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  • Israel raking in profits, Jeff Sachs schools Piers Morgan, Royals and Chiefs going to Kansas June 21 2024

    22 GIU 2024 · Folks, we've got a lot of information to go through. It seems Israel is making billions of the sales of US made weapons. Kansas seems poised to try and bring the Royals and Chiefs to their side of the border. Also there's a clip from Jeffrey Sachs visit to Piers Morgan's show as he schools the host on the history of America's involvement in Ukraine.
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  • Bill Slantz for Missouri Governor June 14 2024

    15 GIU 2024 · Bill Slantz joins Brandon and I to discuss his campaign for Governor here in Missouri. He's running out of the Libertarian Party and I think it's safe to say he cherishes liberty more than the other candidates running in other parties. We'll get his take on what he'd like to see done here in our state as well as what has occurred during the last few legislative sessions.
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  • Smith vs Cuomo, Fauci vs Congress, LP vs themselves June 7 2021

    8 GIU 2024 · Tonight starts a new chapter in the show, as Brandon Daugherty will be the new co host on the podcast. We've got interesting audio clips from the Dave Smith and Chris Cuomo debate. Some audio from the Fauci hearing in D.C. We may even touch on the LP Chairs comments on how to run Chase Oliver in blue states
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  • Libertarians gone wild, Trump trial, and more May 31 2024

    1 GIU 2024 · The LP held its convention this past weekend and the results are surprising. Brandon Daugherty was in attendance and we'll be discussing what he witnessed and his thoughts on what some say is a controversial outcome.
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  • Robert Brown on militias and the Constitution May 24 2024

    25 MAG 2024 · Robert Brown, a true constitutional scholar, is here to talk about militias and numbers of members using criteria during the founding of our nation. You'll be astounded by the numbers as they compare to the current size of other country's military, including our own.
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  • An unfortunate end to the Missouri legislative session May 18 2024

    18 MAG 2024 · So the Missouri legislative session is over, and unfortunately gold and silver didn't even make it to the House floor. Whose fault is it? We're here to talk about that and much more.
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  • Mike Moon's comments on unconstitutional bills, red light cameras back in St. Louis May 10 2024

    11 MAG 2024 · Senator Mike Moon had some things to say about unconstitutional bills the other day on the floor of the Missouri Senate, and he makes some great points.Senator Moon is someone you can depend on to uphold his oath of office which includes upholding the state and federal Constitutions.  St. Louis has approved red light cameras again and they think they can do better this time even though these cameras were struck down once before by a Missouri court. K.C. is noticing a significant downturn in new homes being built.  Could it be some new pesky building codes getting in the way?  I think you know the answer.
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  • Chaos on campus, Missouri wants to scare you away from Delta 8 May 3 2024

    4 MAG 2024 · Are colleges about to collapse under the weight of their own stupidity.  Marxism isn't a breeding ground for productive human beings.  Now the government wants to regulate speech.  Missouri warns people about hemp derived producst that can be intoxicating.  You guessed it, they're worried about the kids.  That means they want control
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  • It's time to Rec the Regime April 26 2024

    27 APR 2024 · My guest tonight is Dr. Michael Rectenwald. He's a former NYU professor, an author of several books, and is vying to be the presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. He's well versed in leftist policies and agendas, and knows the playbook. His message is decentralization and I think everyone should hear it.  You can find out more about his campaign at
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  • Jordan Rowden for Congress April 19 2024

    20 APR 2024 · I'm joined by Jordan Rowden who's running out of Missouri's 3rd district for Congress out of the LIbertarian Party. We'll be covering the important issues and discussing his campaign and things he'd like to see done while in office
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In the restaurant of life, we're putting freedom back on the menu! This podcast is dedicated to keeping Missourian updated on local and state issues and pushing back against wannabe...

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In the restaurant of life, we're putting freedom back on the menu! This podcast is dedicated to keeping Missourian updated on local and state issues and pushing back against wannabe tyrants.
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