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Ms. FitOne Lifestyles with Elizabeth Colen

  • EP 189: Up & Out

    16 MAG 2024 · : Dr. Renee McSwain is an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and owner of Sagelight Integrative Wellness Center is here sprinkling holistic knowledge on us all.  She talks about what inspired her to pursue a career in holistic healthcare, how the different seasons affect your mental health, the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine and how she practice self care.  Connect with her, follow her on social media @sagelightwellness to learn more about how to be in tune with nature.  
    46 min.
  • EP 188: Good To The Last Drop

    9 MAG 2024 ·   Irene Weinberg, public speaker, author, and host of the popular podcast Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life is here sharing her message of life after death.  We talk about the death of her husband, the three amazing messages she received that changed her behavior from a non- believer to a believer and the important takeaway from her experiences.  She is sharing tips of what life was like before she had her spiritual awakening, how she connected with her husband after the accident, and shares tips of how  to overcome grief.  Of Course she shares with us her selfceare tips for looking amazing at 77 years young.  Connect with her get her book They Serve Bagels in Heaven, and see when her new book comes out.  Listen to her podcast The mission of Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life Podcast to be educated and enlighten about life after death.     
    32 min. 3 sec.
  • EP 187: Head Down Ass Up!

    2 MAG 2024 ·   Elaine K. Howley a award-winning freelance journalist, writer and avid marathon swimmer is here taking us into the deep.  She talks about covering sports, health, history as a journalist and which is her favorite. We plunge into her impressive swimming career, she shares with us her memorable experiences from completing solo open water swim across the Catalina,  what motivated her to challenge herself with extreme swimming events like ice miles and marathons and how her passion for swimming contributed to her personal growth.  Of course, she gives you valuable tips, and shares how she practice selfceare.  Connect with her on her website  or on social media at @EMKHOWLEY and  to see if she is doing her 2024 resolution, wink. 
    31 min. 10 sec.
  • EP 186: Hit My Bell

    26 APR 2024 · Faith Ellis, founder of The KettleBelle is swinging into this episode like a breath of fresh air.  She is talking about what inspired her to focus on kettlebell training, how she integrate mental health with her fitness, and advice to whoever is new to kettebell.  She shares with us her favorite self care practice and gives us bonus tips on how to stay healthy during travel. Connect with her @TheKettlebelle to see if she would be swinging into your neck of the woods.  
    26 min. 29 sec.
  • EP 185: Illuminate Your Soul

    20 APR 2024 · Sohale Sizar is the founder of Soul and he is here illuminating gratitude. Sohale shares how since he was a little boy, he knew what truly mattered in life, and even read a poem to prove it. In this episode, we talk about the power of gratitude, unorthodox practices, and how to start your own easy gratitude practice. Sohale talks about the importance of your inner light and how his app sends you spontaneous messages that will add to your soul. Join SOUL for a 30-day free trial when you use code MSFITONE at Remember, you’re awesome and you always will be!   
    33 min. 2 sec.
  • EP 184: Are Your Household Products Safe?

    11 APR 2024 ·  After you hear this episode you will be looking at your products side-eyed. David Steinman, director of the Chemical Toxin Working Group, is here talking about some concerning discoveries he made regarding the presence of toxins in commonly used household items. He explains the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to these chemical toxins and shares easy steps we can take to minimize their exposure, creating a safer environment. You can get more information from his powerful new book, Raising Healthy Ki[1] ds.  Also, be sure to visit his website:          
    30 min. 25 sec.
  • EP 183: Roots to Revival: A Deep Dive into Hair Restoration

    4 APR 2024 · Dr. Alan J. Bauman is an accomplished hair restoration physician and he is increasing our knowledge of hair health. As a pioneer of numerous technologies in the field of hair restoration, he is telling us ways to check our hair health, treat hair loss, and how to properly care for the hair we have. Dr. Alan is talking about mind-blowing hair treatment, and I am not just talking about the hair on your head. Did you know that you can get eyelash transplants? Me either! Contact Dr. Alan @baumanmedical on IG to work on the health of your hair, you won’t regret it.   20 key words: 
    44 min. 35 sec.
  • EP 182: Friend or Foe?

    28 MAR 2024 ·  Bronwyn Schweigerdt, psychotherapist and Anger Expert, is here to give us the 411 on anger! Bronwyn is sharing why she became a therapist and her personal battle with depression. She gives us insight into how to find a therapist, the role shame plays in our lives, the importance of anger management, and so much more. Check out her podcast and follow her on Facebook @bronwyn.schweigerdt to hear more of this delightful woman.    
    35 min. 48 sec.
  • EP 181: Fear Not

    21 MAR 2024 · Brett Solomano is a SAG-AFTRA award-nominated stuntman, coach, author, and speaker. He is teaching us ways to face our fears. Brett talks about his career as a stuntman, the current Guinness World Record he holds, and how he turned those experiences into a career of helping others. Brett discusses the power of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and how he learned to harness fear as a stuntman. Tune in to hear how you can implement those skills in the corporate world as well!  Check out Brett’s website to learn more about tackling your fears.       
    35 min. 27 sec.
  • EP 180: Food Matters

    7 MAR 2024 · Rebecca Shubbiah has been a registered dietitian for 23 years, graduating in Scotland in 2001. She has worked in a variety of clinical areas, always having a passion for truly connecting with folks and listening to their stories about life, food, and health. Rebecca is here talking about how her background as a registered dietitian influenced her approach to working with clients. She also describes the connection between mindfulness, nature, and wellness and how incorporating these elements into our lives can positively impact our overall well-being. Tune in to find out how Rebecca integrates her passion for nature and sustainable practices into her work as a dietitian! Connect with her @anchorednutritiontherapy on IG to be adventurous, eat more, live your life to the fullest, go out in the wilderness, and be anchored in your life!
    32 min. 16 sec.

Ms. FitOne Lifestyles is about living a healthy lifestyle. That's not only what you eat and how you workout but includes what you surround yourself with from the books you...

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Ms. FitOne Lifestyles is about living a healthy lifestyle. That's not only what you eat and how you workout but includes what you surround yourself with from the books you read, the music you listen to the products you use down to the close you wear. It will always be uplifting and motivating always praising strong, empowering women.

My goal is for everyone to be FIT = Focus, Intentional + transformation.
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