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  • Public Newsroom 126: Surviving the Mic

    22 NOV 2019 · What's the difference between safe space and brave space? Why do folks feel hesitant to use trigger warnings? Why should we practice consent? At this third and last installment of our fall curated series, Surviving the Mic founder Nikki Patin led a discussion on the above questions.
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  • Public Newsroom 123: Building Brave Spaces for Community

    7 NOV 2019 · How can we create community spaces that are more inclusive and allow for challenging conversations? One key ingredient is establishing a "brave space agreement". Brave space is a concept that emerged from lessons shared by social justice educators in "The Art of Effective Facilitation" ( as a "new way to frame dialogue around diversity and social justice" that de-centered systems of oppression, such as white supremacy and patriarchy. Brave Space agreements can be used for meetings, workshops, and restorative conversations. Led by actor-vist, social and emotional consultant, educator, and warrior for justice and radical self-love Jenna Anast, ( this week’s workshop centered around the importance of creating a brave space where colleagues, co-workers, and friends etc. can feel brave while sharing their truth. Anast also serves as the Head of Community and Exhibition for OTV - Open Television. This is the first in our fall 2019 series "Community Care in the Face of the 2020 Elections," curated by Felicia Holman. To learn more about the series, go to:
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  • Public Newsroom 119: How Do We Envision Justice?

    3 OTT 2019 · We're joined by BBF Family Service and Illinois Humanities to talk about the re-entry after incarceration, and how we can all support to make that a positive, generative process.
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  • Public Newsroom 117: Chicago's Eviction Crisis

    9 SET 2019 · In May 2019 Chicago Reader published a two-year-long investigation into Pangea Real Estate by staff writer Maya Dukmasova that found the company had filed roughly 9,000 eviction cases since 2009. What’s more Dukmasova’s reporting revealed that little is known about Chicago’s larger eviction court system and the 20,000 cases filed there annually. “It's difficult to overstate the degree of historical disinterest in the eviction of renters in Chicago . . . rental housing in poor neighborhoods went largely unexamined—particularly the financial and social dynamics between landlords and tenants.” Dukmasova wrote in the piece. This week at the #PublicNewsroom Dukmasova shares a breakdown of her investigation into Pangea as well as an historic overview of eviction court and tenants’ rights. The evening also features a panel of experts including Mark Swartz from the Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing and Steve McKenzie, a long-time attorney for the city who litigates against landlords for building code violations. Illustration by Justin Santora, courtesy of the Chicago Reader.
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  • Public Newsroom 115: Aldermanic Accountability in the 25th Ward

    23 AGO 2019 · We wrap up our ward-specific workshops in the 25th with Leone Bicchieri of Working Family Solidarity. This workshop was held in Spanish and English. Este taller es el último que se enfoca en un distrito específico—el distrito 25. Lo presentamos con la ayuda de Leone Bicchieri de Working Family Solidarity. Esta vez, hablamos en español e inglés.
    Ascoltato 27 min. 26 sec.
  • Public Newsroom 114: Aldermanic Accountability in Austin

    16 AGO 2019 · This week we keep the ball rolling on our aldermanic accountability series. We're at Austin College and Career Academy on the West Side with Austin Coming Together and Austin Weekly News.
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