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Michael Jackson Became My Life

  • Michael Jackson Asked Me To Come To Neverland

    19 MAR 2021 路 I couldn't believe that. Michael Jackson asked me to spend 3 weeks with him on Neverland ranch. But what did my parents say about that?
    14 min. 53 sec.
  • Episode 9 - LISTEN TO THE TRUE

    9 FEB 2021 路 1000 and 1000 of fake Michael Jackson items are in these days being sold online to hopeful fans that will give everything to have something from Michael. BUT DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE
    15 min.
  • 4 min. 23 sec.
  • Episode 7 - Michael Jackson Became My Life

    1 DIC 2020 路 Michael Jackson The way it change my life and what it meant for me to live a double life. Being a teenager that wasn't a fan of Michael Jackson and to end up in his life with everything that has to mean.
    14 min. 29 sec.
  • Michael Jackson THE First Call

    24 SET 2020 路 My heart and soul is still reliving the emotions that I felt at that time. This was a so nice and relaxed conversation between Michael and I. And I had never in my wildest dreams thought that it was turning to that question that he asked me in the end of our conversation that night.
    14 min. 57 sec.
  • Episode 5 - Michael Jackson's First Phone call

    3 SET 2020 路 I would like to continue my telling about how Michael Jackson and I ever ended up together. So this episode is the next one in the line of my story of The Real Michael Jackson. I hope you enjoy
    14 min. 32 sec.

    21 AGO 2020 路 It was so surreal to me
    14 min. 54 sec.
  • Episode 3 - Michael Jackson CAN I Please Stay with Her

    21 AGO 2020 路 Michael Jackson came into the room And boom i was so lost in his eyes. We chatted about everything from my life in Denmark to his van was pissing him off at the time. LOL.
    14 min. 41 sec.
  • Episode 2 - Michael Jackson OMG He was Beautiful

    19 APR 2020 路 I'm willing to tell you all ones and for all,about the day my life changed completely. I have known Michael Jackson since the 7 September 1996. And I am THE GIRL NAMED FLOWER.. If you want to hire a unbelievable touching story of something that might happen 1s in a million years,and you want to hear it from my mouth,your welcome. Everything I say is THE HONEST TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.
    14 min. 49 sec.
  • NOT knowing ANYTHING

    19 APR 2020 路 Have do i even get to know Michael Jackson in the first place? I'll tell you how it all came to that point... when I was traveling all the way from Denmark to Prague,to his first show on history world tour in 1996, I still believe that a miracle was being made.
    14 min. 37 sec.

Hi to all of you guys , that's listening to the REAL story. My story about The man Michael name is Christina Maloue Engelhardt, The former girlfriend of Michael...

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Hi to all of you guys , that's listening to the REAL story. My story about The man Michael name is Christina Maloue Engelhardt, The former girlfriend of Michael Jackson. Also known as Flower. I have to say it's my very FIRST podcast.And I hope you'll bar over with me 馃槅 This is the first time I tell the world my very personal story, of my long time relationship with Michael Jackson.. How could I end up in his life.. I was a teenage girl, which was pretty popular in school ,I had a lot friends and was probably the most socially girl ever. One day my life was gonna changes FOREVER. I'll take you on a journey I'll tell you EVERYTHING !!! Exactly as it happened, from the moment I meet Michael Jackson the 7 September 1996, until where I am today. Visiting Neverland Ranch at the age of 16. Spend each and every moment with Michael, that was possible for us without being exposed. I'll tell you about our ups and downs. How much of a burden it was,to be living 2 different lifes, without being able to share this amazing experience with anyone..Besides my family..
NO ONE KNEW. Michael's own bodyguards only knew me as Flower. I fealt asleep in the arms of the worlds MOST FAMOUS ENTERTAINER. Woke up with him, laugh with him. Yes and indeed also cryed with him! Michael Jackson the most famous star...I sew the man behind the mask. The same person that I would like you all to see.. (Everything in this podcast is and has been confirmed by a seibel of Michael Jackson's closest friends and family members plus Everything is to find on Google) enjoy the trip.
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