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    On Call 29 Anime & Cyberpunk

    3 MAR 2022 · On today's episode, the duo talk more about the work grind along with JT's computer issues. JT finishes his salty review on Berserk Band of the Hawk game, and continue to talk about various anime games. The duo then have a long conversation about cyberpunk games.
    1 h 16 min. 46 sec.
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    On Call 28 Looking for Michael in The Colon

    24 FEB 2022 · This episode features the duo recovering from a weekend long tanker spill job. Jiggy talks about his time playing Monster Prom along with JT's stories of playing the game. JT talks about how Jiggy introduced Lil Dicky's music to him during a work trip. JT get's the lyrics to a System of a Down song wrong. Neverwinter Nights comes up with some drama for JT in his attempts to try and make a server faction. Jiggy adds his thoughts on roleplay drama and out of character conversations.
    59 min. 52 sec.
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    On Call 27 Sports Game Skip Weeks Break Audio

    17 FEB 2022 · So this week starts off with some unknown audio issues and Jiggy drags JT out from his d&d gaming to go dig through trash. Jiggy started catching up on his anime list while JT remembers things he wanted to talk about Code Geass. Jiggy's board game group had a salty experience playing their games. JT and Jiggy argue over buying digital over physical copies of old games while coming to the conclusion that sports games kill consoles. Then they talk about old style games and Jet Set Radio spiritual successors.
    57 min. 38 sec.
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    On Call 26 JT Stops Editing To Watch One Anime For 9 Months

    10 FEB 2022 · The duo returns after an unexpected publishing hiatus. JT got a new monitor and Jiggy played some more board games. Neverwinter Nights Domains of Dread roleplay is discussed as JT's current interest and talks about his struggle with earning money. The duo moves on to discuss more gaming and about being slammed with work. A passing conversation about the dying department stores. JT talks about watching a new anime, Code Geass, and Jiggy tries to get JT to give it a good rating. Jiggy talks about his desire for the Battle Star Galactica board game, followed by discussion of Fantasy Flight board games and the loss of their roleplay games.
    1 h 7 min. 59 sec.
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    On Call 25 Just Add Dice ft. Conman Connor

    29 LUG 2021 · On this episode, the duo finally got on a long awaited guest, mutual friend (and game shop owner) Connor! They discuss his homebrewed rpg system he's making and his time owning a game shop. They also discuss some rpgs and d&d topics.
    45 min. 39 sec.
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    On Call 24 The MMO Episode ft. Josh Strife Hayes

    22 LUG 2021 · MMO Youtube content creator Josh Strife Hayes joins the podcast episode to discuss various topics about mmos. From past experiences with mmos, to how games have changed over the years and issues in the modern gaming landscape.
    1 h 28 min. 18 sec.
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    On Call 23 How Did The Mechas Make You Feel?

    8 LUG 2021 · Sponsor info after the description, check it out if you want to support us! On today's episode JT talks about his new monitor setup. Then the duo talk about buggy games and complain about work. Then Jiggy asks how much JT loved Code Geass after watching it. SPONSOR INFO: For Load Boost use code ONCALL at https://vitaliboost.com/discount/ONCALL
    1 h 6 min. 13 sec.
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    On Call 22 The Idiots Discuss Serious Topics ft. OldAzGaming & Leo

    1 LUG 2021 · This episode features guests Leo and OldAzGaming to join the duo. Together they discuss wooden furniture, serious topics, gaming, and a self made Irish cult.
    1 h 56 min. 44 sec.
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    On Call 21 Salt For JT

    24 GIU 2021 · On this episode, the duo talks a bit more on anime stuff. Jiggy rubs in his luck in warframe to JT. They talk about a recent session of playing Wrath & Glory. JT gets scammed out of a ps4. The duo talks about web comics they've read and enjoyed. Then they end talking about Fallout New Vegas mods.
    1 h 1 min. 55 sec.
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    On Call 20 It's The Indie Episode

    16 APR 2021 · For this episode, Jiggy gives JT crap for picking hobbies over work. JT talks about getting told to find a skull in D&D and brings up the New Frontier mod for Fallout New Vegas and proceed to discuss being creative if you take inspiration from things. The duo then proceed to talk about asset flipping, rpgmaker and JT playing Ace Combat 7
    57 min. 48 sec.

A podcast of two guys chatting about their hobbies from Video games to tabletop games to movies & shows. As well as conversations with occasional guests, and the occasional ramblings...

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A podcast of two guys chatting about their hobbies from Video games to tabletop games to movies & shows. As well as conversations with occasional guests, and the occasional ramblings about their lives.
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Autore Jordon Acker
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