• Ep. 14 | Healing the wounds - Amara part 2

    8 FEB 2023 · by Roberta Lippi | In the second part of the story, Amara becomes aware of what happened to her: she was slowly pushed into the world of prostitution. She almost did not realize it, because when it happened she was only a teenager. A teenager, however, who becomes a woman and struggles for years to get out of that unhealthy mechanism. In this episode, Amara tells us about her difficult path to the ascent, a happy and fulfilling life away from the community, which, however, she continued to frequent for a long time after leaving the absurd world into which she sold herself. Today, back Sabine, she has received the answers she has been seeking for years in the words of other podcast witnesses and wants to tell how things really turned out for her and, she is now certain, many other sannyasin girls and children.
    50 min. 27 sec.
  • Ep. 13 | A whole new story - Amara part 1

    7 FEB 2023 · By Roberta Lippi | Sabine is just a teenager when she comes into contact with the sannyasin world. t is the 1980s and in order to stay close to the group she decides to leave home, despite what her parents tell her. So she becomes Amara and she must learn to stay alone to continue living her quest for spirituality, to meet the expectations of the community and to be able to go to the Summer Festival in Oregon, the festival that brings together sannyasins from all over the world since Osho decided to create his ideal city in America, in that piece of land he called Rajneeshpuram. And so, between school and commune, Amara is slowly being introduced to a very simple way of making money, which is to do what so many other girls in the community already do and which until now has only been hinted at in the memories of adult and child sannyasins: selling herself.
    35 min. 28 sec.
  • Dragon Lady - Part 6

    2 NOV 2022 · By Roberta Lippi | After years of impositions and dramatic acceptance of a world totally out of reality, Deeksha realizes how fundamental her role was in the birth, growth and fall of the sannyasin world. Too many voices of those who have suffered and those who have been lost who have remained silent, too much violence and abuse. This is the definitive delivery of the truth, so that history does not repeat itself. To learn more: Rajneeshpuram: Inside the Cult of Bhagwan and Its Failed American Utopia by Russell King Sins of My Father: A Daughter, a Cult, a Wild Unravelling by Lily Dunn Charisma and Control in Rajneeshpuram: A Community without Shared Values (American Sociological Association Rose Monographs) by Lewis F. Carter My Life in Orange: Growing Up with the Guru by Tim Guest Breaking the Spell: My life as a Rajneeshee, and the long journey back to freedom by Jane Stork The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad Bounded Choice: True Believers and Charismatic Cults by Janja A. Lalich The Mother of God by Luna Tarlo Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness by Gail Tredwell Combating Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-Selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults by Steven Hassan, Daniel Greenberg, et al. Bhagwan: The God That Failed by Hugh Milne When she comes back By Ronit Plank Wild Wild Sheela - Le 100 cose che Wild Wild Country non vi ha detto e state cercando su Google By Roberta Lippi
    1 h 23 min. 14 sec.
  • Dragon Lady - Part 5

    19 OTT 2022 · By Roberta Lippi | Deeksha follows up on the guru's last requests, but as soon as he can he escapes Rajneeshpuram. His name now represents a danger to the whole community: bring her back in by any means or make her pay? But the intimidation was not effective on the woman who decided to return to give voice to the Dragon Lady in her.
    1 h 3 min. 34 sec.
  • Dragon Lady - Part 4

    5 OTT 2022 · In New Jersey, Deeksha and Sheela indulge the whims of the guru as they try to give life to the new commune of Rajneeshpuram, but suddenly the story takes a turn for one of the two: while Sheela indulges Osho in everything he does, asks and teaches, Deeksha has a brainwave: who is really the man she thought she had known ten years earlier and who has always considered a teacher? And what does he really want?
    1 h 6 min. 31 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Dragon Lady - Part 3

    21 SET 2022 · by Roberta Lippi | The community has become so large that it is almost unmanageable, gossip about what happens in the ashram increases and strange events sharpen suspicions about what happens once you cross the gates of Poona’s Ashram. Sheela manages to get the power she so longs for and convinces the guru to move to America. Deeksha is in charge of organizing everything in advance and leaves for the United States.
    58 min. 56 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Dragon Lady - Part 2

    7 SET 2022 · by Roberta Lippi | Deeksha has become one of the most feared and respected people in the community. The ashram grows excessively and she works without respite. Maybe that's why she doesn't even have time to realize that many, too many strange things are happening within the commune, and that she herself is inevitably involved.
    59 min. 6 sec.
  • Dragon Lady - Part 1

    7 SET 2022 · by Roberta Lippi | A young educated and rich woman has just taken a long trip around the world, after he received an inheritance. She will stop in Bombay, where an acquaintance tells her that there is a master she really needs to know and where she will start proselytizing for him to bring new Western followers.
    52 min. 1 sec.
  • Trailer - Dragon Lady

    31 AGO 2022 · This is Dragon Lady, the last witness, the sequel series of "Soli" by Roberta Lippi. Her name was Deeksha, and she was one of the women of power in Osho's entourage, the famous Indian guru, and one of the few disciples to have direct access to the teacher. Deeksha was somewhat of a living legend in the ashram because many considered her to be a true tyrant. Osho often spoke of her as an exemplary figure, calling her Zen Master or Dragon Master, and still today the Sannyasins remember her this way. even if she has long since disappeared from the scene. Deeksha arrived in the United States and was destined to take over Rajneeshpuram together with Ma Anand Sheela, but suddenly decided to leave the commune. The reasons that prompted her to leave have remained secret for over 40 years. Today she has decided to talk and reveal everything about the community and the guru.
    1 min. 33 sec.
  • Ep. 12 | The kicked out

    26 LUG 2021 · Soli, by Roberta Lippi In this second part of the episode dedicated to Siddhartha, we continue to listen to the story of the Golden Boy, his travels in search of himself and his place in the world without ever forgetting the Master, his visits to Rajneeshpuram, which Siddhartha has ever seen as the Promised Land, and the constant abuse and harassment he suffered from Sheela. Who is Siddhartha today? How does he remember that period of his life and all the people who, when he was just a child, did everything but protect him?
    34 min. 23 sec.

Soli by Roberta Lippi. Soli is one of the first International productions by italian podcast platform storielibere.fm. Soli brings to the audience the true stories of “Osho’s children'', who in...

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Soli by Roberta Lippi.
Soli is one of the first International productions by italian podcast platform storielibere.fm.
Soli brings to the audience the true stories of “Osho’s children'', who in the late 70s and early 80s were brought by their parents to live in the controversial guru’s communes. We hear their memories and voices, discovering the mixed feelings they have now, as adults, towards their childhood journey: the awareness of freedom and unconventionalism, of being part of a special world, but also the confusion, the premature sexual experiences they were exposed to and the loneliness they all felt. They tell how they came to terms with something that deeply affected them, when their parents, suddenly, decided to leave everything and put them in common, at all levels. The international version of Soli has been translated by Edoardo Rialti. The international voice of Roberta Lippi is Cecilia Gragnani.
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