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No Seriously, How Do I Do This?

  • Stepping into Culture's Narratives: Sarah Cowen Johnson

    22 GEN 2023 · There's no denying that combatting the counter-biblical narratives of culture and their influence on our children can be daunting at best, scary at worst. How do we maintain a voice in our kids' lives as they grow? What do we say when we're stumped and honestly don't know the biblical answer to their questions? Author, mom, and discipleship specialist, Sarah Cowen Johnson, goes there with us on this week's episode.
    40 min. 19 sec.
  • When the Holidays Fall Short

    7 GEN 2023 · Whether or not we'd fess to it, we all have expectations for the holidays. We have traditions, or a way we think things should go. But what happens when they don't? This week Rylie Karges, Hayley Powell, and Amanda Carroll share their stories of when Christmas fell apart. Together we can learn to see God in those times when He shows His favor in unexpected ways.
    35 min. 2 sec.
  • Recast: Bonus Christmas Devotional

    23 DIC 2022 · Recast from 2020... As our gift to you this Christmas, we have put together a little something for you to enjoy and listen to with your family. We hope it helps you understand, just a little bit more, the significance of the Savior being born on the floor of a stinky barn. We pray that it draws you closer to the Reason of the Season and to each other as we head headlong into the most wonderful time of the year... wrapping up (pun intended) a tumultuous 2020. God bless you and from our family to yours, Merry Christmas.
    11 min. 46 sec.
  • Shifting Perspectives: Summer Shepherd and kids, featuring OneChild

    25 NOV 2022 · Every once in awhile an experience comes around that rocks your world and shifts your perspective. A recent trip the Dominican Republic with OneChild did that for me. Coming home to kids who sometimes struggle with gratitude was a challenge, so pull up a chair as I share with them about my recent trip and offer you a chance to join with us in changing lives by becoming a Child Champion! Learn more at
    27 min. 26 sec.
  • RECAST: The spirit of adoption, part 3: Brittany Whatley 

    13 NOV 2022 · This week we wrap up our three-part series on adoption with Brittany Whatley's story of choosing and persevering. Her journey started smoothly and appeared to be anointed. Shortly after bringing her daughter home, everything started to fall apart. Join us as Brittany shares hope and freedom from shame. 
    34 min. 57 sec.
  • RECAST: The spirit of adoption, part 2: Sarah Hoesch 

    12 NOV 2022 · Sarah Hoesch joins us for the second installment of our mini series on adoption. Sarah had never really considered adoption as the solution for building the large family she'd always dreamed of, until repeated loss stole hope and joy from her and her husband. Once they walked through the door of adoption they felt called to do it twice. Join us this week to hear how God healed their hearts, and filled their home, by introducing them to the children that were always meant to be theirs. 
    35 min. 21 sec.
  • RECAST: The spirit of adoption, part 1: Austin French 

    11 NOV 2022 · To ring in National Adoption Month we are bringing you a three-part series highlighting very different adoption journeys. This week recording artist Austin French shares how he and new bride, barely more than kids themselves, were startled by God's call to adopt. Austin shares his heart for adoption while offering so much wisdom around the hope God offers all of us through Christ. 
    33 min. 2 sec.
  • Reclaiming your life after the loss of a child: Michelle Vande Hey

    30 OTT 2022 · With October being Infant Loss Awareness Month, and November being Adoption Awareness Month, it felt only right that the story to be told on the cusp of the two was Michelle's. Michelle adopted her son, James, and had 12 wonderful weeks with him before he was claimed by SIDS. In the aftermath of his passing she lost herself and struggled to redefine her story. She now uses her experiences and education to assist others in the midst of difficult transitions. Learn more about her work on Facebook: @michelle.vandehey
    38 min. 53 sec.
  • The Struggle: Summer Shepherd and friends

    14 OTT 2022 · Too often we hear from people speaking about troubles they've faced in the past tense. It's easy to feel isolated and like we're on the wrong side of the finish line. "I can't wait to be able to talk about this- when it's all done." Summer shares some of the storms she has been weathering lately, and invites a few friends along to share their insights, expertise, experiences, and hope. Featuring: Dr. Melissa Mork, Drew Ghelfi, Megan Brown, and Lydia Laird, along with Lydia's song, "I'll Be Ok." Things get real, and real encouraging, on this week's episode.
    1 h 17 min. 45 sec.
  • RECAST: Recognizing and Addressing Depression in Kids: Dr. Melissa Mork 

    30 SET 2022 · The belief that youth is a time of unadulterated innocence and hopefulness is fondly held, but sorely misplaced. The recent suicide of 10-year old Kodie Dutcher reminds us that children are not immune to social pressures or mental illness. In this week's episode Dr. Melissa Mork seeks to equip us with the knowledge and tools we need to not only recognize the problem, but intervene before the problem grows. You will leave assured that there is help, and there is hope. 
    37 min. 57 sec.

We are trying to figure out this parenting journey together. We are not perfect and that's OK. Join us as we talk with special guests about the parenting realities, and...

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We are trying to figure out this parenting journey together. We are not perfect and that's OK. Join us as we talk with special guests about the parenting realities, and how we can share God's love with our children.
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