• JTG Sharing My Later in Life Autism Identification

    12 GIU 2024 · You asked for it! We are answering listener requests. In 2022, the original JTG crew did a show on processing a later-in-life diagnosis. Several listeners asked that other men and women be on to process their later-in-life diagnoses. Don't worry—the original JTG crew will be back! This Special Edition looks at Greg, Brian, and Kevin's later-in-life Autism Identification. Check out Brian's book Intentional Marriage AND Kevin's wife, Shawna Meek's book: Determined for More
    48 min. 48 sec.
  • Happiness, Well-being, Emotional Processing and the Autistic Brain

    10 GIU 2024 · Today's guest has been on the podcast before when we discussed predictive error coding and the autistic brain; Dr. Peter Vermeulen Peter is the founder, director, CEO, lecturer, consultant, website developer, and secretary. Occasionally, Peter even cleans the office of Autism in Context, the senior Autism lecturer and consultant for Autisme Centraal, and the Chief Editor of “Sterk in Autisme!”, a bimonthly magazine of Autisme Centraal. Autisme Centraal is responsible for autism awareness campaigns and ‘autism friendliness' support activities throughout Europe. He is a Member of the Editorial Board of ‘Tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek, Kinderpsychiatrie en Klinische Psychologie” (Journal of Special Education, Child Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology of the University of Leuven, Belgium) (currently Chief Editor of that Journal), a reviewer for Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders; Journal of Intellectual Disability – Diagnosis and Treatment. When Peter is not presenting, writing, driving or flying around for his job, he can usually be found on one of his 4 bicycles, trying to imitate Tour de France winners, hereby being oblivious to his age and physical state. When tired from cycling, he can be found at home with his wife and their dog (which actually is more a Gremlin than a dog). Or he is playing with his grandchild. Because the Gremlin loves the beach, Peter often spends his weekends at the seaside, savoring seafood and enjoying a good beer as a descendant of a brewing family. http://www.petervermeulen.be/ Our other podcast with Dr. Peter on predictive error coding is found here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/predictive-coding-dr-vermeulen--50520574 Disclaimer: When we have guests on the ASR podcast, they are recognized for their expertise in autism as advocates, self-advocates, clinicians, parents, or other professionals in the field. They may or may not be part of the faith community; having a guest on the broader topic of autism does not reflect complete agreement with the guest, just as many guests may not agree with our faith perspective. Guests are chosen by topic for the chosen podcast discussion and not necessarily in full agreement with all beliefs of the chosen guest(s).
    57 min. 30 sec.
  • Roadtrippin' & Righteous Relationship Building

    3 GIU 2024 · We have been taking many road trips these past four years in the quest to visit all 50 states! We listen to podcasts, and podcasting and learning from podcasts has become a shared activity of connection! We start our discussion with the real definition of righteousness: returning to Eden and being naked and unashamed. What is an Ezer Kenegdo? Your neurodiverse relationship can be healthy when you first get in the right relationship with God and each other, rule together and not apart, and advance the Kingdom together! Two are better than one! Do you want your home to be your Eden or where the Chaos Monster lives? We mentioned: - Eden Podcast (Bruce CE Fleming) - The Bible Project - The Israel Bible Podcast
    44 min. 37 sec.
  • Memory, Motivation, Identity & Video Games with Dr. Kevin Hull

    27 MAG 2024 · Today, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Kevin discuss a few topics. The blogs Dr. Stephanie mentions come from Dr. Kevin's blogs on his site. We talk about: Autobiographical memory Identity and Autism Neuroplasticity Videogaming- the good, the bad and the therapeutic About Dr. Kevin Hull: Dr. Kevin Hull owns and operates Hull and Associates, P.A., a private practice in Lakeland, Florida. Dr. Hull is a licensed counselor who has worked with children and adolescents and their families on the Autism spectrum since 2001. He conducts weekly individual and group therapy sessions with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. Dr. Hull has been a professor for 18 years and is currently an Associate Faculty with Liberty University. Dr. Hull has published Play Therapy and Asperger’s Syndrome: Helping Children and Adolescents Grow, Connect, and Heal through the Art of Play (2011, Jason Aronson); Bridge Building: Creating Connection and Relationship between Parents and Children and Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum (2012, Liberty Press); Group Therapy Techniques with Children, Adolescents, and Adults on the Autism Spectrum (2014, Jason Aronson); and Where There is Despair, Hope (2015, Liberty Mountain Publishing), a novel about play therapy. He has also published several chapters for textbooks and journal articles. Dr. Hull specializes in using electronic devices in group and individual play therapy. His dissertation examined video/computer games as a play therapy tool with children with emotional difficulties. Dr. Hull enjoys open water swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, golfing, long walks, biking, and spending time with his wife, Wendy, and their four children. https://drkevinhull.com/ Disclaimer: When we have guests on the ASR podcast, they are recognized for their expertise in autism as advocates, self-advocates, clinicians, parents, or other professionals in the field. They may or may not be part of the faith community; having a guest on the broader topic of autism does not reflect complete agreement with the guest, just as many guests may not agree with our faith perspective. Guests are chosen by topic for the chosen podcast discussion and are not necessarily in full agreement of all beliefs of the chosen guest(s).
    1 h 4 min. 34 sec.
  • Should Women be Silent with Bruce Fleming

    20 MAG 2024 · Join Rev. Holmes and Dr. Holmes as they interview Bruce C.E. Fleming. This is our 3rd interview with Bruce an today we will discuss 1 Timothy and "let the women learn in silence." How does this reflect back to the creation of women and the role of women in the church world. About: Rev. Bruce C. E. Fleming holds three graduate and post-graduate degrees in theology: an M.Div. and Th.M. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a D.E.A. from the University of Strasbourg, France. Ordained by the Evangelical Free Church of America, he has been a pastor, professor of Practical Theology, and academic dean on the graduate-school level in French-speaking Africa. He has co-founded several churches and parachurch organizations. Bruce and his wife, Dr. Joy Elasky Fleming, have been married for more than 25 years and are the parents of Christy and Mark. They live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Rev. Bruce C. E. Fleming has written books on the topics discussed in this podcast. God did not curse Eve or limit women in any way. Sadly, modern translations of Genesis 3:16 make it look like God did both. God didn't curse Adam either, but God did speak to him in a way exactly parallel to the other rebel in the Garden of Eden, the serpent-tempter. And two curses were imposed by God because of them. People have made up many myths and stories about what supposedly happened in Eden. They make it seem like God cursed the woman and that she somehow deserved it. She didn’t. They make it seem like God instituted the man’s bad behavior toward his wife. God didn’t. The Bible tells us what really happened. This book is all about what God really said, especially in Genesis 3:16. When these chapters in Genesis are rightly understood, and we gain a true view of what God really said to the woman in Genesis 3:16, many New Testament passages can be reinvestigated. They, too, can be cleared away of the bias we find popping up in translations of and commentary on several key passages in the New Testament that look back to Genesis 2 and 3. This book is based on the episodes of Season One of The Eden Podcast https://tru316.com/
    53 min. 7 sec.
  • What Even IS Neurodiversity

    15 MAG 2024 · Dan and the guys (Clay, Greg, Jeremy, & Mark) discuss their views of neurodiversity. What is it? Is this movement a good thing or not? How do you define it? Is the term useful? Dr. Holmes adds she prefers the Harvard Medical School definition of neurodiversity, which describes those with neurological differences such as autism, ADHD, learning differences and delays, and other developmental differences.
    57 min. 19 sec.
  • Fruit Filled Co-parenting as a NeuroDiverse Couple with Team Rochford

    13 MAG 2024 · Charity and Jeremy Rochford have contributed to the upcoming book: Uniquely Us. Watch the countdown as: https://www.christianneurodiversemarriage.com/uniquelyus Dan and Stephanie have a family book out right now that was mentioned! Great insight into parenting, what we did right and hindsight learning. Erica speaks to what it is like having a dad on the spectrum at : http://www.christianneurodiversefamilies.com Find out more about Team Rochford: Jeremy and Charity, Team Rochford, as they are affectionately known, are an ND/NT couple who have been happily married for over 20 years. They have two Neurodivergent children, both of whom are on the Autism spectrum, and most likely, they inherited those genes from Jeremy, who himself received an Autism/ADHD diagnosis later in life. Both are Trauma-Informed (TI) Certified Life Coaches (CLC) who specialize in helping Neurodivergent and Neurodiverse Families understand communication, culture, and their unique family dynamic. Together, as a Neurodiverse couple and family, they've founded NeuroFam (http://www.OurNeuroFam.com) to support other ND/NT families through the intricacies of navigating life in a world that (far too often) doesn’t understand their struggles. Jeremy, with his BA in Communication (California University of Pennsylvania), and Charity, with her BA in Psychology (California University of Pennsylvania), live in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, with their two awesomely neurodivergent children, an overused coffee maker, and multiple emotional support stuffed animals. Reach out to them at: https://www.ourneurofam.com/
    1 h 2 min. 28 sec.
  • Q&A with Dan and Stephanie

    6 MAG 2024 · We (I Stephanie) asked listeners on social media, "What would you like to ask us or what would you like to know about Neurodiverse Marriages?" Several questions came in, and we got to about 2/3 of them! Questions such as: - What are realistic expectations for a successful ND marriage? - What does maintenance look like? - Is having a diagnosis helpful? Why or Why Not? - Dan, do you struggle to start deep conversations with your wife and girls? - What tools have you found helpful? A few more!
    58 min. 57 sec.
  • Navigating a Complex and Adversarial NeuroDiverse Divorce with CDFA Rhonda Noordyk

    29 APR 2024 · While we are pro-marriage and pro-covenant. Sometimes abuse, unrepentant addiction, and adultery break the vows and can lead to divorce. Divorce from a Christian AS man can get very adversarial and messy. If you have wrestled through and find that you have peace and release to divorce, you may want a CDFA, like Rhonda, on your side of Women's Financial Wellness Center. A CDFA®, which stands for Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, is a financial expert who specializes in helping women navigate the complex world of divorce. I combine my knowledge of finance with my understanding of the legal aspects of divorce to provide valuable guidance and support during this challenging time. Now, you might be wondering, "Why would I need a CDFA® when I'm going through a divorce?" I will help you understand your current financial situation. We’ll work to create a realistic and comprehensive financial plan to help us develop a strategy that ensures you're financially secure both now and in the years to come. I understand how to work with attorneys and other divorce professionals. This teamwork helps to create a solid foundation for negotiating a fair settlement. So, having me on your side during a divorce can be a total game-changer. About Rhonda from her website: https://wfwcdivorce.com/about-3 It became clear to Rhonda that women going through divorce needed someone who was: - Strategic and knowledgeable to help them prepare their financials before, during, and after the divorce so that they could live the quality of life they deserved. - Empowering them with financial knowledge and giving them clarity to make the right decisions. - Providing compassion and a steady voice when the circumstances were emotional and overwhelming. ‌ So, Rhonda became an advocate for women who were going through a divorce. ‌For her clients, this often means being able to provide a great home for their family, continue to send the kids to private school, invest in causes that are important to her, buy a rental property for income, start a business, take a vacation, and live their best lives. With 17,000 hours, 565 clients, and $20 million back in the hands of women going through divorce later, Rhonda is committed to filling the gap between traditional financial advisors and divorce support groups for women. Contact: Rhonda Noordyk, CDFA 925-940-3056 https://wfwcllc.com
    50 min. 9 sec.
  • A Story of Determination with Divorce, Remarriage, Infidelity, Betrayal Trauma and Autism

    22 APR 2024 · Today, Dan and Stephanie talked with Kevin and Shawna Meek. Their story of divorce and remarriage to each other through infidelity and discovering their neurodiversity. Stephanie and Shawna spoke back in February about her betrayal trauma with the infidelity. Today, they share their determination for marriage and offer hope for those who have had similar challenges in a neurodiverse marriage. Kevin & Shawna Bios As a husband and wife determined for more in their relationship, Kevin and Shawna candidly share their journey toward healing and hope after their own divorce, remarriage to one another, infidelity, betrayal trauma, emotional deprivation, and a mid-life autism diagnosis. Shawna is a professional certified coach and author. Her professional focus is supporting women experiencing betrayal trauma with infidelity, problematic sexual behavior, and porn use. In recent years, she has focused on the additional lens for couples in a neurodiverse marriage with autism and Asperger profiles. She is the founder and owner of Living Stones Coaching, Mentoring, and Consulting, based in Arizona. She is the author of the book Determined for More, based on their own 25-year marriage journey. Kevin, also with Living Stones, comes alongside men as a mentor and accountability support for their struggles with problematic sexual behavior, those diagnosed or considering evaluation of autism (ASD1), and those seeking recovery, desiring to focus on growth and improving their relationships. They support clients internationally and have an approach that is very personalized, relatable, and validating to each unique situation. They have a passion for supporting others on their healing journey, providing guidance and tools needed to navigate through difficult and often devastating circumstances. Look for Shawna's book coming out in April of 2024: Determined for More. This is a story about the raw truths and realities of finding strength in a complex, neurodiverse marriage following divorce, remarriage, betrayal trauma, and emotional deprivation. Living Stones Website at https://www.livingstonescoaching.com
    59 min. 59 sec.

Like all couples, NeuroDiverse (AS/NT) Christian couples face challenges with communication and connection. Those challenges are nuanced in a way that most couples, therapists, and clergy don't typically recognize. Often...

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Like all couples, NeuroDiverse (AS/NT) Christian couples face challenges with communication and connection. Those challenges are nuanced in a way that most couples, therapists, and clergy don't typically recognize. Often NeuroDiverse Couples have children on the spectrum (or or other differences), this podcast will dedicate topics to the NeuroDiverse Couple as well as issues that may arise in spectrum or special needs family systems. We invite you to learn about NeuroDiverse Christian couples to understand those aspects more fully.
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