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  • Parenting Perspectives – Navigating the Launch into Adulthood

    22 APR 2024 · This month host Amy Alamar and guest Marc Lehman discuss “Navigating the Launch into Adulthood." Marc is a Marriage and Family Therapist who founded, a unique coaching and emotional support service for struggling college-aged students and their families. Amy and Marc delve into the challenges, mysteries, and joys of guiding our children through the transition into independent adulthood. Their discussion and real-life stories will help you navigate this transformative journey with confidence and compassion. Whether you're preparing to send your child off to college, supporting them through career decisions, or navigating the complexities of their emerging independence, this podcast offers guidance, inspiration, and a sense of community along the way. So grab your headphones and tune in to this podcast now!
    29 min. 31 sec.
  • Understand and Support Neurodiverse Kids

    21 MAR 2024 · In this episode, Amy Alamar is joined by Dr. Eric Flake, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, who discusses raising neurodiverse kids. Dr. Flake explains what neurodiversity means, how to recognize signs of it in children, and how parents can best support their neurodiverse kids using a strengths-based approach. He provides insights from his experience as a doctor and father of five children. Dr. Flake encourages parents to trust their instincts if they notice differences in their child's development, such as atypical sensory responses, attention patterns, or communication styles. Join us again on the Peace at Home Parenting Podcast for more engaging topics that help parents wisely navigate the joys and challenges of raising children.
    21 min. 43 sec.
  • Relating to Your Teen: Rejection, Current Events and Everything In Between

    22 FEB 2024 · Parenting expert Dr. Ken Ginsburg joins host Amy Alamar on this month's episode to discuss the keys to building resilience and strong relationships with teenagers. Dr. Ginsburg shares research-backed and compassionate advice for communicating with teens, especially during disagreements. He emphasizes the importance of unconditionally loving our children while also establishing boundaries to keep them safe. Amy and Ken encourage you to embrace the teen years as an opportunity to nurture thriving, purpose-driven young people. Whether you're currently raising a teen or preparing for those years ahead, don't miss this insightful discussion brimming with practical wisdom for strengthening family bonds.
    25 min. 42 sec.
  • Getting Ready for High School Graduation, Teens in Transition Teaching Resilience, and Protecting Mental Health

    23 GEN 2024 · This month we delve into the pivotal journey adolescents embark on as they transition from high school to the next phase of their lives. Amy Alamar hosts a lively discussion with fellow Peace At Home teacher Marc Lehman, a seasoned therapist, educator, and founder of "URHeard," an innovative organization that offers both live and virtual support for adolescents, especially during their transition to college. The conversation focuses on the mental health challenges adolescents face during this significant life transition. They explore not just the college path but also the many alternatives that teenagers might pursue. Mark lends his expertise on how parents can guide their children through this period, balancing their expectations with the aspirations and well-being of their adolescents. Tune in, gain insights, and join Peace At Home in supporting your adolescents through one of the most transformational phases of their lives. Whether you're a parent, educator, or an adolescent yourself, this podcast promises valuable perspectives and compassionate guidance.
    28 min. 12 sec.
  • Fundamental Rules for Internet and Social Media Safety

    3 GEN 2024 · Inspiring Peace At Home teacher and consultant, Amy Alamar Ed.D. tackles the tough subject of technology safety with Will Gardner, CEO of Childnet International. Will’s passion for his work in ensuring that children can enjoy the internet in safety, along with his Childnet team, has resulted in thousands of children communicating, learning and playing online with minimal risk and maximum benefit. The U.S. Surgeon General has issued an Advisory on Social Media and its effects on the mental health of our kids. Amy and Will discuss the risks and challenges kids are facing especially on social media, what fundamental rules will help keep kids safe, how to help kids understand the importance of monitoring themselves and what to do if you suspect that your child is communicating with a predator. Tune in to the episode Now!
    25 min. 34 sec.
  • Empowering Teens: Nurturing Adaptability for Resilience and Well-being

    27 NOV 2023 · What’s your teen’s Adaptability Quotient? And why is it important? Anxiety rates among teens are soaring and parents are looking for ways they can make a difference. Join seasoned educator, beloved Peace At Home teacher, and terrifically engaging podcast host, Amy Alamar, EdD as she enthusiastically engages with distinguished child and adolescent experts Jennifer Weaver, LCSW, Catherine McCarthy, MD, and Heather Tedesco, PhD. Learn from the authors of the recently published book, “Raising Kids Who Can,” about why adaptability is a protective factor against anxiety and gain everyday strategies you can use to strengthen your child’s capacities.
    22 min. 36 sec.
  • The Awkward Transition: Navigating Puberty with Confidence

    18 OTT 2023 · The onset of puberty in girls is associated with a drop in self-esteem. And the big change can be complicated for boys and kids all along the gender spectrum. Join Peace At Home teacher Amy Alamar, EdD as she conducts an inspiring interview with puberty experts Cara Natterson, MD and Vanessa Kroll Bennett. Together Cara and Vanessa host “The Puberty Podcast” and just authored the new book, “This is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained.” If your child is approaching puberty or even already there, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the physical and emotional changes kids go through and practical strategies to support your child through this complicated and yes, awkward, developmental stage.
    32 min. 32 sec.
  • School Success: Scaffolding And Supporting Your Student to Thrive

    20 SET 2023 · Host Amy Alamar and guest Andrea Brinnel discuss ways to support your kids if learning challenges or differences are a concern. You know your child better than anyone else. If you suspect a learning, speech / language or other challenge, how do you go about getting your child screened and what are the potential outcomes? Communication and partnership with your school team and your child are key. Listen as Amy and Andrea walk you through various scenarios, resources, tools and tips to support you and your child.
    23 min. 10 sec.
  • Is Your Child Worried About School Violence?

    18 AGO 2023 · Join Peace At Home teacher and podcast wiz, Amy Alamar, Ed.D. as she talks with Sabrina Anderson, LPC Associate, and former high school teacher and counselor, as they explore common worries students have about mass school violence. Your child might be wondering if am I safe at school and if can I trust my peers. The impact of repeated images on screens and social media has left many students anxious about these issues and more. Amy and Sabrina offer tips on how to recognize symptoms and ways to respond that are helpful and signal safety to your child.
    19 min. 53 sec.
  • Understanding the Pediatric Mental Health Crisis

    14 LUG 2023 · Rates of anxiety and depression among teens are soaring across and parents are worried and sometimes scared. Seasoned educator Amy Alamar, EdD and Peace At Home founder and clinician, Ruth Freeman, LCSW, discuss the nature of this crisis and practical ways parents can help, including parents’ roles in their children’s mental health treatment. Whether your child is in therapy or you are just concerned, join this conversation between two engaging professionals who de-mystify the world of pediatric mental health.
    24 min. 28 sec.

Hosted by parenting expert Amy Alamar, EdD, The Peace At Home Parenting Podcast gives parents the clarity and confidence to help their children and family thrive. Join us for engaging...

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Hosted by parenting expert Amy Alamar, EdD, The Peace At Home Parenting Podcast gives parents the clarity and confidence to help their children and family thrive. Join us for engaging dicussions where we transform research into practical tools. Visit for more proven solutions that quickly produce positive results, from birth through young adulthood. Let Peace at Home solutions help you bring more connection, cooperation and joy to your family.
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