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Phoenix Unbound

  • Privilege in Refugee Work with Merve Amargan

    27 SET 2021 · This week, José sits down with Merve Amargan, a doctoral student at Umass Lowell whose work explores the experience of refugees in Muslim contexts. Merve discusses the complexities of her identity and how they intersect with her work.
    Ascoltato 33 min. 58 sec.
  • Violence Against Women in the Global South with Nida Jamshed

    13 SET 2021 · José is joined during this community check-in to discuss the experience of women in a global mental health context, given the current focus in the Global South. Nida Jamshed is a Pakistani PhD student in Social Psychology at Clark University. She works in the areas of resistance, activism, gender based violence in the context of Pakistan & Global South.
    Ascoltato 39 min. 44 sec.
  • Cooking Up Community with Omi (@cookingconomi)

    30 AGO 2021 · This week, José is joined by the talented cooking sensation, Omi Hopper! With approximately half a million viewers, @cookingconomi is a cooking platform sharing delicious Puerto Rican cuisine. Omi talks about hope and faith while shining her light so bright! She and José bond about Puerto Rican culture and their love for food from their island!
    Ascoltato 42 min. 40 sec.
  • Recovery and New Motherhood During COVID-19 with Abbie Knapton - Community Check-In

    23 AGO 2021 · Jose is joined by Abbie Knapton, a fierce advocate for recovery and policy reform for folks with addiction. Abbie shares her journey and how she believes recovery may be impacted by COVID-19. She also talks about being a new mom during COVID-19. Prepare to cry and laugh!
    Ascoltato 35 min. 40 sec.
  • Latinx Mental Health is intersectional with Néstor Noyola

    16 AGO 2021 · José is joined by Néstor Noyola, a clinical psychology doctoral student and a fierce advocate for the Latinx community! The duo discuss the nuances of Latinx mental health and the importance of intersectionality, and recognizing the whole person, when we discuss Latinx mental health.
    Ascoltato 49 min. 10 sec.
  • What is "The Phoenix Empowered"? - Community Check-In with the TPE team!

    9 AGO 2021 · We are so grateful for anyone who has listened to the podcast so far! We wanted to take some time to candidly share about our team, our work, and our memories. TPE team member, Cam, puts José in the hot seat to share about our mental health non-profit.
    Ascoltato 23 min. 7 sec.
  • A Parent's Journey Towards Disability Advocacy with AJ Paron

    2 AGO 2021 · José sits down with AJ Paron to talk about parenting a child with disabilities. José and AJ shatter the belief that one's potential is limited and unpack the role of the parental advocate
    Ascoltato 46 min. 4 sec.
  • Life as a Speaker and Phases of Storytelling with Joseph Fusaro

    26 LUG 2021 · José and Joe talk about being speakers who share their stories and the ways in which the perspective shifts for storytelling. Above all, this is a discussion about resilience and strength!
    Ascoltato 49 min. 46 sec.
  • Trans* Mental Health and Barriers to Gender-Affirming HealthCare with Calvin Cawley

    19 LUG 2021 · Jose talks with Calvin about the intersection of mental health and barriers to healthcare. We discuss how stigma and the impact of disclosure of mental health needs may impede seeking support prior to gender-affirming care. Calvin shares his story and encourages us to listen to the voices and needs of each individual.
    Ascoltato 40 min. 58 sec.
  • Juneteenth and Centering Black Voices with Ronie Brimpong- Community Check-In

    12 LUG 2021 · Juneteenth is now a federal holiday, but do we know the history behind this anniversary? Join Jose, and a member of our TPE community, Ronie, as we talk about Juneteenth, Black health disparities, and being an ally to the Black community.
    Ascoltato 28 min. 14 sec.

Phoenix Unbound is a podcast hosted by Jose Rosario on the Mental Health News Radio Network, and produced by The Phoenix Empowered. We created this space to discuss mental health...

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Phoenix Unbound is a podcast hosted by Jose Rosario on the Mental Health News Radio Network, and produced by The Phoenix Empowered.

We created this space to discuss mental health work and community engagement through creativity, activism, and passion. We understand that mental health is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We have to be brave enough to discuss identity, power, and privilege. We want this podcast to be a space where the needs of those historically excluded from the global mental health conversation are heard.

Join us as we learn, grow, and come together on your favorite streaming service. You matter here!
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