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  • Toxic Stress a la Gavin MBR#100 June 19, 2024

    20 GIU 2024 · Toxic Stress a la Gavin Newsom....A new ad campaign adorns the California freeways with billboards, warning that 1 in 3 California children suffer from Toxic Stress. One might wonder..... does all the gender confusion and DEI discrimination contribute to that? It begs the question. Also this episode we explore parallels with the former Soviet Union in the FIRST Cold War, and we thank Trump for FINALLY SOMEONE HAVING THE BALLS TO SUGGEST DEFUNDING SCHOOLS that teach CRT, DEI, Gender confusion and inappropriate sexual material. Let's Go Brandon. And YAY, this is Mama Bears Radio episode number 100!
    Played 54 min.
  • Tit For Tat Lawfare MBR#99 June 12, 2024

    13 GIU 2024 · Tit For Tat where we find ourselves this week on the critically aclaimed soap opera "America." The courtroom dramas of 2024 continue. See? they say. The rule of law is working! Not so fast, say the rest of us. Today on Mama Bears Radio we hammer on a few California legislative nightmares, aren't we all sick of these sickos at the helm of our state? And we celebrate some more lawfare brought to us by the HERO AG Bailey of Missouri (my childhood home state) who has sued the butchers of Planned Parenthood for trafficking minors across state lines to butcher innocent babies without the parents knowledge. Good times, everyone.
    Played 53 min. 1 sec.
  • The Flogging of Fauci, or Lack Thereof.... MBR#98 June 05, 2024

    6 GIU 2024 · The Flogging of Fauci, or Lack Thereof.....would that I could have been present in the US House this week, adding my three cents to the tepid grilling of one Anthony Fauci. MTG, step aside for Judge Kristin A. Hurley! Instead, the rest of us watched helplessly as the nations largest Ego on possibly the nation's smallest Man defended his lies with impudence. This episode of Mama Bears Radio, I hammer a distant Fauci and wish that the grill would have been a lot hotter. Plus I talk how Trump has been elevated to the people's Outlaw, and how the selfish bastards in the CA state legislature are head over heels for more Lawful Lying to parents. ALSO....whisper, whisper:
    Played 53 min. 29 sec.
  • Real Teachers Don't Lie. MBR#97 May 29, 2024

    30 MAG 2024 · Real Teachers Don't Lie....and neither should the rest of us! Telling a child they can change their gender is like saying, "Sure you can's a tall cliff." Today I interview Jessica Tapia and attorney Bethany Onishenko from Advocates For Faith & Freedom about the settlement (win!) Jessica received from her former employer Jurupa Unified School District. She refused to compromise on her values and Christian faith and didn't comply with disgusting Marxist agendas, oops I mean, school policies. Jessica and Bethany discuss their new program "Teachers Don't Lie," a support mission to help other teachers stand up against the force of government school evil. I also talk about AB1955 straight outta Sacramento, where the legislators are passing new laws to trans as many California schoolchildren as they can.
    Played 53 min. 38 sec.
  • Trans Flags Uber Alles MBR#96 May 15, 2024

    16 MAG 2024 · Trans Flags Uber Alles.... For every last California schoolchild, there shall be trans marketing! sayeth the Woke Government Education Marxists. A trans flag on every public school flagpole for close to three months of the 9-month school year. Because....inclusivity! And apparently the more gay sex the kidlets learn about in the early years makes more suicides, which helps fight climate change. A win-win for the Gates/Schwab types. Hmmmm. At any rate, on this episode of Mama Bears Radio we prepare to present public comments at a local school board in protest of the super-divisive and hyper-sexual messaging Trans Flags on school grounds. Will anyone listen? Heck no, but we are compelled to not stay silent. Also this episode I touch on a small victory for a California teacher who put her foot down about pronouns, and we name blame and shame Gavin Newsom (always a good time) for his assault on "Democracy!"
    Played 53 min. 56 sec.
  • Like A Flock Of Birds...or Maybe Sardines MBR#95 May 08, 2024

    9 MAG 2024 · Like A Flock Of Birds....Or Maybe Sardines... we've turned in tight flight formation to face the fact that "Joe Biden" and crew want the illegals to vote this November. A Tucker interview with True The Vote's Catherine Englebrecht seemed to spark a national Twitter convo on voter registration and vote casting by the millions who have slunk across our borders. What can be done, and do we care? Plus this episode I talk Boy Scouts, or lack thereof, and what is wrong with the ladies of this nation at Columbia's Communist Coachella.
    Played 54 min. 1 sec.
  • Mayday! Mayday! MBR#94 May 01, 2024

    2 MAG 2024 · Mayday! Mayday! "Save our souls" is just about where we're at right now! But despite all the mayday mayhem, today on MamaBears we have a fun convo with Carina Powers, Chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly for California. She's also the founder of Latinos For Medical Freedom, homeschool mom and no-nonsense grassroots mamabear. She just got back from DC and I want to know all about the RNHA plans to help get out the Hispanic vote this November. We talk about the serious time crunch before November to help Latino voters participate in this mindblowingly important election for our nation. 
    Played 54 min. 4 sec.
  • I've Had It With These Selfish Bastards MBR#93 April 24, 2024

    26 APR 2024 · I've had it with these selfish bastards - selfish bastards aka the US government. Ukraine flags flying in the House of Reps? How is that not treason? Today I get on a roll with my outright disgust at these selfish bastards ruining our nation...and state! Today is the day we peruse the laundry list of crappy our esteemed "legislators" in Sacramento are writing up to impose on us weary Californians. There are some doozies that I'm sure Gruesome will happily sign. And I've gone from "Hear Me Roar" Mama Bear Hurley to something a little less confident than my former "get out there and do something" radio self....we'll see where the rest of the year takes us.
    Played 54 min. 9 sec.
  • Things That Make You Go Retch MBR#92 April 17, 2024

    19 APR 2024 · Things That Make You Go "Retch!" - also known as the California Legislative session where they kill good bills and dream up all manner of laws that are the ANTITHESIS of what good normal people would want. Your representatives at work. This episode I take a tiny bite out of this year's progress in Sacramento - more bills to be discussed in the coming weeks - and then for the second half of the show I host Jan Soule of the Silicon Valley Association of Conservative Republicans. Jan is a breath of fresh air and determined to get good people elected to school boards in Silicon Valley. So we try to balance the RETCH with the good!
    Played 54 min. 56 sec.
  • Say No To The Nasty MBR#91 April 10, 2024

    12 APR 2024 · Say No To The Nasty.....this episode of Mama Bears Radio I speak with Informed Parents of California president, Larry Pegram. Parents - did you know you can OPT OUT of the harmful curriculum and programs at your school like sex ed, invasive and suggestive "health" surveys, unprofessional school "counseling" services and such? IP-CA has a comprehensive letter for you to deliver to your school that protects your child from the Nasty, aka California agendized government "education." The resources for parents do not stop there; I encourage everyone to check out Informed Parents of California - they started in the heart of Silicon Valley and are growing across the state. You all know I love a good story of people taking matters into their own claws :)  and it's a joy to surf the rising tide of Californians saying NO to the danger and decline of our state. 
    Played 54 min. 20 sec.

Don't cross the California Mama Bears! We've stood complacent while our state has been taxed, regulated, ransacked, burned down, and corrupted all these last years. But now they're messing with...

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Don't cross the California Mama Bears! We've stood complacent while our state has been
taxed, regulated, ransacked, burned down, and corrupted all these last years.
But now they're messing with our kids.... and we are an army with our claws out!
This show is the story of my personal journey of transformation, from sitting on the sidelines
to becoming an active participant of We The People who will take California (and America) back. Do you have that sinking feeling that things are not right in the world? Do you worry for your children's or grandchildren's futures? Do you want to take part in the California Revival? Tune in to Mama Bears Radio and join the sleuth of Mama (and Papa) Bears who are taking matters into our own claws!
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