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  • Memorial Day Blues 57 Festival 6:1:24 9.39 PM

    2 GIU 2024 · SEE FILM AT Story, Podcast, and Film by: Gail Nobles copyright ©️ 2024 Story: Memorial Day Blues 57 Festival Beginning Theme song by: Gail Nobles Theme song: Blues 57 Characters by: Gail Nobles Characters: Rosco and Willie Characters made with Haiper app: All voices by: Gail Nobles Background music: Roscoe and Willie had a big crowd down to the Memorial Day blues 57 festival.  Roscoe and Willie had everyone dancing and singing the blues. Some of the most famous blues singers were there. Willie:  This is what we always wanted to do and talked about doing, Rosco. Having a union of blues entertainers. Rosco:  Yeah, it should help radio business. Willie:  And we shouldn't have to worry about those old so-called promoters and managers and people in the record business. Rosco:  We ain't the record business, but we can help the musicians get work and get paid performing. Willie:  That's right  bossman.  But Rosco and Willie ran into some problems with the memorial day blues festival. One of their greatest entertainers on the list didn't show up. A big fight broke out indoors and Rosco and Willie got written up for owing money. All kinds of things were happening, but in the end Rosco and Willie managed to keep the music going and they entertaind the crowd themselves. They were able to pull off a successful festival that left everyone feeling happy and satisfied. The experience taught them to always be prepared for the unexpected in the world of event planning.  Soon the festival was over. Rosco: It was all your idea! You almost got us shut down tonight. Willie:  You mean we, Rosco. We!  You see, that's how lies get out. Our number one entertainer didn't show up. Rosco: But we took care of that. Willie: There you go! We!
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  • Hubby Jenkins 5:15:24 12.09 AM

    15 MAG 2024 · Intro by: Gail Nobles Photo: - Own work Usage: Wikipedia Hello! I'm Gail Nobles. Welcome to apodcast and Blues. Today we're going to talk about old-time blues in today's blues through the talent of Hubby Jenkins.  Hubby Jenkins is a multi instrumentalist who studies and performs old American music. He is a former member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and the Rhiannon Giddens band, and has been nominated for Grammy and Americana awards. Hubby Jenkins was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a young man, he played the saxophone and bass guitar. After discovering the music of Skip James and Bukka White, he began exploring how African Americans influenced American roots music. From 2010 to 2016, Jenkins was a member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, playing instruments including guitar, banjo, and bones. Their album Leaving Eden was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Folk Album in 2012. Along with other members, he was later part of the Rhiannon Giddens band. The two groups played a major role in the revival of Black string band tradition. Jenkins was nominated for Instrumentalist of the Year at the 2015 Americana Awards.  You can hear Hubby Jenkins music on Spotify. To find out more about Jenkins go to
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  • Aretha Franklin-Today I Sing the Blues 4:28:24 7.39 PM

    28 APR 2024 · Intro and podcast vocals by: Gail Nobles Song by: Aretha Franklin Song: Today I Sing the Blues Today I Sing the Blues" is a song written by Curtis Lewis and performed by Aretha Franklin. The song reached number 10 on the U.S. R&B chart in 1960.The song appeared on her 1961 album, Aretha. The lyrics say: Without a word of warning The blues walked in this morning And circled around my lonely room I didn't know why I had that sad and lonely feeling Until my baby called and said we we're through, ooh For yesterday, this time I sang a love story But today, I'm singing the blues …  The lyrics start off in a very creative way. The writer talks about the blues like it's a person. That's called personification. Aretha Franklin sang the song with her own unique soulful sound.  Thank you for listening to Podcast and Blues. I'm Gail Nobles.
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  • Syl Johnson-Anyway the Wind Blows 3:29:24 6.22 PM

    29 MAR 2024 · Photo: Usage: Wikipedia Welcome to Podcast & Blues .I'm Gail Nobles. Today's topic is Syl Johnson Anyway the Wind Blows. Syl Johnson is a blues and soul singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. His most successful records included "Different Strokes" (1967), "Is It Because I'm Black" (1969) and "Take Me to the River" (1975).  He has a song from his album Back for a Taste of Your Love titled Anyway The Wind Blows. The album was released in 1973 the album was re-issued by the Fat Possum label. The song Anyway the Wind Blows was written by Earl Randle.  He was a songwriter and a A&R man at Willie Mitchell's Hi  Records from 1971 to 1980. Anyway the Wind Blows is a very good song. Johnson's voice, music, and style reminds me of Al Green singing the song. His label was Al Green however at Hi Records. Johnson was always to some extent in the shadow of Al Green.  If you love Al Green and haven't heard Syl Johnson’s song Anyway the Wind Blows, I'm sure you'll love it. So check out the song today. Thank you for tuning into Podcast and Blues, and remember,  check out Syl  Johnson's song Anyway the Wind Blows.
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  • Ohio Players - Here Today.. 3:3:24 2.51 PM

    3 MAR 2024 · Intro: Gail Nobles Here Today and Gone Tomorrow sounds like an early recording from the group the Ohio Players from their 1969 debut album Observations in Time. The group is known by their hit songs like fire and Love Rollercoaster. The song Here Today and Gone Tomorrow sounds like soul blues. It's the first track on the album their lyrics say Here today, gone tomorrow, Each time you come, you leave a little sorrow. The Ohio Players is a fun band and most popular in the 1970s. Like I said, they are best known for songs like Fire and Love Rollercoaster. On August 17, 2013, they were inducted into the inaugural class of the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame that took place at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. The band formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1959 as the Ohio Untouchables. You're listening to Podcast and Blues. I am your whole Gail Nobles.
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  • Little Milton-Cry Me a River 2:19:24 10.56 PM

    19 FEB 2024 · Story by: Gail Nobles Intro by: Gail Nobles Little Milton was expressing pain. He was talking about a flow of tears if his lover ever left him. It's bad to hurt like that over someone. Little Milton’s single Cry Me a River was released in 1972. The style of the song is sold on the Stax label. Little Milton’s records are still being sold because he's that soulful kind of blues we don't hear today. Little Milton’s single Cry Me a River is found on the very best of little Milton compilation album released in 2007. It's a great soul blues. Cry Me a River was produced by Donald Davis, a Detroit base-producer, label owner, songwriter, and guitarist. So if you're looking for some good old soul blues, check out Little Milton’s Cry Me a ariver. You're listening to Podcast and Blues. I am your host Gail Nobles.
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  • Arthur Adams 1:19:24 4.51 PM

    19 GEN 2024 · Intro: Gail Nobles - Usage: Arthur Adams is another great blues man to listen to. In the early 1960s, he produced several singles, including "If It Ain't One Thing It's Another"/"Willin' To Die" on Philadelphia-based Jamie Records. During the latter 1970s, Adams changed style and played soul.[3] In 1981 he had a surprise hit called "You Got the Floor" which reached number 1 in the UK disco chart that year and 38 in the UK singles chart. In 1999, he released the album Back on Track, his first solo release in 20 years. B.B. King guested on the album on guitar. In 2004, he released Soul of the Blues. In 2019 he released an album called "To Make You Feel Good" In 2023 he released a full length album called "Kick Up Some Dust" Arthur Adams has made a lot of music over the years he has another album out for 2023 titled Early Sides. I like a song from that album titled I Need You. It has the old blues style like B.B. King. So if you like the old style of blues, check out Authur Adams. He is about blues and R&B. Thank you for listening to Podcast and Blues. I'm Gail Nobles. Have a great 2024 year.
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  • Carlin Taylor 12:7:23 3.10 PM

    7 DIC 2023 · Music intro by: Gail Nobles Story by: Gail Nobles Next on Podcast and Blues is Carlin Taylor. Carlin Taylor, the man that brought us the song Keep It 100, Bet Yo Mama Like It, and Let's Have a Barbecue. His music is fun to hear. You can hear the singer and actor in him when he's telling his story in his blues. It’s fun to watch Carlin Taylor in videos and live on stage. He is a multi-talented singer and songwriter and also we dancer. I don't know what it is about his song Keep it 100, but I love to hear that song it's a very catchy tune. Carlin made a video for the song. It's a great dance video. He makes music for all to enjoy. I see his music fans in videos dancing to the song. You can check Carlin Taylor's music and videos on YouTube. Just look for Carlin Taylor and subscribe. You can also hear his music on Spotify. I'm Gail Nobles. Thank you for tuning into Podcast and Blues.
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  • Ed Cook-Aircheck 11:16:23 8.07 PM

    17 NOV 2023 · Ed Cook - WVON, Chicago - January 29, 1966 Downloaded from: Usage: Puplic Domain Cover Art by: Gail Nobles Good evening everyone. Today I'm going to talk about Ed “Nassau Daddy” Cook. Ed Cook was a beloved DJ for WVON-one of Chicago's first major black radio stations. Ed Cook played rhythm and blues. He played Sonny Boy Williamson's Bring It On Home. Sometimes he was a little upset while doing his job because things weren't quite turning out the way he wanted. I can truly understand. Ed: Hold it man! Hold it! Shoot! Messing up already! Ed Cook switched the record to Sonny Boy Williamson because the wrong record was playing. He wasn't in a good mood. Cook had things to say about the weather. (Ed Talking) Yes, I can truly understand Ed Cook. When it turns cold in the winter, things start happening, and it's aggravating. Ed Cook played B.B. King and mentioned that king used to be a DJ, and said that he was smart to quit and become a musician. (Ed Talking) Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know something about DJ Ed Cook. I certainly did. I enjoyed hearing his conversations in the radio world. If you would like to hear the full broadcast, you can go to I'm Gail Nobles. Goodbye friends. Thank you for listening to Podcast and Blues.
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  • B.B. King 1950s 11:16:23 2.16 PM

    16 NOV 2023 · Alan Freed Clip: Usage: Public Domain Story by: Gail Nobles Welcome again to Podcast and Blues. I am your host Gail Nobles. I want to talk about the sound of B.B. King from the 1950s. A much different sounding style of blues than when he was singing The Thrill Is Gone from the 1970s. Alan Freed would play BB King’s music. (Alan Freed Introduces B.B. King's song) B.B. King song Lonely and Blue reminds me of a song that Fats Domino would sing. Lonely and Blue is a song that you would call a blues ballad. There's a whole album and collection of B.B. King singing blues ballads titled B.B.-King Heart and Soul. There's a song on the album that makes me think of the Platters. The Platters, Fats Domino, and B.B. King were singing in the 1950s. They were all in the rock 'n' roll era in the genres of rhythm and blues. I'm Gail Nobles. Thank you for tuning in, and please come back again next time for more Podcast and Blues.
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Podcast and Blues is about new and traditional blues singers. It is music news on the artists by Gail Nobles.

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