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  • 333. NFTs 2.0 Launch on Polygon! 🔥 RMRK + McFarlane Toys Digital INTERVIEW

    26 LUG 2023 · NFT 2.0 ERC Standards have officially launched on Ethereum and Layer-2 Polygon this week! Unlocking the real potential of NFTs, the RMRK system allows you to: Put an NFT inside an NFT, equip an NFT to another, create multiple file outputs in one, and more. The standard will allow for cross-collection and chain compatibility, in true decentralized fashion. McFarlane Toys, a leading creator of premium collectible figures and toys, and Warner Bros./DC Comics is launching it's latest Batman: Year Two NFT collection. Guests: Trevor Dietz - Product Manager, McFarlane Toys Digital Bruno Škvorc - Founder of McFarlane Toys Digital RMRK Website
    Ascoltato 48 min. 43 sec.
  • 332. Hong Kong Web3 Task Force w/ Yat Siu | Animoca Brands

    14 LUG 2023 · Animoca Brands, the company advancing digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse, announced that its co-founder and executive chairman Yat Siu has been appointed to the Task Force on Promoting Web3 Development (“Task Force”) newly established by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Government”). Guest: Yat Siu - Co-Founder & Chairman, Animoca Brands Animoca Brands website ➜
    Ascoltato 47 min. 38 sec.
  • 331. GALA Games Analysis 🚨 Deeply Concerned + Possible Solutions 💀🛠️

    10 LUG 2023 · Gala is the developer behind a series of Ethereum-based play-to-earn blockchain games. Earlier, Gala developers announced that it had burned over 21 billion $GALA tokens worth approximately $640 million after the protocol’s v2 airdrop. Their tokenomic strategy has constantly been the the topic of endless mind-numbing discussions and debates. On this episode, we're diving into all of our concerns with Gala Games current growth strategy and what can be done about it.
    Ascoltato 23 min. 1 sec.
  • 330. Mindblowing A.I. Mixed Reality NFT Game 🤯 Parallel INTERVIEW🔥$PRIME

    30 GIU 2023 · PRIME is the native token of the Echelon Prime Foundation, a Web3 ecosystem advancing the next generation of gaming. Echelon creates and distributes tools to encourage innovation in, and promote the growth of, novel gaming models and economies. The first game to adopt and utilize PRIME is Parallel, a sci-fi trading card game utilizing the latest advancements in technology inlcuding: A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, NFTs, and Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality. Guests: Kohji Nagata - Co-Founder & Head Of Game Development and Design Adrian Haldenby - Head of Data Science Parallel Website ➜ Parallel Twitter ➜
    Ascoltato 30 min. 10 sec.
  • 329. Netvrk INTERVIEW | VR Metaverse Creator Tool + Unreal Engine Games

    26 GIU 2023 · Netvrk is a social virtual world built on the blockchain, that allows users to make and monetize their creations. Anybody can construct their own completely immersive VR environments. It utilizes NetVRk's cutting-edge sandbox editor. The NETVRK token can be used to buy assets within the virtual reality world you are in. Guest: Mike Katseli - Founder, CTO of Netvrk Netvrk website ➜
    Ascoltato 12 min. 57 sec.
  • 328. This Changes Gaming FOREVER! 🚨 Fortnite NFTs LAUNCH!! vs. Improbable Metaverse🔥

    21 GIU 2023 · On Friday, Improbable—which was reportedly valued at $3 billion when it raised funding last fall—opened up early access to its MSquared tools. MSquared (M²) is a creation suite for interoperable online worlds, spanning a network, tech stack, and metaverse markup language (MML) for creating digital assets and experiences within those worlds. In other words, it’s a metaverse creation engine—and all part of what Improbable co-founder and CEO Herman Narula called a “stupidly ambitious project" and a "network of metaverses." Meanwhile, Epic Games and Nike have officially launched NFT integration into Fortnite.
    Ascoltato 30 min. 51 sec.
  • 327. VR & AR Tokens To Watch + Star Wars NFT Unboxing & Metaverse Digital Pets

    30 MAG 2023 · Rumors began circulating Apple might reveal its highly-anticipated augmented and virtual reality (XR) headset on June 5th. On this epsiode, we're taking a look at all the best VR/AR projects to watch in the web3 metaverse. We're also discussing Amazon and AR digital pets unboxing a few Cryptoys Star Wars NFTs. Co-Host: Kyle Willson Kyle Willson Youtube Channel ➜ Follow Kyle on Twitter ➜
    Ascoltato 32 min. 10 sec.
  • 326. Star Wars NFT Next-Gen Toys! Cryptoys INTERVIEW + GIVEAWAY!🎉

    22 MAG 2023 · Cryptoys has announced a partnership with Disney to sell limited-edition NFT-based digital toys of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. Dropping on May 24, the Star Wars NFT collection is the latest in Cryptoys pop culture “digital toys,” following its previous Masters of the Universe collections with toy brand Mattel. Guest: Will Weinraub - Co-Founder & CEO, OnChain Studios Cryptoys Star Wars Giveaway! ➜
    Ascoltato 39 min.
  • 325. Top NFT Collectible Platforms [RANKED] + Thanos Infinity Gauntlet NFT Drop

    8 MAG 2023 · On this episode, we're taking a look at the top NFT collectibles platforms and scoring their performance thus far. We're also highlighting a major NFT drop by veve coming up this week which includes Thanos & his Infinity Gauntlet. Meanwhile, other NFT platforms are climbing up the ranks by doing exciting new things in the space. Co-Host: Kyle Willson Kyle Willson Youtube Channel ➜ Follow Kyle on Twitter ➜
    Ascoltato 36 min. 47 sec.
  • 324. NFT Wine Club Metaverse by Creator of | David Harmon INTERVIEW

    17 APR 2023 · The founder of is coming out of retirement to be a partner of the world's first NFT Wine Club. After selling one of the largest online retailers of wine in the world in 1999 for 10 million dollars, founder David Harmon sought out a new opportunity with NFT Wine Club and the Blockchain. Members get access to their real world vineyard in Napa, California, digital vine owner ship, wine reality game, educational workshops, and their NFT Wine Fest live event held in their vineyard. Their NFT Wine Club has 3600 real-life vines that are tied to a digital NFT on the blockchain. They are bridging the artistry of NFTs, crypto, and fine wine! Guest: David Harmon - Chief Wine Officer Website ➜ 2-Bottle NFT Monthly Club ➜ VIP NFT Founders Mint ➜
    Ascoltato 24 min. 22 sec.

Metaverse Insider is the largest podcast exploring Web3, Metaverse, blockchain gaming, and NFT markets. This podcast will also feature executive interviews, game and NFT reviews, and report on the latest...

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Metaverse Insider is the largest podcast exploring Web3, Metaverse, blockchain gaming, and NFT markets. This podcast will also feature executive interviews, game and NFT reviews, and report on the latest news and insights on the most innovative metaverse, Web3 and blockchain gaming, and NFTs'
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