• By Looking Always Forward In Life You Can Live Full Out

    15 GIU 2024 · Episode: 2024.10.24 The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari empowers you to let go of the past and move confidently into the future. Envision who you want to become, plan what you must do to fulfill that aspiration, and then take action. You hold the power to forge ahead when you leave behind old baggage holding you back. While marching into the great unknown is daunting, summoning the courage to do so will enable you to reach new heights and live full out.    Our first caller wants to know how she can maintain a healthy work-life balance while working to pivot in her career. Nancy advises her to realize her power and seek out employment rather than wait for it to find her. Tune in to hear how Nancy guides our caller to create a structured plan for her future, equipped with the confidence she needs to achieve her goals. Our inspirational guest, Ron Holloway, grew up in a dangerous and abusive household, where he felt called to shield his family from his violent, abusive father. Realizing he wanted to work a heroic job in his childhood pushed Ron to become a federal special agent, a high-stakes job in which he safeguarded important figures like Olympians and diplomats. Eventually, Ron cracked under the intense stress and pressure of the job and had to receive rehabilitative care in the hospital twice. Using his recovery as a catalyst for transformation, Ron set out to reconstruct his life to provide for his family and regain his self-confidence. Tune in to hear Ron's story of resilience and adaptability. We can unlock our full potential by reframing what lies ahead of us as exciting rather than intimidating. When we focus on all the twists and turns as we navigate life, we can plan accordingly. By taking small steps forward daily with eyes trained on the future, we can live full out. 
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • By Becoming the Driver in your Life you can steer your way to Living Full Out (1)

    8 GIU 2024 · Show Theme: Becoming the Driver in your Life Show Title: By Becoming the Driver in your Life you can steer your way to Living Full Out Episode: 2024.10.23  The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to take control of the actions in your life. Maybe you feel that there are others around making choices for you. Perhaps there are little decisions actually being made by you. Join Nancy as she discusses how to become the driver in your own life.   Our first caller Najah wonders how to motivate herself to take the next step by getting a masters degree for her future career. Nancy advises her to talk to others in the industry who have a job that she would want. Having more than one option allows her to understand there are multiple ways to advance in your career. Tune in to discover how there are different routes to take in life to get you where you want to go.   Our inspirational guest Katherine Magnoli learned how to accept herself and became in charge of her own life. Katherine was born with Spina Bifida. This birth defect made it difficult for her to blend in with her peers because she had to use a wheelchair. After receiving kidney failure she wanted to give back to the world. Katherine became an advocate for people living with disabilities. Tune in to hear how she was able to break her shell and now educates people about others living with limitations.  Maybe you feel that you are unable to pick options you want in life. Try becoming more confident in the decisions you have made and positively move forward with the actions you created. Reminding yourself to take control of your path exemplifies what it means to live full out.
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • Learn How you can Strengthen Relationships through Listening as you Live Full Out (1)

    1 GIU 2024 · Episode: 2024.10.22 The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari empowers you to embrace the tug at your heart, urging you to make a positive change. Lean into your dreams and passions so you can take the reins as you write your story. Embarking on a transformational journey may seem daunting, but when you forge on and push through dark times, you seize your power and live full out. Our first caller, Ashley, is grappling with burnout after college graduation while training her to focus on finding a job and struggling to balance work and self-care. Nancy advises Ashley to prioritize rest and set parameters around her vacation so she can start looking for a career when she feels ready. Stay tuned to hear how Nancy guides Ashley to create a life plan so she can outline her goals and then work backward to achieve them. Our inspirational guest, Nancy McKay, grew up in an alcoholic household and used liquor throughout her life to numb the pain that came with a divorce, the loss of her parents, and a life-changing diagnosis. In a moment of clarity in a near-death moment, Nancy realized she had to get sober and turn her life around. Now, she helps other women find hope in the darkness.  Tune in to learn more about how Nancy overcame adversity and empowers other women like her to make positive changes in their lives.  We often fail to listen to our gut feelings, which are essential as we work to find our purpose and work toward success. As we navigate life and heed the call of our hearts and minds, we can unearth our true calling and purpose. By listening to ourselves and others, we can take one step closer to living full out. 
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • By Finding Your Way Home, You Can Live Full Out

    25 MAG 2024 · Episode 2024. 10. 21 The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to prioritize creating a sanctuary that you can call home. Maybe you’ve struggled with finding a concrete place and find connecting to be difficult. Perhaps finding a solid sense of security is challenging. Join Nancy as she discusses the importance of keeping a piece of home with you and establishing a foundation that feels safe to fall back on so you can live life to the fullest.  Our inspirational guest Robin Bartlett began his journey as a college student in ROTC during the Vietnam War. As conflicts escalated, he joined the service and leveled up into leadership positions with the responsibility of taking charge and ensuring the safety of his platoon. Tune in to discover how Robin’s skills as a leader and his strategic thinking kept his men out of harm’s way in times of danger.  Maybe you feel unsure about stepping out of your comfort zone without a sense of security. Try focusing on your bravery and find the ability to heal from your past so you can move forward in the future. By building your personal sanctuary, you can find meaning in life to live full out! Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/living-full-out-show--1474350/supportt #RobinBartlett #VietnamWar #publishing #leadership #PTSD #healing #veteran #relocation #connection #resilience #nevergiveup #home #travel #military #leadership #literature #army #writing #family #love #safety #bravery #comfortzone #security #ROTC
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  • When you are Being Consistent you are able to Control your Life and Live Full Out

    18 MAG 2024 · Episode 2024.10.20 The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to take control of your life by being consistent. Maybe you struggle with organization, and it has left you unable to manage your time. Perhaps you battle addiction and are unable to find a solution. Join Nancy as she discusses how consistency can benefit you to achieve your goals. Our first caller, Sydney, is moving to France for her job. She questions how to balance struggling to adjust to a new culture and also make new friends. Nancy advised to find ways to remain consistent with her friends back home in America, through video calls, and daily text messages. She also suggested finding comfort within familiar foods, scents, and tangible mementos. It’s important to remember that a change in scenery gives you endless opportunities! Tune in to discover how you can balance your new and old relationships.  Our inspirational guest, Patrick Chester, used consistency and routine to become the man he wanted to be for his family. Patrick always enjoyed being athletic. However, a knee injury prevented him from playing ever again. This resulted in his later gambling addiction and the damage to his relationships. These days he works at a company where he teaches other athletes the dangers of sports betting. Tune in to learn how Patrick used faith in a higher power to keep going in life when everything else seemed bleak. Perhaps you feel stuck in life, without a clear idea of how to move forward. Try focusing on moving ahead one step at a time, and being consistent. Remaining persistent in your efforts to change will enable you to move forward and start living full out.
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • Discover How When you see Things Differently you are Free to Live Full Out (1)

    11 MAG 2024 · Show Theme: See Things Differently Show Title: Discover How When you see Things Differently you are Free to Live Full Out Episode: 2024.10.19 The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to see things differently. Life can throw curve balls in your direction. Instead of getting discouraged, use these setbacks as opportunities for growth and a lesson. By shifting your perspective, you begin to see the bright side of every situation.  Our first caller, Janae, is wondering how to foster connections with new people as she is graduating college and moving to a new place. Nancy advises her to be herself. By owning your individuality you will begin to meet people in a way that is natural to you.  Our inspirational guest, Emily Graham was able to see things differently in order to move forward in her own life. Emily lost her seven year old son Cameron to a hereditary blood disorder on Christmas of 2015. Emily struggled to navigate life after losing him and thought about ending it all. Through reworking the way she saw life, she was able to build a future for herself that felt good.  When it comes to the trials and tribulations life might throw, try to take a step back and realize that everything always works out in the end. See what you could learn from it and examine what other doors might have opened because of it. By focusing on the positive side of things, you allow yourself to begin living full out! 
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • Learn How Being Afraid Can get you Closer to Living Full Out (1)

    4 MAG 2024 · Episode: 2024.10.18 The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to embrace fear to achieve your goals and reach new heights. Making necessary changes in life or taking risks when opportunity strikes can be daunting. However, by learning how to navigate these challenges, you can get closer to living full out, experiencing growth, and finding fulfillment.   Our first caller, Joe, wants to know how to start dating while maintaining a demanding job. Nancy advises him to emphasize his most admirable qualities to attract potential partners and to start slowly. Tune in to hear Nancy’s guidance so Joe can push beyond his comfort zone to find love.  Our inspirational guest, Genevieve Piturro, demonstrated immense courage while starting her nonprofit, the Pajama Program. Her journey began 15 years into her career as a television marketing executive when she realized that nurturing children was the missing piece in her life. Having none of her own, Genevieve began volunteering at a crisis shelter to read books to the kids. When she discovered the little ones fell asleep in ill-fitting and soiled clothes, she brought them pajamas. This simple act of kindness birthed a movement that touches people’s hearts nationwide and inspires them to follow their passion to make a positive impact.    At times, being afraid may hold us back from enriching opportunities. In these moments, it's crucial to remember that pushing through uncertainty can grant us a new path in life. By overcoming setbacks, we can find our purpose and live full out.
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • By Making The Most Of Out Where You Are In Life You Can Freely Live Full Out

    27 APR 2024 · Episode: 2024.10.17  The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to embrace life’s ups and downs as you work toward achieving your goals. Maybe you have difficulty processing complicated emotions after hearing heartbreaking news or are struggling to triumph over hurdles and setbacks. Join Nancy as she discusses overcoming hardship by accepting where you are and learning to enjoy the journey.  Our first caller, Kenneth, wonders how to overcome career stagnancy and a lack of motivation. Nancy advises him to celebrate the small wins and use his accomplishments as a springboard toward growth and success. Tune in to hear Nancy’s advice about how Kenneth can recognize his achievements as the first step toward reaching greater heights. Our inspiration guest, Mandy Meehan, leaned into her faith and an unwavering sense of hope on her journey to heal from persistent illness. In her youth, she struggled with exhaustion, dizziness, and an irregular menstrual cycle. Right before her wedding, at age 20, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, which meant she would have to put her dream career in youth ministry on hold. Tune in to learn how Mandy shares her emotional story on social media, inspiring her online community to find hope in dark times. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the struggles you face in life. Center yourself in your accomplishments and hold on to hope as you grow. Continuing to push through pain and frustration to find purpose will lead you to success as you live full out. 
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • When You Focus On Doing The Right Thing The Right Way You Are Living Full Out

    20 APR 2024 · Show Theme: Doing The Right Thing The Right Way Show Title: When You Focus On Doing The Right Thing The Right Way You Are Living Full Out  Episode: 2024.10.16 The Living Full Out show with Nancy encourages you to choose to do the right thing the right way. Maybe you feel that you are constantly cutting corners. Perhaps you are unaware of what the correct things are. Join Nancy as she discusses how to evaluate your actions when completing tasks and doing your part. Our inspirational guest Ed Gavagan goes through life being kind to others and chooses to seize everyday. Ed experienced many life-changing events over the past decades. He had a traumatic attack that left him with a 2% chance of survival. After the ambush he was able to confront his attackers. He chooses instead of anger to be the person that tries to change their outlook on life. Tune in to hear how Ed shares his story to express to others the importance of giving people second chances.  Perhaps you feel that you are unable to do the right thing while doing it your own way. Make a choice, trust in that decision, and take time to celebrate everyday. Reminding yourself to grow to be the best version of you will guide you to living full out.
    52 min. 51 sec.
  • When You Surrender In Life You Can Tap Into Peace As You Live Full Out

    13 APR 2024 · Show Theme: Surrender In Life Show Title: When You Surrender In Life You Can Tap Into Peace As You Live Full Out Episode: 2024.10.15 The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to surrender in life. When life throws its toughest battles, it can seem easier to stay down. It is important to remember to get back up and to let go. Through releasing, you will be able to open the doors for new opportunities and a brighter future.  Our first caller, Phiya, is wondering how to successfully navigate her life after college. Nancy advises her to put together a life plan. This can give a sense of structure and really focus your goals so that things are not all over the place. When you start small, you give yourself the space to grow while going at a steady pace.  Our inspirational guest, Marica Phipps Johnson was able to surrender in her life in order to move toward a brighter future. Marica endured extreme assault from her ex partner and had two life altering moments that impacted the trajectory of her life. Surviving the abuse led her to become an advocate and inspiration for people who are stuck in a similar situation everywhere. Marica needed to teach herself how to live with the fact that her abuser would be getting out of jail early. She learned how to accept her past and release the pain it imprinted on her in order to find peace.  When it comes to trials and tribulations, try to take these dark moments as a lesson, an opportunity to grow, or a chance to see things from a new perspective.  Adversities and how we move forward from them are what define you as a person. Leaving the past behind and looking towards the future is the secret to truly living full out! 
    52 min. 51 sec.

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The Living Full Out with Nancy Solari radio show brings the Living Full Out philosophy to life. Listeners are encouraged to not only embrace change, but to look for opportunities...

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The Living Full Out with Nancy Solari radio show brings the Living Full Out philosophy to life. Listeners are encouraged to not only embrace change, but to look for opportunities to create it. Don’t let life get you down. When your morale starts to dwindle, it’s time to get motivated again, make some positive changes, and take each day as an adventure and opportunity to maximize your potential in life.

Nancy shows how to live the Living Full Out lifestyle through personal anecdotes about living with a disability, starting and growing her own businesses and giving advice to those brave callers who share their own stories. Her guidance is always focused on continuing to move forward, no matter what.

Through Nancy’s show, you’ll learn how to be here in this moment, and let go of the past guilt and future fears you’re holding inside of you so that you can make the most of the time you have now. Having overcome their own intense emotional and physical challenges, an inspirational guest on each show will enlighten you on the best ways to look positively on your life and overcome setbacks.

Living Full Out with Nancy Solari addresses many topics such as relationships, finances, career, entrepreneurship, goal setting, parenting, death, divorce, marriage, and more.

If you believe that you or someone you know has a motivational story that would make them a great fit to be the inspirational guest on the Living Full Out with Nancy Solari show, then please contact us by emailing info@livingfullout.com.
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