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"My lessons from sorrow, straight from the heart!"

  • EP 16: How does one make a future generation of high worth individuals?

    14 MAG 2024 · We all want our kids to be smart and we all want them to earn and learn by themselves. But are we doing our bit and are we making them think differently beyond the box? Let's explore some of the ways in which I believe one can start. These will enable our future generation to become of high worth and ensure a profound impact on society. "Peekkaboo - the magic dragon" -  children's book out on Amazon! See link below:
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  • EP 15: My apologies for taking so long...but here I am....all excited to be with u again :)

    10 MAG 2024 · I am sorry - this long gap of silence has been haunting me and rightfully so - i know you have been like my quiet yet strong family of listeners for years and to lose that thread seems like a hope lost in the mist. But, thats why - I APOLOGISE - for the silence that created more a mystery than a sweet rememberance - I am at fault for not saying my brief goodbyes properly - but that is a learning by itself. I know we have personally never communicated or messaged or spoken to each other - but my intuition tells me that a whole lot of u missed my emotional episodes. I did too :( So no more rantings, but just smooth conversations on life, feelings and what i have learned so far. So much to talk, so many episodes to go.....let me give u time to catch ur breath on this one....see u soon, family.  (Btw: here is the Amazon link to paperback and Kindle versions (some may show up and some after some time as they are still getting activated for your region) Cheers!
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  • EP 14: Divine timing

    4 MAR 2022 · We all want the same things - love, respect, safety, security and an abundance of them. But do we care enough to understand what it takes to experience divine timing. Do we know how to manifest this divine energy and the secrets it holds within us. Find out more in this episode(The thoughts expressed in this podcast are my own) *You can message in the comments box on Spreaker by typing Yes / No for frequency of episodes being fortnightly * You can share topics for next episode too You can also donate on
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  • EP 13: Who are we? And why should you care.

    30 GEN 2022 · Humans beings have coexisted with other life forms for a long time on earth. But do we really know who we are and have we forgotten our inherent truth? Is it time to re-evaluate before it is too late.
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  • EP 12: Parenting

    28 DIC 2021 · Parents must shed their ego in order to learn the art of true parenting and learn from everyday situations and lessons, including their own kids. There is no one way of parenting and that means that they must also unlearn past habitual patterns of parenthood that no longer benefit anyone.
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  • EP 11: Balance

    23 NOV 2021 · Just when we think the outside world is out to get us, there is a voice from within us that asks us to maintain balance. But how do we follow this voice and what do we do? Listen to this episode and find out all about the art and science of "balance".
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  • EP 10: Finding yourself is your biggest treasure!

    10 OTT 2021 · The world is always prompting you to look outside of you to help maneuver your life. But the more you do that, the more distant you become with yourself. This episode intends to bring back the magic of finding oneself because that is the only thing that really matters when things go haywire. It is a treasure that must be cherished and will only make you happy and content.
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  • EP 9: Setting my boundaries

    12 SET 2021 · Giving maximum power to yourself is not being selfish, it means you respect and love yourself enough. And this comes only when you set your boundaries. You are following your heart and making the moves that are good for you. Support the show with a tip / donation: Paypal link:
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  • EP 8: Irritated at the smallest of things, aren't we?

    14 AGO 2021 · Our world can be a frustrating one - with many  trivial issues  bogging us down.  If only we knew how powerful these small things can be.  Our life can change for the better if we pay attention to the smallest of things around us. Experience it yourself and see the magic flow.________________________________________________________________________________You can leave comments / message or suggest a topic for the podcast on my YouTube channel, the link of which is below: link: Cheers!Support the show ( )
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  • EP 7: Yours lovingly...

    4 AGO 2021 · This episode talks about our vulnerability towards love and the need to seek fulfillment through external forces. We must realize that true love begins internally, within ourselves. When we are in tune with our inner self, we naturally attract the kind of love we desire. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________For listening to my previous episodes, you can click the below link to YouTube. hit the "like" button if you found it meaningful. If you feel like leaving a tip, do click the link to Support the show ( )
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"Straight from the heart" series is all about an amalgamation of my feelings regarding what life bounces at us and what we can do to make it better. It is...

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"Straight from the heart" series is all about an amalgamation of my feelings regarding what life bounces at us and what we can do to make it better. It is also a reflection of what serves us and what doesn't. Through this series, I hope to bring calmness and inner awareness in you. I am not a healer, nor am I a coach. I am just a regular person trying to move towards the light of love and peace. So if this resonates with you, join me in my journey as i share a range of experiences -'Straight from the heart'.

About me: Having experienced the world of Public Relations and Advertising for 9+ years, I wanted to explore my passion of self-expression - be it by writing and singing songs, authoring stories for kids, creating a journal etc. The "Straight from the Heart" podcast is based on my intuitive knowledge to gain insights into what heart-felt emotions can do to empower and improve yourself.
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