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    6.10.24 Dad Quest

    11 GIU 2024 · In this episode of "Ooohtheyfunny," the hosts embark on an entertaining journey through a series of quirky and thought-provoking topics. They kick things off with a whimsical discussion on preparing for a grand adventure, sharing hilarious and imaginative tips for anyone setting out on a quest. The conversation then takes a humorous turn as they ponder the challenge of communicating with just one word for the rest of your life, exploring the potential pitfalls and surprisingly creative solutions. Next, they dive into the complexities of modern dating with the segment "Could You Still Date Her?" where they weigh the pros and cons of various hypothetical scenarios that test the limits of love and compatibility. Finally, the episode wraps up with a heartfelt and funny tribute to fatherhood in "This Is for the Dads," sharing personal anecdotes and offering lighthearted advice for navigating the joys and challenges of being a dad. Tune in for a mix of laughter, insight, and camaraderie!
    1 h 25 min. 53 sec.
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    5.20.24 The Take That Man

    21 MAG 2024 · ### Ooohtheyfunny Podcast Summary – This Week’s Episode In this week’s episode of Ooohtheyfunny, we dive deep into some compelling and thought-provoking topics that you won't want to miss. First, we explore **"The Downfall of Sean 'Diddy' Combs."** From domestic abuse allegations involving Cassie and other women, to rumors about wild parties where he allegedly recorded celebrities and politicians for leverage, and even his possible involvement in the deaths of Tupac, Biggie, and Kim Porter, we examine the controversies surrounding this music mogul. We discuss how these issues have impacted his career and legacy, and what the future might hold for Diddy. Next, we ponder the question, **"Why aren't we close with our friend's kids?"** We reflect on the dynamics of adult friendships and how they extend (or don't) to our friends' children. Is it a matter of personal choice, circumstance, or something deeper? Then, we break down **"What We Would Need on Different Quest Scenarios."** From surviving a zombie apocalypse to embarking on a treasure hunt, we list our must-have items and strategies for various adventurous (and hypothetical) quests. Tune in to find out what makes our survival kits and how we plan to conquer these challenges. Finally, we tackle the intriguing question, **"Could You Still Date Her?"** We discuss various scenarios and deal-breakers that might arise in romantic relationships, debating what we could and couldn't tolerate in a partner. It's a candid conversation about standards, boundaries, and personal values. Join us for another exciting and engaging episode filled with lively discussions, humor, and insights. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and leave your comments – we love hearing from our listeners!
    1 h 26 min. 54 sec.
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    5.6.24 An Awkard Bear

    7 MAG 2024 · In this episode, we're diving into some wild scenarios, like imagining if your daughter got lost in the woods and had to choose between stumbling upon a bear or a person. Then, we're getting real about those cringe-worthy awkward phases we all go through—teen angst, adult awkwardness, you name it. Plus, we're chatting about the ups and downs of adult friendships, from feeling out of touch with your friends' kids to navigating boundaries. And of course, we're taking a trip down memory lane to decide which era had the sickest dance moves. Grab your headphones and join us for a rollercoaster ride through life's craziest moments!
    1 h 23 min. 48 sec.
  • Esplicito

    4.29.24 Let's Talk About It

    30 APR 2024 · Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of laughter and thought-provoking discussions on the latest episode of OoohTheyFunny! Join us as we dive into the hilarious world of parenting with candid tales about our daughters that'll have you in stitches. Then, hold onto your seats as we explore the supernatural with a spine-tingling conversation about spirits from the other side. But the fun doesn't stop there! We'll reminisce about the cringe-worthy moments of our preteen and teenage years, sharing embarrassing stories and relatable experiences from navigating the awkward phase. And if you thought things couldn't get any more intense, think again! We'll tackle the hard-hitting question of whether people really hate Jews like the media portrays, sparking a heated debate that'll challenge your perceptions. Finally, we'll delve into the complexities of adult friendships and why some of us just aren't as close to our friends' kids as we'd like to be. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride of laughter, insight, and plenty of "oohs" and "ahhs" on this episode of OoohTheyFunny!
    1 h 25 min. 39 sec.
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    4.15.24 The Final Boss

    16 APR 2024 · The guys give their take on the Drake vs everybody beef, how has the rock re-energized the WWE, how they had to overcome dropping the ball, and what happens when you just fall asleep
    1 h 25 min. 32 sec.
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    4.8.24 You Can't Cheat the GAME!!!

    9 APR 2024 · In the latest episode of OoohTheyFunny, the hosts delve into a variety of engaging topics, providing their trademark blend of humor and insight. First up, the gang discusses the recent nuptials of Ac, who has finally tied the knot. Listeners get an inside look at the newlywed life as Ac shares his experiences and revelations about married life. Next, the hosts take on the perplexing phenomenon of referees attempting to cheat during sports events, despite the watchful eyes of spectators. They explore the psychology behind such actions and share hilarious anecdotes of instances where referees' attempts at deception fell flat. The conversation then shifts gears to the world of hip-hop, as J. Cole's unexpected apology to Kendrick Lamar takes center stage. The hosts dissect the drama surrounding Cole's apology, offering their unique perspectives on the dynamics of rap beefs and the importance of reconciliation in the industry. Finally, the hosts wrap up the episode with a candid discussion about personal accountability and the times when they, like everyone else, "dropped the ball." Through candid anecdotes and self-reflection, they explore the importance of owning up to mistakes and learning from them. With their trademark blend of humor, candor, and cultural commentary, OoohTheyFunny delivers another entertaining and thought-provoking episode that's sure to keep listeners engaged from start to finish.
    1 h 14 min. 15 sec.
  • Esplicito


    26 MAR 2024 · The guys discuss the new youtube crazy pop balloon dating, break down why men allow themselves to get robbed, Ac tells us why it's time to come home, and they talk about why it be your own people that don't tell you that you look crazy
    1 h 25 min. 6 sec.
  • Esplicito

    3.18.24 Ancestral mathematics

    19 MAR 2024 · In the latest episode of OoohTheyFunny, the hosts dive into a fascinating discussion about "ancestral mathematics," exploring the significance of traditional mathematical concepts within various cultures and their relevance in modern society. Transitioning seamlessly, they share their top five favorite sports movies, offering both nostalgia and critical analysis. Delving into the segment "You Better Than Me," the hosts humorously explore scenarios where they admit someone has outsmarted them or achieved something they haven't. Lastly, they tackle the intriguing question of "how can you tell if someone wasn't raised right," delving into behavioral cues and societal indicators with their signature blend of wit and insight. This episode is a captivating blend of cultural exploration, entertainment nostalgia, and humorous introspection.
    1 h 24 min. 31 sec.
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    3.11.24 Illuminated Side Hustle

    12 MAR 2024 · "Join us on the latest episode of 'OoohTheyFunny' as we dive into the world of side hustles, uncover the mysterious allure of Illuminati initiations, and reminisce about the childhood movies that shaped our worldview. From sharing our top side hustle tips and success stories to exploring the myths and truths behind Illuminati rumors, and delving into the profound impact of beloved childhood films on our perceptions of the world, this episode is packed with laughter, insight, and thought-provoking discussion. Tune in for a dose of humor, conspiracy theories, and nostalgic reflections on 'OoohTheyFunny'!"
    1 h 3 min.
  • Esplicito

    3.4.24 Be Careful What You Wish For

    5 MAR 2024 · Kick back and join ooohtheyfunny's latest episode where they dive into the age-old saying "be careful what you wish for" and figuring out when it's time to move on. From geeking out over favorite dance moves in music videos to swapping stories about their wildest side hustles, this podcast is a rollercoaster of laughs and insights. And don't miss out on the heated debate as they count down their top 5 favorite sports movies, guaranteeing an episode packed with entertainment and relatable chatter. So grab your popcorn and get ready to laugh, reminisce, and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way!
    1 h 25 min. 34 sec.
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