therapist, and an incredible advocate for disability justice & deconstructing ableism in Appalachia and beyond. Our conversation touches on everything from Trevor's personal experiences in advocacy, to the recent election results, the concept of the curb-cut effect, and of course there's so much more. You can find & support Trevor at as well as on all social media platforms with the handle @thecaneman430 You can contribute to keeping Trevor's lights on by throwing some money his way: cashapp - $MrTG23 venmo - @MrRoboEyes paypal - @HippieCyborg You can support this podcast at
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  • (BONUS) My Wings are Wrong: Interview w/ Alex Vance (WV)

    25 NOV 2022 · This bonus episode is a tribute to Transgender Week of Awareness & Transgender Day of Remembrance. In this episode, I talk with Alex Vance -- the author and illustrator of upcoming children's book, "My Wings Are Wrong." Alex speaks on his own experience growing up transgender in West Virginia, how this children's book came to life, his first PRIDE experience, his love for the tight-knit artistic community that comes along with Appalachia, and more. To support and follow Alex:
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Rednecks Rising Podcast is hosted by a loud-mouthed, Southern Appalachian woman that is excited to bring you along on this journey as I dive into the rich history behind the...

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Rednecks Rising Podcast is hosted by a loud-mouthed, Southern Appalachian woman that is excited to bring you along on this journey as I dive into the rich history behind the evolution of revolution across Appalachia and sit down for interviews with all of the best hillbilly hellraisers that call these hollers their home.

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