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Pursuit of the Perfect Race

  • 354 - Amazing Journey's - Rachel Belmont

    20 LUG 2020 · Talking with Rachel Belmont is an absolute pleasure. Her journey through the sport of running has not been an easy one. There have been injuries, set backs, depression, and many shifts of goals along the way. Now, she is an avid runner, but at one time, she never thought she would be able to run again. Recently, she ran 100 miles on a the treadmill in order to raise money for a company that she loves supporting. This episode is filled with so much passion about the sport and all it has to offer. Thank you so much Rachel for spending some time with me to share your story! - Follow her on Instagram: @_skyrunr_ - Follow Coach Terry: Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast
    1 h 6 min. 57 sec.
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    353 - Amazing Journeys - Phil White

    7 LUG 2020 · I sat down with co-founder of Cervelo, Phil White and discussed at great length the history of how he went from Cervelo, to semi-retirement, to now helping the amazing team at 4iiii. At 4iiii, they have designed a power meter that was built for cyclist, by cyclist. We talk about all the things 4iiii has developed and how the pandemic has changed things. Thank you Phil for coming on the show and telling me your story. I enjoyed your company. - Follow Coach Terry: Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast
    59 min. 3 sec.
  • Esplicito

    352 - Amazing Journeys - Cam Mayfield

    2 LUG 2020 · I was humble when I was able to sit down with Cam Mayfield for a little bit and discuss her journey through endurance events. It’s been an amazing journey for her. Completing Western States (@wser) a twice and bettering her time by over an hour isn’t easy. But she managed to not only do this, but also run a fast race at the Olympic trials this year. - Pictures are from: Andrew McGuire, Myke Hermsmeyer, and Jesse Ellis with Let’s Wander Photography. - Cam’s Sponsors include: GU Energy Labs, Brooks Running, Squirrels Nut Butter, and Ultimate Direction. - Follow Cam: IG: @cameliamayfield
    1 h 22 min. 6 sec.
  • Esplicito

    351 - Philly Four Corners - Gagz

    29 GIU 2020 · I sat down and chatted with Michael “Gagz” about his recent run around the city of Philadelphia. He has named this run the Philly Four Corners. To say he loves the city is an understatement. I would say he is an avid fan of the city in many ways. He literally ran around the entire city in one single run. We chat about what this was like from the planning to hitting the save button. Thank you for sharing your journey with me Gagz, it was an honor to have you on the show. Maybe I can get you and @Michaelwardian to do an episode together next time? - Follow Gagz: IG: @bdg123 - Follow Coach Terry: Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast
    1 h 5 min. 6 sec.
  • 350 - Pandemic Series - Ed Baker

    14 MAG 2020 · I have the opportunity of talking with Ed Baker in regards to Covid-19. We discuss many details about the virus as well as data points cited by very knowledgeable professionals. We also talk about races in the future and go into detail about what the future may look like. Hope you enjoy the show. Thank you Ed for spending some time with me today. - Follow Ed: IG: @uber.ed.baker
    49 min. 55 sec.
  • 349 - Pandemic Series - Erin Carson

    16 APR 2020 · Rally Sport is known as the premier fitness club in Boulder and I have the opportunity to chat with co-owner, Erin Carson. Erin is a wealth of knowledge but is very transparent in our conversation today about the virus, consequences this will have, and an outlook for the future. Thanks for chatting with me Erin, I wish you the best. Stay safe. - Follow Erin: IG: @ecfitboulder - Follow Coach Terry: Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast
    34 min. 57 sec.
  • Esplicito

    348 - Pandemic Series - Macey Sutherland

    16 APR 2020 · Fun talk with my friend Macey Sutherland. She lives in South America and tells what it’s like to live there and we discuss a variety of things including races, life, and predictions of the future. - Follow Macey: IG: @trimacenyoface - Follow Coach Terry: Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast
    32 min. 1 sec.
  • 347 - Pandemic Series - Dave Proctor

    12 APR 2020 · You may have heard about his world records, his son, or even something that he was a part of that millions around the world watched. When Dave and his Coach Travis had to scratch the idea of his goal of a run across Canada, they shifted their perspective to make something epic. In a time when the world of endurance racing needed a deep breath and something for hope, they created a virtual event. In this episode, I talk with Dave about what happened, the idea, the race, the pandemic, and much more. I wish you all the best Dave and can’t wait until you cross Canada on foot next year! - Follow Dave: IG: @Daveoutrunsrare @RunProctor Website: - Follow Coach Terry: Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast
    34 min. 8 sec.
  • Esplicito

    346 - Pandemic Series - Sam Long

    8 APR 2020 · This is a fun quick chat with my friend Sam Long. He’s had some of his races postponed, cancelled, and even some bigger changes to his schedule. We talk about motivation, the pandemic, and the hopes of racing in the future. We also talk about how his training has shifted a bit and a very specific KOM he’s only 20seconds away from taking. Thanks Sam for coming back on the show, it’s always fun to chat with you. - Follow Sam Long: IG: @Samgolong - Follow Coach Terry: Instagram: @PerfectRacePodcast
    16 min. 46 sec.
  • 345 - Pandemic Series - Michael Wardian

    8 APR 2020 · Mike and I play chess together and today have become great friends over the past months. Recently, he is known for winning the Virtual Backyard Ultra with the assist of Radek. We talk about the pandemic, motivation, and his Perfect Race. I enjoyed this short interview with him, and I’m grateful that I can share his story and be a part of his journey. I look forward to seeing him race in the future and follow in his footsteps at the Comrades Marathon. During this episode we talk about what he’s been doing since races have been cancelled/postponed, and feats he’s doing as well. Thank you, Michael, for your time.
    26 min. 18 sec.

A podcast focused on allowing listeners to live marathons, triathlons, and ultra distance events through other athlete's eyes and learn from their mistakes. Terry talks with professional triathletes, age group...

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A podcast focused on allowing listeners to live marathons, triathlons, and ultra distance events through other athlete's eyes and learn from their mistakes. Terry talks with professional triathletes, age group athletes, and allows them to share their wisdom and experiences for others to learn. Some of the episodes feature winners while others highlight the DNF. Triathlon racing can be mastered by listening to and understanding others mistakes, highlights, and things that went well. Whether you're going for Kona or just your first Triathlon, you're able to learn something.
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