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  • Jay-Z at the Tunnel 3:8:24 4.00 PM

    8 MAR 2024 · Story by: Gail Nobles Music by: Gail Nobles Photo:  Wikipedia  Usage: Welcome back to Lounge Hype. Today's topic is Jay Z at The Tunnel. I don't know who was the king at that New York City nightclub, but I know Jay Z was one of the main attractions. He brought excitement due to his performance.  There is a documentary on the tunnel, and I've seen and heard most people say (from the documentary) that Jay Z was the king there. I've seen more video clips on Jay Z at the tunnel more than I have anyone. Maybe they haven't released the rest of them yet.  You can see Jay Z live at the tunnel in 1999 on YouTube. Sometimes you'll see clips that will just say Jay Z live at the tunnel.  Whenever Jay Z would perform at the nightclub, it would be a crowded place. There would be loud cheers from the crowd. The music would be turned up, and Jay Z and his crew would be on the mic rapping with crowd participation. The crowd would rap too. It most certainly sounded as if Jay Z were king. He made the crowd active. He made the crowd move. The behavior of the crowd was more than words for Jay Z.  I'm Gail Nobles this is Lounge Hype. Today's topic: Jay Z. I'll be back with more about who performed at the nightclub. Stay tuned. Be sure to check out Jay Z's 1999 album volume three .. Life and times of Shawn Carter; certified triple platinum by the RIAA.
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  • Aaliyah:Eve at the Tunnel 2:15:24 8.42 PM

    16 FEB 2024 · Story by: Gail Nobles Keyboard and voice affects by: Gail Nobles Large crowd: Welcome back to Lounge Hype. It was 1998 when Aaliyah performed at the tunnel with Timbaland. She performed Are You That Somebody upon its release. The song received critical acclaim from music critics with them praising its offbeat innovative production. In 1999, Aaliyah earned a Grammy award nomination for best female R&B vocal performance for the song. Initially, it was ineligible to chart on the billboard hot 100 mainly because it was an airplay single not commercially reloaded to retail stores. In December 1998, Billboard change it's policy to allow airplay only songs to chart on the Hot 100 and the song eventually peak at number 21. Another performer that performed at the hip-hop club was rapper Eve. She was live at the Tunnel 2000. Eve performed her single Let's Talk Abouta It featuring Drag On. Some say Eve was hot and smoking at the Tunnel. Some say she was the queen. The single let's talk about it came from the album Let There Be Eve … Ruff Riders First Lady. Eve had a lot to say in that title. The album was released in 1999. All the songs on the album were written by Eve herself. It sold over 200,000 copies in the first week. The album has sold over 2 million copies and was certified double platinum by the RIAA. Eve became the third female hip-hop artist to have her album peak and number one on the Billboard 200. When Eve perform Let's Talk About It at the tunnel with Drag On, the crowd was waving their hands and rapping with them. I’m Gail Nobles. I’ll be back with more about the night club The Tunnel in NYC.
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  • Aaliyah Live at the Tunnel 2:15:24 1.39 PM

    15 FEB 2024 · Photo: - Own work Usage: Wikipedia Story by: Gail Nobles The tunnel was a hip-hop nightclub in New York City from 1994 to 2001. Aaliyah was raised in Detroit, but she was born a New York City girl. I don't know how she performed at the tunnel with all the stuff that was going on there, but she did it. When Aaliyah performed there with Timbaland, the crowd bounced. She performed her hit Are You That Somebody. From the video clip that I saw of her, I didn't see any trouble. At clubs, sometimes fights break out and gunshots are fired. I don't know of anyone going to the clubs now that used to go in my hometown, but anyway, at The Tunnel in New York, sometimes there was trouble from what I understand. When Aaliyah performed at The Tunnel live, nobody seem disappointed. It looked like a moment for enjoyment for the crowd. All I can say is Aaliyah was a brave girl to perform there. Thank you for listening. I'll be back with more about the tunnel. Tune in again next time. Goodbye for now.
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  • Johnny Gill @ The Savoy 2:7:24 4.55 PM

    7 FEB 2024 · Story by: Gail Nobles Photo by: Usage: Wikipedia There was an episode of Johnny Gill that aired in 2013 on TVONE. There was also a Johnny Gill “Unsung” Watch Party Premiere at the Savoy Entertainment Center. Singer songwriter Eric Benet was there, actor comedian earthquake was there, singer songwriter Kenny Lattimore was there, there was Program Director Aundrae Russell, and of course Johnny Gill himself was there. Johnny sang one of his most popular songs titled My, My, My. It was a number one R&B single. It was a hit song with backing vocals performed by After 7 as well as a jazz solo performed by saxophonist Kenny G. The single was the second single from Gill’s second self-titled album which spent two weeks at number one on the US R&B chart and made the number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. In 1991 the song one a Soul Train Award for best R&B Soul Single Male. It's also known to be Johnny Gill signature song. Johnny Gill sang My, My, My at the Savoy, and the ladies were reaching out for him. One lady said: Oh My God! You're a sexy thing!" The ladies were excited, and they were singing My, My, My with Johnny Gill. Thank you for listening to Lounge Hype. I’m Gail Nobles.
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  • The Foreign Exchange 10:2:23 12.33 AM

    2 OTT 2023 · Intro music by: Gail Nobles 2nd Bass and Synth Keyboardist: Gail Nobles Features music created using Groovepad. Available on the App Store, Photo: Usage: Wikipedia Today's topic: Foreign Exchange Zoe, bemyfiasco, Ponte, & Nicolay. An R&B electronica hip-hop duo. I found out about them and their album of 2015 titled Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey. Hello, I am Gail Nobles! Welcome to Lounge Hype. I'm going to talk to you today about the group Foriegn Exchange. The group was formed in 2002 after Nicolay based in the Netherlands and Phonte in North Carolina connected online through and begin collaborating on music. Their album Connected was released in 2004 and was a showcase for Nicolay’s musical talents as well as an introduction to like-minded little brother affiliates who contributed to the album. The album received strong views and the single Sincere was released with a music video. The group has several albums 2008 Leave It All Behind, 2010 Authenticity, 2013 Love In Flying Colors, 2015 Tales From the Land of Milk & Honey, 2017 Hide & Seek. There was a single I enjoyed listening to from Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey album. The single is title Work It ToThe Top. Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey is the fifth studio album by The Foreign Exchange. NPR listed it as one of the top 10 slept-on R&B albums of 2015.
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  • Howard Hewett 4:7:23 6.06 PM

    7 APR 2023 · Photo credit: Gina Walker Hi! I’m Gail Nobles. You’re listening to Lounge Hype. I’m thinking about Howard Hewett from the group Shalamar who had a birthday party one day at Xen Lounge. Howard Hewett had a birthday party one day at Xen Lounge. The photograph that you see was taken by Gina Walker. Howard was about 60 then. Today he’s 67. I still love to hear him sing. I love how he starts a song. That’s when you know something’s coming up. You know you’re about to hear something good. He’ll switch around and hit a high note, and the girls love that. Y’all know how he do. He’s really good live because he can sing. Howard rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the group Shalamar. The group started in the 70’s. In 1985, Howard left the group to pursue his solo career, but he later returned to the group in 2001. You can learn more about Howard and what he’s up to at
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  • Indie Night - Dave Brown 4:7:23 2.04 PM

    7 APR 2023 · Music & Film effect: Art by: Gail Nobles Story by: Gail Nobles Today’s topic: Indie Night - Dave Brown People will tell you that it’s not about your talent. Then what is it about? Dave Brown is inviting people all over the world to join Indie Night. He wants to see your talent. According to Dave’s bio, he made his way to Hollywood after receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Morehouse College. I call him Indie Night - Dave Brown because of the Indie Night Film Festival: Indie Night. It is a weekly film festival that gives artists an opportunity to showcase their films and other new and established filmmakers from all over the globe. It is founded by Dave Brown. I remember when I first saw a video clip of Dave Brown at Duane Martin’s Xen Lounge. The Lounge was packed with people that night. When I saw Dave & all of the people around him, I thought: Uh Oh! This man has started something.” Then he moved the film festival to the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. Entrepreneur Indie Night - Dave Brown is still going strong. You can submit your films to Indie Night Film Festival. Indie Night Film Festival accepts submissions year around to screen in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theater. To learn more about the Film Festival submissions, go to I’m Gail Nobles. Thank you for listening.
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  • Full Force - Float On With Us 12:26:22 8.21 PM

    27 DIC 2022 · Song: Float On With Us (F.F. Ladies Mix) Song By: Full Force Drums by: Gail Nobles Podcast vocals: Gail Nobles I’m Gail Nobles & you’re listening to Lounge Hype. Today’s topic is Float On With Us ( F.F. Ladies Mix). At the beginning of the song, Bowlegged Lou from Full Force introduces himself & tries to tell his Zodiac sign but Vivica Fox buts in. She tells him that he talks too much & ask could the women talk to tell their Zodiac sign. Bowlegged Lou wants to know who Vivica is. She tells him her sign and lets him know that she’s Vivica A Fox, & Bowlegged Lou said he didn’t care if she was Red Fox. Vivica and all the ladies, Melisa Morgan & Regina Belle & Vesta let’s Bowlegged Lou know that it’s a woman’s world. Then there’s love singing between Melisa Morgan & Isaac Hayes near the end. You can hear them all singing Float On. Isaac Hayes & Vesta, Rest In Peace.
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  • Lotis Jackson 9:5:22 7.33 PM

    5 SET 2022 · Jingle by: Gail Nobles Info from: Lotis Jackson is an R&B singer/songwriter/producer with a history in hip-hop according to his bio. He is also a host for Cavi Vision entertainment. Cavi Vision highlights music artists, red carpets events, and entertainment news. Cavi Vision parent company is Caviar Gold Records. Lotis is in collaboration with producer Bobby Hope (Boys II Men). His music often draws on his childhood, coming from a broken home. Lotis lives in Los Angeles but he is from the Seattle area. He is the focus of a documentary, “ Lotis Jackson: A Young Man Living His Dream.” On his website, he has a long list of songs in music. My favorite song by Lotis is “Candy Land”. You can hear all of his music on his website from SoundCloud. To learn more about Lotis Jackson, go to That’s I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Lounge Hype. Tune in next time for more. Thank you for listening.
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  • The Womack Sisters 5:28:22 3.25 AM

    28 MAG 2022 · Intro Song by: Gail Nobles © 2022 Song: The Womack Sisters Are Here Music by: Gail Nobles Podcast cover by: Gail Nobles Today’s topic: The Womack Sisters Sisters of Soul! The Womack Sisters! The Womack Sisters were first known as Ejyptian Queen spelled Ejy instead of Egy. They gave Xen Lounge an outstanding performance once if I’m not mistaken. The Womack Sisters are also the granddaughters of Sam Cooke. The sisters are real true singers.They have great singing talent. They are singing the kind of songs that many of us are missing today. These girls are like their grandfather. They can sing , and it’s three of them. I’ve heard them sing Amazing Grace Acapella. They have that soul sound just like their grandfather. The Womack Sisters have a song titled “Darling”. (Singing) And now they have a new single titled, “Lost For Words”. (Singing). Y’all got to hear these girls sing if you haven’t heard them. You can find them on I love their songs, and I think you will too. I think you’ll love their singing. Especially, if you’re old school, and they have a mixture of new school too. The Womack Sisters are also the nieces of Bobby Womack. You’re listening to Lounge Hype. I’m your host, Gail Nobles. Today’s topic: The Womack Sisters, and if you’re longing for a great new sound. .. (Singing)
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