• Therapeutic Wellness LLC | Local Leaders the Podcast #199

    12 GIU 2024 · Dr. Cheryl Jean shares her journey of establishing Therapeutic Wellness, focusing on John Barnes myofascial release therapy. She discusses the importance of myofascia in the body's movement, emphasizing the need for therapy due to everyday traumas and stresses.  Cheryl's therapy addresses physical pain and emotional distress, showcasing its transformative impact in healing.  In this edition of Local Leaders the Podcast Jim Chapman sits down with Cheryl Jeane as they explore using Myofascia release therapy to help with PTSD, fibromyalgia as well as the holistic wellness approach of myofascial release therapy.  Timestamps  01:01 Reconnecting with Cheryl Jean 02:08 Delving into Cheryl's Background 04:29 Staying Active and Fit 04:35 Overcoming Self-Doubt and Embracing Change 10:41 Understanding Myofascia 15:41 The Impact of Stress on Health 17:54 Addressing Fibromyalgia with Myofascial Release 20:06 Initiating the Therapeutic Process 22:01 Clarifying the Difference from Massage Therapy 23:25 Location and Education Journey 38:06 Forever Learning and Growth 39:53 Networking for Success 41:28 Referral Partners and Collaboration 43:25 The Impact on Anxiety 44:36 Childhood Dreams and Superpowers 46:42 Booking and Experience Details 47:33 Upcoming Events and Classes  Learn more by visiting Dr. Cheryl Jeane’s website at: https://www.cheryljeane.com
    49 min. 31 sec.
  • The Livingston Executive Airport Takes Flight | Local Leaders #198

    3 GIU 2024 · Delia Taylor is our guest today on Local Leaders podcast and discusses the development of the Livingston Executive Airport, highlighting its history, site selection process, and economic potential. Delia Taylor emphasizes the airport's benefits for job creation, local economy, and educational opportunities in the aviation industry and underscore the economic prospects and clean industry advantages the airport will bring to Livingston Parish, detailing the construction timeline and project phases. This exciting project is covered in depth on this episode of Local Leaders and we are excited this opportunity is finally taking shape and becoming a reality in Livingston Parish.  #LivingstonParish #Avaition #Livingstonexecutiveairport #deliataylor #podcast #localleaders Timestamps 03:05 Inception of the Airport Project 07:02 General Aviation vs. Metro Airport 08:55 Importance of Having an Airport 10:21 Economic Impact and Job Opportunities 17:38 Role of the Airport Board 18:36 Passion for the Airport Project 24:35 Timeline for Completion 29:26 Purpose of the Project 32:26 Economic Development Benefits
    35 min. 28 sec.
  • 48 min. 38 sec.
  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System for Business Owners

    6 MAG 2024 · In this episode of Local Leaders podcast, Toby Massengal, joins the show and shares his journey from starting a small landscape business to becoming an EOS Implementer. Toby's story begins with a trip to Greece at 21 years old, leading him to join his father's landscape business. Over time, Toby grew the business into a successful venture, which included landing a significant commercial project - the Mall of Louisiana.  Toby highlights his frustration with managing the organization one piece at a time. He shares his decision to sell the business due to various challenges and personal events, which led to a period of decompression. Timestamps 03:58 Trip to Greece and Involvement in Family Business  10:15 Selling the Family Business 11:24 Commercial Project: Mall of Louisiana 16:47 Discovering the Book "Traction" 27:03 Realization and Selling of the Business 31:55 Reconnecting with Vistage Group and EOS Implementer 38:34 Decision to Become an EOS Implementer 43:44 Importance of EOS System for Business Success 49:31 Overview of the Six Key Components of EOS
    52 min. 25 sec.
  • Makin' Moves In Real Estate with Darren James and Tyler Alexander

    12 APR 2024 · On this episode of Local Leaders Darren James and Tyler Alexander share insights from the real estate industry and life lessons! Darren discusses his podcasting journey focused on inspiring others, while Tyler opens up about his family's challenges as of late. Darren emphasizes the importance of discipline and determination in sales, building trust with clients, and community support. Timestamps 02:08 Starting the Podcast  06:32 Family Struggles and Fundraising 12:36 Building a Team 17:18 Overcoming Fear of Failure 18:48 Transition to LPT Realty 20:59 Impact Beyond Real Estate 31:24 Providing Value to Clients 33:05 Contact Information and Prequalification you can learn more about Darren James and Tyler Alexander by visiting https://www.agent225.com Check out Makin' Moves Podcast on YouTube here! https://www.youtube.com/https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCklBIoEvNGm4OlaDgp8S3Yg
    34 min. 16 sec.
  • U.S. Congressman Garret Graves Dist. #6 La | Local Leaders Podcast #194

    29 MAR 2024 · Congressman Garret Graves, representing Louisiana's 6th District, joins Local Leaders: The Podcast host Jim Chapman in an insightful rare longform interview. Chapman goes in depth with the U.S. Congressman for nearly an hour starting with his decision to run for office in 2014, including the challenges Congressman Graves faced in the runoff battle against former Governor Edwin Edwards. The focus then shifts to the flood of 2016 that devestated much of Congressman Graves 6th district. Graves goes into detail on the fight for funding, the fight to hold FEMA accountable for their “lackluster” response and the urgent need for proactive measures such as infrastructure improvements and disaster relief projects.  Congressman Graves unwavering commitment to advocating for aid and resources for rebuilding efforts underscores the power of dedicated leadership in times of adversity. Chapman points out Graves’ tireless efforts in securing funding for critical projects like the Comite Diversion project and highlights his dedication to Louisiana’s 6th district.  Congressman Graves, in his fifth term as Congressman, has played a primary role in securing funding and other resources for projects throughout Louisiana’s 6th district, especially in Livingston Parish, where Graves efforts assisted in bringing ROTC to Denham Springs High School, broadband access to underserved areas of the parish and a state of the art STEM center to Denham Springs. Built on the former site of Southside Elementary, which sustained heavy damage in the flood of 2016. Chapman and the Congressman discuss the impact these programs have had especially as it relates to the younger generation in the parish. Congressman Graves discusses current projects where funding is already on the way, including a capital region program designed to assist in battling the Fentynal epidemic, crawfish farmers assistance programs as well the complete funding of the Comite Diversion project and discussed plans of flood prevention projects already in planning such as a 3rd outlet for the Amite River. Graves expresses his frustration with the Duplication of Benefits battle in Washington and his commitment to see that the issues with disaster relief get resolved through common sense legislation and hard work. This unique look at Garret Graves provides the viewer and/or listener with an insight that is rare in the current political landscape both locally and nationally, but with the transparency that Congressman Graves has always given his constituents through his Facebook Live sessions and his “Grub with Garret" lunches, you may have come to expect it from him.  Timestamps:  2:07 Congressional District Coverage 2:47 Starting the Congressional Career 4:59 Winning the Race Against Edwin Edwards 6:14 Fifth Consecutive Term in Congress 9:02 Personal Story of the 2016 Flood 11:52 Impact of a Congressional Message 12:33 Addressing FEMA's Response 19:07 Recognition of Community Support 23:58 Acknowledgment of Proactive Disaster Funding 25:29 Preparing for Floods Before They Hit 26:43 Advancing Proactive Flood Prevention Projects 30:11 Overcoming Obstacles for ROTC Program 31:39 Impact of ROTC on Youth Development 31:49 Battling the Fentanyl Crisis 34:03 The Graves-Carter Disaster Relief Fix 35:34 Challenges in Disaster Relief Funding 38:26 Addressing Inequities in Disaster Relief 42:03 Supporting Crawfish Farmers Amid Challenges 42:28 Congressman's Fun Facts 43:23 Congressman's Favorite Part of Service 45:27 Urging for Thoughtful Voting Considerations You can stay up to date with what Congressman Graves is doing for Louisiana’s 6th district by: Congressman Garret Graves on the web:  https://garretgraves.house.gov To take part in and view his Facebook Live events:  https://www.facebook.com/CongressmanGarretGraves Local Leaders is Produced by Envision Podcast Productions
    48 min. 37 sec.
  • Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions | Local Leaders the Podcast #193

    4 MAR 2024 · In this podcast episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nicole Williams of Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions. Nicole shared insights about her business, her background, and her passion for helping people with speech and swallowing issues. She discussed the services she offers, such as mobile fees, treatment for patients with dementia, strokes, and other conditions requiring speech therapy. Nicole also shared personal details about her life, including her love for rescue dogs, baking, and crocheting. She described her journey of opening her own business in November 2020, driven by a desire to provide adequate care for patients who were not receiving the necessary services due to Medicare changes. Throughout the conversation, Nicole emphasized the importance of staying up to date with technology in her field and educating the community about speech and swallowing issues. She highlighted the significance of preventive care, early intervention, and the role of therapy in addressing various conditions like acid reflux, post-nasal drip, and coughing. The episode covered Nicole's commitment to leadership, her participation in educational conferences, and her use of social media for promotions and awareness. Fun facts about Nicole, including her love for turtles and her dream of visiting Lancashire, England, added a personal touch to the conversation. Overall, the episode provided valuable insights into the world of speech therapy, highlighted the compassionate approach of Nicole Williams in her practice, and underscored the importance of supporting local businesses and serving the community. For more information check out Louisiana Voice and Swallow solutions on the web at: https://www.louisianavoiceandswallow.com Louisiana Voice and Swallow Solutions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicolewilliamsslp
    44 min. 45 sec.
  • The Beauty Bar Spa and Boutique | Local Leaders the podcast #192

    23 FEB 2024 · Mikayla Milligan, owner of Beauty Bar Spa and Boutique, discusses her entrepreneurial journey in the beauty industry on the Local Leaders podcast. Mikayla's dedication to skincare and confidence-boosting services like facials are highlighted, with a focus on the business's grand opening in 2023 and unique treatments offered. The conversation covers waxing, inclusive practices, personalized skincare solutions, and LED light therapy. We also discuss red and blue light therapy benefits, facials tailored to different skin types, spray tans, lashes, and lash extensions. The episode also touches on business aspects like gift cards, community support, and navigating the challenges of starting a new business. We discuss the significance of passion, dedication, and community support in entrepreneurship, concluding with a message of encouragement for local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Mikayla Milligan's business "The Beauty Bar Spa and Boutique is the 2023 Livingston Parish Chamber New Business of the Year!
    48 min. 26 sec.
  • Landscape King | Local Leaders The Podcast 191

    17 GEN 2024 · In this episode, Jim Chapman sits down with Joseph King, the owner of Landscape King, a landscaping company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Joseph shares his passion for landscaping, which began during his time working at Clegg's Nursery in high school. Inspired by the landscapers with nice trucks, Joseph started his own landscaping business and pursued a degree but the story that led him there is even more inspiring! Vast is the best word that comes to mind when Jim discussed the services offered by Landscape King, Joseph discussed landscape lighting and water spray systems that they provide as well as the importance of hiring professionals for landscaping projects because they have the expertise to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Building relationships and networking with other professionals in the industry he credits as having been invaluable for growth and success. Joseph also discussed some common mistakes in landscaping, such as not properly preparing the soil or not having enough plants and stressed the importance of thorough planning and attention to detail to achieve the desired results. Jim and Joseph explored the significance of landscaping and curb appeal for homeowners and realtors and both agreed that well-maintained and attractive landscape can significantly enhance the appearance and value of a house. Realtors can benefit from investing in landscaping to attract potential buyers and facilitate quicker sales. Joseph also discussed the importance of striking a balance with the number and placement of plants, and the value of consulting professionals for guidance. Simple clean-up and maintenance can make a noticeable difference without breaking the bank. Establishing a budget and effective communication with the landscaper were highlighted as essential for managing expectations. Joseph mentioned landscape lighting and regular maintenance as additional ways to enhance the attractiveness of your home and Landscape King offers free consultations to make a positive impression on potential clients and potentially gain referrals, he credits social media, particularly Instagram, as a phenomonial tool for building his business. Landscape King services primarily on the Baton Rouge area and surrounding cities, including Gonzales, Prairieville, Zachary, and St. Francisville. While installations are available in all these areas, maintenance services may be limited due to travel expenses. To reach out to Landscape King, people can contact them by visiting their website and filling out the online request form. Remember to be on the lookout for valuable tips and information they provide on their social media platforms. Timestamps: https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter0 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter1 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter2 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter3 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter4 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter5 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter6 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter7 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter8 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter9 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter12 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter13 https://file///Users/jchapman/Downloads/Landscape%20King%20-%20Local%20Leaders%20the%20Podcast%20191%20(January%2017th%202024).html#chapter14 https://www.facebook.com/landscapekingbatonrouge https://www.instagram.com/landscapeking_louisiana/ https://www.landscapekingla.com
    59 min. 37 sec.
  • C & A Associates | Local Leaders The Podcast 190

    27 DIC 2023 · In this episode of Local Leaders the Podcast, Jim Chapman sits down with Matt Moss of C & A Associates. C & A Associates offers solutions in the financial sector that started with check writing software and has grown to offer nearly turnkey operations for software and hardware as it relates to banks, as well as other facets of the financial industry. In addition this company has grown to offer Padtrax software designed specifically to provide evidence tracking software for law enforcement agencies, although this is not where they stop. City Municipalities, Libraries, Schools and a plethora of other businesses that have assets they would like to track would find value in this edition of the podcast! You can check out C & A Associates on the web and learn more about them by visiting: http://www.caaassociates.com file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter0 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter1 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter2 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter3 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter4 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter5 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter6 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter7 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter8 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter9 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter10 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter11 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/local-the-podcast-c-and-a-associates.html#chapter12
    42 min. 49 sec.

Local Leaders:The Podcast interviews TOP business owners in Livingston Parish Louisiana and surrounding areas. Hosted by Jim Chapman Local Leaders the Podcast provides a platform for family owned business owners...

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Local Leaders:The Podcast interviews TOP business owners in Livingston Parish Louisiana and surrounding areas. Hosted by Jim Chapman Local Leaders the Podcast provides a platform for family owned business owners to tell their individual journey into business ownership.
Local Leaders is widely recognized as the top business podcast in the State of Louisiana and rated in the top 10 nationally!
In 2020 Local Leaders made Podcast magazine's Hot 50 chart twice and in 2021 was a finalist for the People's choice Podcast award for Best Business Podcast rating Local Leaders in the Top 10 Globally!
Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/localleadersthepodcast/support
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