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    The Death of Kendrick Johnson

    12 FEB 2023 · Kendrick Johnson attended his first three periods of high school in Valdosta, GA on January 10, 2013. However, he would not make it through that day alive, yet he never left the grounds of his high school. He was found almost 24 hours later, in one of the gyms. His body was upside down in a rolled up wrestling mat that was standing up vertically. After a decade of investigation, 2 exhumations, 3 autopsies and the case being closed and then reopened again, Kendrick's cause of death has still been ruled accidental. Kendrick's family continues to fight for the truth and for someone to be held responsible for the death of their son because the circumstances around his death are far too suspicious and the investigation has had way too many inconsistencies to be ignored. A young man went to school and was not safe, period. He went to school and died. This is never ok under any circumstances, accident or no accident. Join us as we discuss the tragic death of a young man taken from this earth way too soon and please watch the documentary that Molly references - Finding Kendrick Johnson by Jason Pollock. Other References: Papa Doug's Album!
    58 min. 54 sec.
  • 13 Lives in 12 Minutes - The Tragedy on River Road

    20 GEN 2023 · On September 6, 1949, in just 12 minutes, 13 lives were lost to a mass shooter on River Road in Camden, NJ. Unlike today, mass shootings were not a regular event that was normalized on the news. In a post World War II era, automatic guns were relatively new and held mostly for military use, not often seen in public. However, on this day, the mundane activities of a Tuesday morning were interrupted by gun fire as a World War II veteran walked down the street that he lived on and fired upon his own neighbors' homes and businesses. This case has been coined as America's first mass shooting, and the shooter, as the first "lone wolf" type shooter. These terms may be common today, but this type of event was unprecendented at the time. However it will go to show that more than 70 years later, our country has not made much progress in our prevention of these types of such occurrences and the devastation that it brings to not only the victims, but families of the victims, the survivors and the communities at large. References & Resources: Murder in the Neighborhood by Ellen Green
    54 min. 25 sec.
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    Let's Talk Current True Crime... Over The Fence

    9 DIC 2022 · This episode is more conversational than our usual case episodes. We will provide an update on the Alexis Gabe case, which is local to Northern California. We also discuss the currently unsolved murders of the University of Idaho students, Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20 and Ethan Chapin, 20. Join us in a current true crime conversation... Over The Fence.
    46 min. 18 sec.
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    Darkcast Network Halloween Sleepover

    30 OTT 2022 · Whether it is truth, lore, urban legend or just straight up spooky that you want, we got it here at our Darkcast Network Halloween Sleepover. Grab some snacks, your favorite beverage and lean in close as we take this journey to the dark side with several podcasts from the Darkcast Network. We hope you enjoy! Info on each featured podcast included below: -OctoberPod (Available on Youtube) or as OctoberPodAM (Podcast Platforms) -Beyond The Rainbow Podcast - True Crimes of the LGBT -MurderMurder News -Horrifying History -Cause of Death - 100 Seconds To Midnight -California True Crime -Hands Off My Podcast -And Then They Were Gone -Nopeville -The Crime Diner -Sinister Story Hour -Autumn's Oddities -Misty Mysteries -Freaky AF -ODFM - One D%!&# From Murder -Weird True Crime -Rogue Darkness
    2 h 29 min. 26 sec.
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    Belle Gunness - Part 2

    28 OTT 2022 · Part 2 will take a look into the happenings on the Gunness Farm after the suspicious death of Belle's second husband Peter. Belle then successfully hired farm hands to help on her farm through a newspaper ad. Unfortunately for Belle, these hired farmhands keep suspiciously up and leaving without notice. Instead of help wanted ads, she turned to matrimonial ads for a more permanent fix. However dozens of ad respondents made plans to head to La Porte, Indiana to meet a wealthy widow and are never seen or heard from again. It is not until 1908, when a fire burns the Gunness familly farm home down to just remaining brick walls that Belle's secrets are unearthed. References & Resources: Hell's Princess by Harold Schechter
    58 min. 38 sec.
  • Belle Gunness - Part 1

    23 OTT 2022 · Belle Gunness immigrated to the United States in the late 1800's from Norway with big dreams of marrying well and raising a family of her own. However, when life didn't go exactly as planned, she tried to find a way to success on her own... by any means necessary. In Part 1 of this 2 Part Episode on Belle Gunness we hear of her early days in the United States and the tragic and very suspicious deaths of her first two husbands. If you think Part 1 is wild, just wait until the 2nd half of Belle's life... References & Resources: Hell's Princess by Harold Schechter
    34 min. 46 sec.
  • Podcast Update...We're Coming Back!!!

    30 SET 2022 · Just a quick update from Molly and Cody. We also give you a breakdown of what to expect for the coming month of October! Looking forward to talking to all of you neighbors soon!
    5 min. 22 sec.
  • Over The Fence Important Podcast Update

    30 LUG 2022 · Listen to this important update regarding the status of the Over The Fence - True Crime Podcast. We will be on a hiatus for an undetermined period of time... listen in for more information. Remember we have a back catalog of 120 episodes that you can binge at any time! We look forward to talking to you all soon!
    3 min. 56 sec.
  • Trailed - Author, Kathryn Miles Interview

    17 LUG 2022 · Please excuse the audio quality of this interview as we had some technical difficulties. But don't let the audio dissuade you from listening to this amazing author and woman, Kathryn Miles. Thank you again Kathryn for the amazing session! To purchase her book, you can use the following link: For more information on Kathryn Miles and more books she has written, you can use the following link:
    45 min. 55 sec.
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    The Unsolved Murders of Julie Williams & Lollie Winans

    8 LUG 2022 · Julie Williams and Lollie Winans were well versed in hiking, camping and wilderness trips. On May 19, 1996 they arrived at Shenadoah National Park with a plan to hike and camp along portions of the Appalachian Trail. Their permit intinerary had them scheduled to leave the park on May 27, 1996. Ony May 31st, Park Rangers were alerted by Julie's father, that the women had not yet returned home and upon their initial investigation, Park Rangers found Julie's car remained where they had parked it back on May 22nd. By all accounts, it appeared the women ever made it out of the park. By June 1st, an official search was underway. This episode was inspired and driven by the research provided in the book Trailed: One Women's Quest To Solve the Shenandoah Murders by Kathryn Miles, where look at just the tip of the ice berg of this case, and all that this amazing book contains. References & Resources: LINK TO PURCHASE: TRAILED: ONE WOMEN'S QUEST TO SOLVE THE SHENANDOAH MURDERS BY KATHRYN MILES:,back%20against%20Rice%20again%2C%20according%20to%20Kathryn%20Miles.
    1 h 30 sec.

Please join us as we talk true crime in the most normal place in the world -over the be specific over our backyard fence. We have been inspired to...

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Please join us as we talk true crime in the most normal place in the world -over the be specific over our backyard fence. We have been inspired to create this podcast to share our mutual fascination with all things true crime, ghostly, and just creepy in general.
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