• 2024 Trends: Stanley Cups, Edible Mascots, and How Internet Culture Becomes Culture. - Ep. 83

    18 GEN 2024 · ”From Van Gogh’s murder to “Year in Review” reels. We are back and talking about internet trends that are already shaping 2024. In this episode of Negronis with Nord, James talks about some iconic trends to already hit the internet such as the viral Stanley Cup; the edible (and short-lived) Pop Tart mascot; the 2023 "Year in Review" reel trend; and how internet culture becomes culture. Stay tuned for our episode next week featuring influencer and brand owner, Lindsay Silberman!
    10 min. 31 sec.
  • 2023 Influencer Marketing Industry Predictions: Did We Get it Right? - Ep 82

    14 DIC 2023 · Did we get our 2023 influencer marketing predictions right?? Welcome to Negronis with Nord. In this episode, James discusses what 2023 predictions we got right for influencer marketing (and of course, those we got wrong). He discusses how influencer marketing has grown despite financial headwinds, niche creator vetting, whether creators can earn revenue through performance bonuses, and more. Programming Note: This will be our final episode of 2023, check back in the new year for some new exciting items and guests. Cheers!
    11 min. 10 sec.
  • A Conversation with Anthony Polcari (@_tonypindc) - Ep. 81

    29 NOV 2023 · This episode features a special guest, the king of fit checks and D.C's Most Eligible Bachelor - Tony Polcari. In this in-depth conversation, James and Tony sit and discuss his journey, passion for positivity, his coined topic of vibrant masculinity, and the beloved P Hive. We also asked the burning question…Tony P, are you for real?
    29 min. 48 sec.
  • Ben Affleck Cheats on Dunkin’; Last-Minute Holiday; Affiliate to Paid; Content Inspo - Ep. 80

    17 NOV 2023 · Is it too late to find any last-minute holiday campaigns in this edition of Negronis with Nord? James touches on when influencers are sourced for holiday content and if there are any last-minute deals up for grabs, bypassing a brand’s affiliate program for paid opportunities, Ben Affleck cheating on Dunkin’ with Starbucks, and more.
    11 min. 53 sec.
  • James Reacts: RHONY S14 Reunion and the Changing Landscape of Influencer Marketing - Ep. 79

    8 NOV 2023 · In this episode of Negronis with Nord, James reacts to Sai De Silva on RHONY S14 Reunion and discusses the complexities of the influencer marketing industry. He addresses misconceptions, the evolving branding landscape, and the influential role of influencers in shaping the narrative.
    13 min. 26 sec.
  • 4 Trends We're Seeing in Influencer Marketing (from Brands) - Ep. 78

    3 NOV 2023 · In this edition of "Negronis with Nord," James shares insights from his discussions with major brand clients. He outlines four current trends in influencer marketing and forecasts expectations for 2024. A hint? UGC creators, brands are seeking you out... (and more.)
    13 min. 22 sec.
  • Why Influence Matters: Talking about Hard Things During Hard Times - Ep. 77

    19 OTT 2023 · In this episode of Negronis with Nord, James discusses the challenges and responsibilities of being an influencer during tough and grief-filled times and offers a few thoughts about how to navigate these situations with empathy.
    10 min. 30 sec.
  • A Conversation with Mohamet Mbaye - Sephora Squad 2023 - Ep. 76

    12 OTT 2023 · Welcome to Negronis with Nord. This episode features a special guest - Mohamet Mbaye, a member of the 2023 Sephora Squad. In this in-depth conversation, James and Mo discuss how he was able to switch influencer niches, his mission as a member of the Sephora Squad, how he manages content on Instagram and TikTok, his advocacy for men’s skincare, and more.
    32 min.
  • Why James Failed on TikTok (& His New Strategy) - Ep. 75

    28 SET 2023 · This week, James talks about failing on TikTok and how he pivoted his content strategy. He delves into the importance of creators knowing or rediscovering their own style. He also gives tips on finding inspiration for your own unique content style, sharing personal updates, and his experience as a radio DJ.
    14 min.
  • Tips for Slowed Social Growth, Influencer Manager Percentages, and More - Ep. 74

    22 SET 2023 · Have you ever experienced slow growth or maybe no growth as a content creator? In this episode, James joins us again as a married man and has an answer. He also answers viewers' questions, providing tips for creators and influencers facing slowed growth, advice on building a full-time creator career while working a full-time job, insights on influencer manager fees, and more.
    15 min. 9 sec.

An audio footprint of Negronis with Nord, a weekly show about influencer marketing hosted by Fohr CEO James Nord. Influencers know what resonates with their followers. Brands know their product...

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An audio footprint of Negronis with Nord, a weekly show about influencer marketing hosted by Fohr CEO James Nord.

Influencers know what resonates with their followers. Brands know their product and how to sell it effectively. But we'll guess that neither party spends a lot of time trying to understand the business of influencer marketing. That's where this series comes in.

Negronis with Nord, featuring Fohr’s CEO and Founder, James Nord, will offer influencer marketing strategy, tips, and advice for anyone involved in the influencer marketing space–whether you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, content creator, brand ambassador, or marketing professional on the brand side.

Check us out at fohr.co.
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