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  • Conference Finals Previews, Continued Parity & Ant's Ascent

    22 MAG 2024 · As the NBA playoffs start to heat up, Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss how the Wolves dethroned the Nuggets and where Denver goes from here, the parity in the NBA over the last six seasons, the strategic and tactical areas that will determine the Conference Finals series, and much more. 
    1 h 15 min. 46 sec.
  • Nuggets Reassert Themselves & Thunder Get Even As The Second Round Heats Up

    15 MAG 2024 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the Denver Nuggets' dominant bounceback after falling behind to the Timberwolves, the Thunder's gritty Game 4 win over the Mavericks, and where each second-round series could be headed. Then they touch on the Hawks jumping to the top of the lottery, Trae Young's future in Atlanta, and whether the top pick might pull the Hawks out of mediocrity. 
    1 h 10 min. 48 sec.
  • Previewing the Play-In & First-Round Matchups

    16 APR 2024 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber break down and predict every first-round and play-in matchup of the NBA postseason, including how the 76ers might look with a healthy Joel Embiid in the lineup, the high stakes of Mavs-Clippers III, how Giannis' injury impacts the Bucks' chances against the Pacers, whether the Warriors will scrap their way to a playoff spot, and much, much more. 
    1 h 42 min. 14 sec.
  • 2023-24 NBA Awards

    12 APR 2024 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber pick and discuss their unofficial awards ballots for the 2023-24 NBA season, including a disagreement on who should win MVP, LeBron James' All-NBA candidacy, whether Victor Wembanyama is already the Defensive Player of the Year frontrunner, which young players improved the most this season, and much more. 
    1 h 40 min. 25 sec.
  • Untangling the East Playoff & Play-In Races

    21 MAR 2024 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the jam-packed races for the 3-8 seeds in the Eastern Conference, which play-in teams pose the greatest threat to the top seeds, the Magic's sudden rise, potential fit issues in Cleveland, and much more. 
    1 h 17 min. 41 sec.
  • Sorting Through the Top of the West & Boston's Potential Weaknesses

    5 MAR 2024 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber debate whether the Oklahoma City Thunder's inexperience will matter in the postseason and whether the Nuggets have taken a step back or just taken their foot off the gas. Then they check in on the MVP race and look at the Celtics' potential weaknesses in the playoffs. Plus: the rock-paper-scissors game between the top teams in the West, the biggest threats to those teams, Cleveland's cooling off since the All Star break, and the next wave of NBA superstars.
    1 h 14 min. 20 sec.
  • How Joel Embiid's Injury and the Trade Deadline Have Reshaped the NBA

    15 FEB 2024 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber break down the most impactful trades of a relatively quiet NBA trade deadline. Then they discuss Joel Embiid's meniscus injury, how much the 65-game rule is to blame, and how it affects the MVP race.
    1 h 22 min. 41 sec.
  • Knicks-Raptors Trade, Thunder Praise, and Standout Rookies

    4 GEN 2024 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the impact of the OG Anunoby-Immanuel Quickley trade on the Knicks, Raptors, and NBA as a whole. Then they break down the Thunder's rise to the top of the Western Conference, the new crop of stars in the NBA, how today's league fits into the arc of NBA history, and much more.
    1 h 28 min. 53 sec.
  • IST Check-In, Boston's Offense, and a Changing of the Guard

    27 NOV 2023 · Just over a month into the NBA season, Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the NBA In-Season Tournament, how it has changed the regular season, and who could win it. Then they assess how Boston's 3-point heavy offense might translate in the playoffs and the new wave of lead guards taking over the NBA.
    59 min. 24 sec.
  • Clippers & Bucks Start Slow While 76ers Hit Their Stride

    15 NOV 2023 · Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the Clippers' struggles since trading for James Harden, Tyrese Maxey's early breakout and the Sixers' improved offensive continuity, why the Bucks have yet to find a rhythm on either end of the floor, and other key storylines from the three weeks of the NBA season.
    58 min. 40 sec.
Read and React is an independent podcast focused on the philosophy, strategy, tactics, trends, and minutiae of the NBA. Hosted by Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber.

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