• "City Splash" Celebrates Clearer Waters for the Charles River

    15 GIU 2024 · We love our "Dirty Water" here in Massachusetts - that, of course, being the nickname for the Charles River, which has been infamous over the years for its polluted state. These days, though, thanks to the work of many environmental groups, including the Charles River Conservancy, the water is much clearer - to the point where you can actually swim in it! The Conservancy's "City Splash" event is coming up, whcere you can grab a floatie, dip your feet, dog paddle, or do a killer cannonball into the river to cool off on a hot summer day. Laura Jasinski, Executive Director of the Charles River Conservancy, talks with Nichole this week about the state of the Charles and this exciting event.
    16 min. 12 sec.
  • One Night for Life: AFSP’s Overnight Walk in Boston to Prevent Suicide

    15 GIU 2024 · The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is holding this year's "Out of the Darkness" overnight fundraiser walk right here in Boston. It's a critical fundraiser for the organization which works to provide resources for those who are struggling and hold space to have difficult conversations around a subject that still has a heavy stigma attached to it. People from all walks of life will come together for this event to share their stories, grieve, empathize, smile, and form connections throughout the 16-mile course. Erin Kenny, Overnight Senior Manager at the Foundation, joins Nichole to talk about the upcoming event and how the Foundation shines a light on mental health.
    14 min. 21 sec.
  • The Cycle of Support: Mutt Society Gears Up to Empower Kids

    8 GIU 2024 · It's the perfect time of year for kids to grab their bikes and get out to explore the world around them, be it a city street or some nearby woods. While many young people grow up with access to bikes, not every child has that same opportunity, and that's where Mutt Society comes in to help. They team up with fellow bikers to fix trails, support young athletes, and get bikes into the hands of underserved young people, including at an upcoming event in Pathways in Lynn. Trent Sanders, co-founder of Mutt Society, joins us to talk about how you can help them make sure every child has a bike to enjoy.
    12 min. 27 sec.
  • ElderPet’s Efforts to Support Companions Through the Golden Years

    8 GIU 2024 · Pets of all shapes and sizes fill a critical role for seniors, providing them support, care, and companionship. However, having a pet doesn't come cheap, especially with all the bills that pile up: food, grooming, toys, leashes, veterinary care, the works. Many seniors on fixed incomes find it difficult to keep up with those bills, and that's where ElderPet comes in to help. They work with seniors on the New Hampshire Seacoast to ensure they have everything they need to make sure their beloved pets stay by their side for as long as possible. Jerilee Zezula, Treasurer of ElderPet, joins us to talk about their history and efforts, and what you can do to keep them going.
    22 min. 25 sec.
  • The NAN Project: Saving Student Lives through Shared Stories

    25 MAG 2024 · Young people around the nation are struggling with a mental health crisis that's only been exacerbated since the height of the COVID pandemic. Anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts are nothing new to Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and young people are often more willing to open up about their mental health struggles. The NAN Project is working one-on-one with young people, their schools, their families, and even local law enforcement to offer support and solutions. Jake Cavanaugh, Executive Director of The NAN Project, joins Nichole this week to tell their story and share details about their efforts in schools around Massachusetts.
    10 min. 30 sec.
  • Safe Driving Tips for Trips on the Holiday Road

    25 MAG 2024 · Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick-off of the summer travel season, and it's important to make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape as you head on out your adventures. Mark Schieldrop at AAA Northeast spoke with Nichole for a few minutes about early summer vehicle maintenance and what you should focus on for a quick checkup.
    4 min. 45 sec.
  • Pittsfield's "Soldier On" Provides Sanctuary, Dignity and Hope for Unhoused Veterans

    25 MAG 2024 · Veterans around the nation, including right here in New England, are finding themselves facing mental, physical, and emotional battles as they try to re-adjust to life at home. Soldier On in Pittsfield wants to ensure those who gave so much for our country have everything they need, and that their service and sacrifices are never forgotten. They're committed to finding or creating permanent housing, health care, mental health services, and much more for veterans around the Northeast. CEO Bruce Buckley stops by the show this week to share all the details with Nichole and talk about how veterans in need can find help.
    20 min. 49 sec.
  • Boston's South End: La CASA's New Home for Latinx Arts, Sound, and Soul

    18 MAG 2024 · Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, a community organization in Boston's South End that has been supporting Latinx residents for decades, is about to break ground on its new home: La CASA, a new arts and culture center that hopes to amplify voices and ideas not just in Boston, but also serve as a space to bring New England's Latinx communities together. IBA CEO Vanessa Calderón-Rosado stops by the show this week to talk with Nichole about their mission, plans for construction, and the work IBA is doing to help protect and uplift Boston's Latinx residents.
    14 min. 10 sec.
  • Healing Hands: Doulas and Mass General Brigham Team Up to Transform Black Maternal Health

    18 MAG 2024 · While Massachusetts has some of the best health care in the world, there are still stark disparities when it comes to Black maternal health. Mass General Brigham is addressing these concerns through its "United Against Racism" initiative, and one of the methods the health care system is working to reduce these disparities is through the use of doulas. Dr. Allison Bryant, Associate Chief Health Equity Officer at Mass General Brigham, joins Nichole this week to talk about the "Birth Partners Doula" project, the benefits doulas can provide for those giving birth, and how the project is going so far.
    12 min. 35 sec.
  • Boston's Haitian Community Celebrates Art, Culture and Heritage at TLCC

    18 MAG 2024 · May is Haitian Heritage Month, which makes this the perfect time for Boston's new Haitian cultural center, the Touissant L'Ouverture Cultural Center, to open its doors in the West End. Nestled in Lovejoy Wharf, the Center promises to offer education, information, music, arts, and so much more for Boston's growing Haitian community. Dr. Elizabeth Louis, a member of the Executive Committee at TLCC, shares the vision for the center with Nichole on this week's episode, and also has details on the upcoming groundbreaking ceremony.
    13 min. 1 sec.

WBZ’s Nichole Davis shares the stories people are talking about in your community each weekend. You can also hear the show live on iHeartRadio stations WBZ, WRKO, WTAG, WHYN, WZLX,...

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WBZ’s Nichole Davis shares the stories people are talking about in your community each weekend. You can also hear the show live on iHeartRadio stations WBZ, WRKO, WTAG, WHYN, WZLX, WBWL, WXKS, and WJMN!
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