• Energy Market Shifts: Is Net Zero a Fantasy?

    12 GIU 2024 · In this week's episode of "Prices at the Pumps," Scott Squires and energy expert Dan McTeague dive into the latest trends affecting the energy market. From gas price adjustments in Atlantic Canada to global oil demand and the impact of electric vehicle tariffs, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Dan shares his predictions for gas prices in Newfoundland and Labrador and discusses the broader implications of recent changes in global oil markets. He also provides a critical analysis of the European Commission's new tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles and what this means for consumers. Don't miss this in-depth discussion on the current state of the energy sector and what it means for you. Tune in now to stay informed!
    18 min. 47 sec.
  • Gas Prices Falling: How Long Will It Last?

    5 GIU 2024 · Exciting news for drivers in Atlantic Canada! In the latest episode of Prices at the Pumps on Saltwire, Scott Squires and energy expert Dan McTeague discuss the significant drop in gas prices expected over the next few days. Learn how market trends, OPEC's production cuts, and the reimposed sanctions on Venezuela are influencing fuel prices. Plus, get Dan's predictions for future fuel costs and discover how much you could save if certain economic policies were different. Don't miss this insightful episode – tune in now and stay informed!
    17 min. 17 sec.
  • Energy Markets in Turmoil: Good News for Consumers

    29 MAG 2024 · In this week's episode of "Prices at the Pumps, energy expert Dan McTague discusses the latest trends in fuel prices across the Atlantic region. Dan provides insights into the expected drop in gasoline and diesel prices, the impact of global economic conditions on energy markets, and the significance of OPEC's upcoming decisions. Dan also delves into Canada's vast oil reserves and the country's potential to influence global energy supply. Tune in for a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the energy market and what it means for consumers. Chapters: (00:00) Introduction (00:45) Fuel Price Predictions for Atlantic Canada (03:30) Market Distortions and Energy Traders (07:15) OPEC's Upcoming Meeting and Production Cuts (10:00) Canada's Oil Reserves and Global Impact (15:00) Conclusion
    11 min. 38 sec.
  • Hurricane Season Alert: Potential Impact on Gas Prices

    23 MAG 2024 · Get ready for an informative episode as Dan McTeague dives into the latest trends in fuel prices across Atlantic Canada. Learn about the impact of interest rates on energy markets, the upcoming hurricane season, and the future of electric vehicles. Dan also shares insights on the Canadian oil pipeline and its potential economic benefits. Don’t miss out on this crucial information—tune in now!
    13 min. 48 sec.
  • The Gasoline Guess: Navigating Atlantic Canada's Market

    15 MAG 2024 · Discover what's driving fuel prices and how the carbon tax is impacting Canadians in our latest podcast episode. Energy expert Dan McTeague unpacks the complex market dynamics and forecasts changes that could affect your wallet. Tune in for an informed journey through the energy landscape—listen now for a clearer path to energy affordability!
    9 min. 41 sec.
  • Fuel Forecasts: What's Driving Gasoline Prices?

    8 MAG 2024 · Wondering if you should fill up your tank today or wait? This week's episode features energy expert Dan McTeague, who shares exclusive predictions for fuel prices in Atlantic Canada and insightful analysis on global oil markets. Learn about the factors driving costs and get tips that could save you money at the pump. Don't miss out on these critical insights – listen now and make informed decisions about your energy consumption!
    13 min. 19 sec.
  • The Unsteady Tide: Atlantic Fuel Fluctuations Explained - Prices at the Pumps

    3 MAG 2024 · Ever wondered why filling up your tank is costing you more? This week's podcast episode features energy expert Dan McTeague, who takes us on a deep dive into the current state of fuel prices. From the unexpected drops to the looming summer demand, Dan breaks down the factors influencing the numbers at the pump. He also tackles the controversial topic of government policies and their impact on your daily drive. With a potential rise in oil prices on the horizon, this is one conversation you can't afford to miss. Tune in and gain insights that could change the way you think about energy and economy. Listen now for an enlightening perspective on the prices at the pumps!
    11 min. 58 sec.
  • Carbon Conundrums and the Costly Commute - Prices at the Pumps

    25 APR 2024 · This week's episode is a must-listen for anyone with a car in the driveway or an energy bill to pay. Join us as Dan McTeague, a seasoned energy analyst, takes us on a deep dive into the world of gas prices, carbon taxes, and the green energy transition. We'll explore the repercussions of the carbon tax and why some are reverting to oil, plus the murky waters of Nova Scotia's green energy costs. Don't miss these crucial insights that could impact your budget and our environment. Tune in now to stay ahead of the curve in energy economics!
    12 min. 27 sec.
  • Summer Surge: The Road to $2 Reality - Prices at the Pumps

    17 APR 2024 · Get ready for a reality check at the gas station! This week's episode features Dan McTeague, the 'Gas Wizard,' who brings his energy expertise to the table, discussing the factors that are driving up fuel prices in Atlantic Canada. From the switch to summer gasoline to the impact of carbon taxes and market trends, Dan provides an in-depth analysis that's crucial for every driver. Expect a candid conversation on government policies, market dysfunction, and what the future holds for our energy costs. Don't miss out on these essential insights – tune in now to stay ahead of the curve at the pumps!
    11 min. 12 sec.
  • Seasonal Surge & the $2 Litre Loom - Prices at the Pumps

    11 APR 2024 · Are you feeling the shock of the latest gas price surge? This week's 'Prices at the Pumps' episode is a must-hear, as energy expert Dan McTeague discusses the significant jump in Newfoundland's gasoline prices and what it signals for the rest of Atlantic Canada. Discover why we're transitioning to a $2/litre reality, the impact of carbon taxes, and how the weakening Canadian dollar affects your wallet. Dan also shares insights from the Canada Strong and Free conference on energy affordability and net zero policies. Don't let rising fuel costs catch you off guard. Tune in for essential tips and a deeper understanding of the energy landscape. Listen to the episode now and take control of your energy expenses!
    9 min. 39 sec.

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Tune in to "Prices at the Pumps" on SaltWire with energy expert Dan McTeague. Join Dan as he breaks down the latest trends in the oil industry and shares his...

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Tune in to "Prices at the Pumps" on SaltWire with energy expert Dan McTeague.

Join Dan as he breaks down the latest trends in the oil industry and shares his insights and expertise on where prices may be headed.

Don't miss out on this informative and valuable show. Catch a new episode of "Prices at the Pumps" every Wednesday on SaltWire.

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