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  • From NASA to Nature: Mime Vega's Odyssey into Holistic Healing and Empowerment

    7 MAR 2024 · Discover the transformative journey of Mime Vega, as she shares her fascinating pivot from NASA computer scientist to a naturopathic herbalist and holistic healer. Mime's story is one of resilience, a testament to following one's passion for natural health while juggling the duties of homeschooling nine children. This episode promises to reveal how she dealt with health challenges and the stresses of entrepreneurship, and embraced a lifestyle that exemplifies independence and empowerment in both wellness and business. Join us and be inspired by Mime's commitment to living out her beliefs, even in the face of skepticism. Her passion for natural remedies over traditional pharmaceuticals, and her insights into the role of community support, shine a light on the importance of remaining focused on one's goals. Mime's experiences serve as a powerful reminder of the impact of a supportive network and the significance of filtering negativity to maintain clarity on our paths. Tune in as Mime Vega extends an invitation to fearlessly explore the world of holistic healing with her Aruka Holistic Life Academy, and shares the importance of knowledge for leading a healthier, more empowered existence. Her story is not just an anecdote of personal transformation—it's a guide for anyone looking to blend the values of self-sufficiency and holistic practices into their life and work, encouraging continuous learning and growth. Share this episode with those in search of inspiration on their journey to holistic health and entrepreneurship. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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  • Mastering the Real Estate Game: Brian Head's Journey to a $400 Million Property Empire

    4 MAR 2024 · Join us as Brian Head, the visionary force behind Head Start Equity, unveils his transformative trajectory from a sharp investment advisor to a real estate titan with a commanding $400 million portfolio. Our exchange with Brian is a treasury of acumen, as he dissects the intricacies of detecting hidden gems within multifamily properties and articulates why residential real estate is the cornerstone of his investment empire. His two decades of experience serve as a masterclass in navigating the real estate realm's opportunities and challenges, providing a poignant reminder that investing in properties extends far beyond finding a place to call home. Strap in for a ride through the competitive battleground of real estate auctions and the nuances of seller financing as shared from Brian's frontline experiences. His insights are a wakeup call against the passive income fairytale, advocating for a proactive stance in property management. It's all about the educational hustle and the power of mentorship in this episode, where Brian lays out the roadmap for aligning with a mentor who resonates with your investment aspirations and the transformative impact a mastermind group can have when tackling complex deals. Our conversation is an arsenal of strategies and stories, empowering listeners to shatter the barriers of fear and charge confidently into the entrepreneurial fray, no matter the industry.
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  • Navigating the Spiritual Journey from Night Terrors to Divine Encounters

    1 MAR 2024 · When night terrors and bedwetting hint at something deeper than the eye can see, it becomes clear that we're treading on the less trodden paths of spirituality. That's exactly what Louise Taylor Lopez, a spiritual alignment coach with a keen eye for the ethereal, brings to the table in our latest conversation. Unraveling the often misunderstood spiritual dimensions of children's behaviors, Louise draws upon her own childhood encounters with the unseen to highlight the vital need for recognizing and nurturing one's spiritual gifts early on. Her poignant reflections offer a fresh perspective on personal growth and how overlooking our innate spiritual sensibilities can leave lasting imprints on our well-being. As we navigate the profound corridors of our spiritual existence, Louise opens up about a transformative dream featuring Jesus Christ, which set her on the path to becoming a coach. With a focus on consent and alignment with divine order, she introduces an unconventional approach to deliverance and inner healing that sidesteps traditional methods. Her enlightening anecdotes of children commanding their fears pave the way for a broader understanding of how spiritual alignment can fortify us against life's adversities. Closing our enlightening session, Louise addresses the friction between traditional religious dogmas and intuitive spiritual practices, shedding light on the resistance she's encountered from religious institutions. Her path, unencumbered by formal certification, emphasizes the importance of arming individuals with the tools for their spiritual battles, rather than offering mere quick fixes. We also explore the holistic approach to healing, underscoring the interconnectedness of mind, body, soul, and spirit, and the crucial role of angelic protection. For those seeking to connect with Louise or delve into her wealth of resources, she invites listeners to visit her link tree and join a community where support, guidance, and spiritual empowerment are just a click away. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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  • Techquity: Fostering Diversity and Wealth Creation in Tech with William A. Adams

    27 FEB 2024 · Join us as we sit down with William A. Adams, a visionary in the technology realm whose epic journey has shaped the digital landscape. From his early days tinkering with computers to becoming a beacon of innovation and diversity in tech, William shares the spirit of 'Techquity'—his term for intergenerational wealth creation in the tech sector for women and minorities. Listen in as he discusses the critical role of equity ownership, be it through stocks, patents, or company stakes, for economic prosperity that keeps up with the fast-paced evolution of the tech industry. In this heart-to-heart, William sheds light on the resilience needed to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, marked by systemic barriers and financial biases. Hear about the grit and creativity that powered his ascent from founding a tech company to leaving a mark on global initiatives at Microsoft. William's advice rings clear for aspiring entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups: to harness technology in every passion, even in fields as time-honored as agriculture, and to dream big backed by unshakeable self-belief. Our conversation wraps up with a forward-looking discussion on education's future in an AI-centric world, emphasizing the need to merge technological acumen with the humanities. William also introduces the LEAP program, aimed at fostering diversity in tech through innovative internships. He leaves us with a reminder of the communal benefits of progress, likening it to a tide that raises all ships, and urges us to create our own opportunities. If William's journey and insights stir something in you, remember to share this episode and help spread the message of equitable success in technology.
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  • Owning Your Story: Lessons from Marcus Ogden's Life

    15 DIC 2023 · This episode, we have Marcus Ogden as our guest who shares his journey from being an NFL player to losing everything and then rebuilding his life to become a successful executive coach, motivational speaker, and trainer. Marcus talks about his "spoil milk moment" and how it motivated him to turn his life around, emphasizing the importance of accountability and responsibility in achieving success. He also discusses his experience of starting his speaking business and eventually becoming a bestselling author, business coach, consultant, brand ambassador, and podcast host. Marcus highlights the significance of focusing on small steps to achieve long-term success and shares how he was hired by major organizations to train their staff. He also mentions the role of his trusted circle in helping him get his first speaking opportunity.
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  • Transcending Fear and Pain to Achieve Success: Anthony Kitchens

    27 NOV 2023 · Join us as we sit down with successful entrepreneur Tony R Kitchens who unveils his inspiring journey from the south side of Chicago to amassing a business empire. With valuable wisdom drawn from his experiences, Tony discusses his evolution as an entrepreneur, his unyielding belief in the power of listening and learning, and his endeavors to guide others towards realizing their dreams. He shares insightful perspectives from his book, 'The Gift of Pain', stressing the importance of embracing pain and fear as catalysts for achieving our dreams and goals. Immerse yourself in the exploration of pain as an unexpected gift and its transformative power in personal growth. Drawing from Tony's book, 'The Gift of Pain', we shed light on how pain, often perceived negatively, can usher in unforeseen blessings and opportunities. The interplay of fear and pain is scrutinized, revealing how the avoidance of pain can result in regret and missed opportunities. We also explore the often overlooked impact of self-talk and how it can inhibit us from taking action. Discover how challenging negative self-talk and pushing past fear can open up beautiful experiences. With Tony's personal insights and our discussion about stepping out of comfort zones, continuous learning, and the significance of having a mentor, we inspire you to overcome fear and relentlessly pursue your dreams. Lastly, Tony emphasizes the value of continuous learning and taking risks in order to turn dreams into reality. So tune in, challenge your perspective, and get ready to turn your dreams into reality.
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  • Noah Healy Profiting Thru Commodities

    16 AGO 2023 · Cracking the code towards making profits in commodities. Have you ever wondered how commodity investors navigate the complex world of algorithms to make profitable decisions? In this video, we'll be discussing the art of making profits in commodities with Noah Healy. Look no further! Noah Healy, a visionary in his field, has developed an ingenious system that demystifies the intricate algorithms behind commodity investments. Tune in as he unravels the secrets to understanding these algorithms and shares invaluable insights that can lead to significant profits. Beyond his remarkable technological advancements, Noah Healy is on a profound mission – to construct superior markets that contribute to a more prosperous global community. Through his dedication and forward-thinking mindset, he envisions a world where wealth is more accessible, opportunities are optimized, and markets operate at their highest potential. Stay connected with us: Website: X: @GregoryATucker1 Facebook: livingthedreamLDTV/ Instagram: gregorytucker121 🎥 Watch more exciting videos: 🔗 Share this video: #CommodityInvestment #AlgorithmicProfit #NoahHealy #FinanceRevolution #InvestmentStrategies #Podcast #LDTV
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  • Battling Excuseism

    6 APR 2023 · In this episode I discuss how to overcome the dreaded disease of excuseism, which affects over millions of people. While pointing out the signs and symtoms I also provide suggesstions that can help you overcome this disease in order for you to live your dream.
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    Darius Stephens: Power of Words

    19 OTT 2022 · Acclaimed author of the novel " Just Another N**ga" Darius Stephens shares his journey of turning a dream into a reality. Darius provide value insight for others wishing to communicate using the power of words.
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  • Joleen Norman - The Gem City's New Media Maverick

    13 LUG 2022 · Joleen K. Norman CEO and Founder of J.K.Norman Multimedia takes time out to share her journey and challenges of creating a digital magazine, along with independently producing a television show for 5 seasons. Her story can be one made for movies, but it's real life! Follow along of how she turns here dream into a reality. #nightbeat1media, #nightbeatmedia-joleenknorman, #jomagazine
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"Night Beat Media's Living The Dream" is a Podcast dedicated to providing inspirational and educational content for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. Through a...

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"Night Beat Media's Living The Dream" is a Podcast dedicated to providing inspirational and educational content for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. Through a combination of mindset hacks, interviews, and open discussions, our podcast aims to share the real-life stories and insights of successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, industrial experts, and thought leaders. Our mission is to empower and educate our audience, helping them overcome obstacles and turn their dreams into reality.
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