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  • Psychopomps, Healers, and Spirits with Roman Delgado and Brandon Weston

    23 MAG 2023 · Join the Mystic Moon Café gang as we talk with Brandon Weston and Roman Delgado about the threshold between the world of the living, and the afterlife, and their diverse thoughts, practices, and techniques! Who/what is the psychopomp? The Conductor of Souls and Guide into the realm of the dead? Why do some spirits not cross over at their time of passing? We will discuss the work of Healers and Psychopomps, setting spirits at peace, and setting the living free from their influence! And of course expect more, because it is Roman and Brandon! SPECIAL DAY AND TIME!! Sunday, May 21st, 2023 Brandon Weston is a spiritual healer, medium, and writer living in the Arkansas Ozarks. He is the author of Ozark Folk Magic: Plants, Prayers, and Healing and the Ozark Mountain Spell Book. He is the owner of Ozark Healing Traditions, a collective of articles, lectures, and workshops focusing on traditions of medicine, magic, and folklore from the Ozark Mountain region. As an active spiritual healer, his work with clients includes everything from cleanses to house blessings, from exorcisms to spirit elevations, and all the weird and wonderful ailments in between. He comes from a long line of Ozark hillfolk and works hard to keep the traditions he’s collected alive and true for generations to come. Brandon Weston Website is Instagram @ozarkhealingtraditions Ozark Healing Traditions Roman Delgado is a Shamanic Healer, a Shamanic Practitioner. He has a strong background in Brujería, Curanderismo, Southern Conjure and Many forms of spiritual healing. He has associates degree on Wiccan ministry from Wolston-Steen Theological Seminary and is a seeker in the ATC WISE Tradition of Wicca studying under Darrell and Rebecca Delph of The Evergreen Hearth ATC. To learn more about Roman Delgado and his work visit his website at
    Ascoltato 2 h 2 min. 38 sec.
  • Wisconsin Monsters - Fearsome Critters of the North Lumberwoods

    9 MAR 2023 · Deep in the dense, dark forests of the Badger State, fearsome creatures live and scare the bejeezus out of the locals. Tonight, we learn more about these creepy critters. It's Wisconsin Monsters on Mystic Moon Cafe!
    Ascoltato 1 h 12 min. 20 sec.
  • ParaNorthwest - The Unusual Is Our Usual - Investigators & Podcasters

    9 FEB 2023 · On this episode, we will be speaking with Eric, Shala, and Shiann of ParaNorthwest. ParaNorthwest is a paranormal investigation and podcaster group, rooted in the Pacific Northwest, offering an Indigenous point of view on all things spooky! *The Unusual is our Usual
    Ascoltato 1 h 24 min. 32 sec.
  • Spooky Show Roundtable

    6 FEB 2023 · Spooky Show Roundtable Tonight, Mystic Moon Cafe chats about their favorite ghost hunting TV shows, fearsome fictional shows, and talks smack in between. Tune in and join the fray and the fanboys come out! Special guest: Amanda Quill of Coldspotters
    Ascoltato 58 min. 34 sec.
  • Cindy McKean, Kansas City Astrologer

    5 GEN 2023 · On this special, 1st Mystic Moon Cafe of 2023, our guest is the incomparable Cindy McKean, of Kansas City Astrology & Tarot! We plan to talk events past and future, The Moon and her phases, and more!
    Ascoltato 1 h 43 min. 45 sec.
  • "One Bleak Midwinter Night" with Troy Taylor

    22 DIC 2022 · Join Mystic Moon Cafe as we interview Troy Taylor of American Hauntings about his new book, "One Bleak Midwinter Night." He tells tragic tales of murder, disaster, monsters and ghosts. Then, your hosts tell some spooky stories, too. Tune in for a morbid good time!
    Ascoltato 1 h 40 min. 21 sec.
  • Aquatic Paranormal Entities & Encounters with Spencer 'GM Macleods' Stander

    17 DIC 2022 · In the dark, cold depths of the oceans and seas, they hide and wait patiently for their next victims.... Tonight we spoke with Spencer "GM Macleods" Stander about his search for the Paranormal in the murky depths, and his work on his YouTube Series "The Paranormal Divers" and "Mysteries of the Deep", as well as some of his adventures as Scuba Diving Master on Ancient Aliens that airs on the History Channel. YouTube link: Spencer also works in the RPG world where he is known as "GM Macleods"! Check out his Facebook pages: Be sure to watch to the end as we had some fun 'after hours' discussion included in the video...
    Ascoltato 1 h 30 min. 42 sec.
  • Farewell to Linda S Godfrey, Dogman and Black Dog Lore

    4 DIC 2022 · In this episode, Mystic Moon Café pays tribute to the late Linda Godfrey, a leading investigator for The Beast of Bray Road, the Dogman phenomena, and other critters of myth and legend. We covered the latest sightings and speculate why dogmen roam the wilderness, looking for prey!
    Ascoltato 54 min. 38 sec.
  • Serial Killers and Ghosts ... Oh My!!!

    25 NOV 2022 · Jacob, Michael, and Wendy will be hosting Kelly Berge of Vancouver Paranormal Society, and Taylor James of Cult Collectibles on this episode! Our own Mike Merle - yes, that MERLE - has been doing some paranormal collaborating with the two guests and we get to quiz them on their endeavors, findings, and other bits of interesting trivia!
    Ascoltato 1 h 10 min. 22 sec.
  • The Haunted Voice With Todd M Bates

    18 NOV 2022 · This Wednesday, we spoke with Todd Bates about his recently released biography "The Haunted Voice: From Skeptic To Seeker Of The Other Side" Wednesday, November 16th, 8pm Pacific, 10pm Central!! Link for viewing "Live" About the book: What happens when we die? Does an afterlife exist? Todd Bates was once a skeptic until an encounter with the other side changed his life forever. In The Haunted Voice, Todd Bates shares how his research into electronic voice phenomena not only changed his life but also propelled his meteoric rise in broadcasting to become one of the most influential voices in the paranormal world. The distinct, unmistakable voice of Todd Bates has helped create many of the most successful and influential brands within the paranormal world. Now, for the first time, he shares in candid detail the events that changed his life and established him as not only one of the most versatile and talented voice artists in the industry but also a broadcasting pioneer responsible for bringing the voices of the other side into our world. Facebook page: Website: Talk to us "Live":
    Ascoltato 1 h 20 min. 4 sec.

Contact Mystic Moon Cafe: Facebook: Mystic Moon Cafe Radio Email: Twitter: @MysticMoonCafe1 Website: Mystic Moon Cafe brings a variety of guests to talk about paranormal phenomenon, supernatural occurrences,...

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Mystic Moon Cafe brings a variety of guests to talk about paranormal phenomenon, supernatural occurrences, cryptozoology, ghost hunting, favorite authors on many topics - fiction, conspiracy theory, and fact, featured music artists, and more!
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