• TV programmes, open days, rants, pleas and recycling shotgun cartridges

    31 MAG 2024 · With a distinctive 1970's theme, we discuss a wide range of topics and there are a couple of rants from Grumpy. Actually three. Sorry
    47 min. 19 sec.
  • Pupdate, unusual sea creatures, concert punch-ups and postage

    16 MAG 2024 · We're back on Riverside so this one will sound a whole lot better! We talk a lot about Floyd and the mystery that are dogs, plus some trivia we've come across over the last few weeks
    36 min. 20 sec.
  • Discovering planets, spare wheels, briefcases and a bird named Derek

    25 APR 2024 · Two weeks late, the second installment from Lippy Towers
    32 min. 7 sec.
  • 35 min. 29 sec.
  • Lippy has an announcement, more midnight moans, stealing DVDs and Lippy's new feature that she's forgotten the name of

    15 MAR 2024 · Plus, old Navy terms, midnight (again), parking on other people's driveways, rolling restorations, gig etiquette (again) and Nigerian fancy dress parties Lippy has a very important announcement and you will need to listen to find out! We have some old Navy terms that have found their way into common parlance. Grumpy is back on his midnight rant and has a confession about when he schedules this podcast. Thinking of parking on someone else's driveway? Listen to this story of the perfect revenge. Grumpy has taken on yet another car as a rolling restoration, a bit like The Donkey Sanctuary but for old unwanted vehicles. We have a bit of a moan about gig etiquette and gasp at the cost of tickets. Attending a Nigerian fancy dress party in scuba gear. We reveal how ASDA were loosing so many DVDs from some of their stores. Grumpy has been buying DVDs of very old films. Lippy's new feature with no name starts in this episode and Grumpy has a fun fact about a bus and Tower Bridge
    43 min. 51 sec.
  • Farwell to Steve Wright, new fences, incorrect postage and soup or sauce

    1 MAR 2024 · Plus, gentle podcasts, Apprentice winners, fun with Senior Rail Cards, Spinna d'Plates, Alan Partridge and Thames Water Having faffed around on a cheaper recording platform, we're back on Riverside, proving you get what you pay for. We bid a sad farewell to radio genius Steve Wright. Grumpy has found a kindred spirit for his annoyance for gentle podcasts that advertise loud podcasts waking night time listeners with a jolt. We fans of the "The Rest is Entertainment" podcast with Richard Osman and Marina Hyde, well worth a listening. Lippy had a Christmas card with the incorrect postage. Having paid the £1.20 fine, she was horrified to find out the culprit. Grumpy Towers has a new fence after ten years of propping up and general concern that the whole lot was going to be blown down in a storm. We've picked our Apprentice winners after the first episode, however Grumpy is a long way behind as he doesn't have the strength to watch in the evening. Turning 60 has a benefit in being able to buy a Senior Rail Card giving you money off train tickets. Grumpy has used his twice and has managed to spend £2 more than he would of done without the card and has narrowly avoided a fine. Orange marshal 2 has morphed into Spinna d'Plates and we look forward to hear more about his adventures. Partridge is back on the BBC! What is the difference between soup and a sauce? You probably won't find the answer here. Grumpy has a rant at Thames Water. Lippy has an ick and Grumpy a fun fact.
    33 min. 27 sec.
  • Radio terms, new TV and cutting sandwiches

    16 FEB 2024 · Plus restoring old buildings, the development of Threads, Lippy's utility room and Tunnock biscuits One of Grumpy's favourite topics, the use of over and out in films gets a upgrade to include the terms roger and wilco. Another of Grumpy's favourites, the definition of midnight, will not be discussed by Wife of Grumpy. Wise woman. Restoring the Old Cottage Hospital building in Cranleigh. Grumpy has been strong armed into replacing the 16 year old plasma screen at Grumpy Towers despite him maintaining the old one was perfect. Grumpy has a bit of a moan about setting up the new TV and for once Lippy agrees. Thanks to Elon Musk (aka Space Karen)'s management of Twitter, Facebook accelerated the development of Threads and the way they achieved this is a good example of software development. Lippy's downstairs bathroom has been turned into an excellent utility room. Surprisingly Lippy is quite particular about washing and it turns out both Grumpy and Duckboy are discouraged from operating washing machines. Following a van road trip where many were consumed, Grumpy is delighted to report that Tunnock Caramel biscuits are the same size they have always been. We look at a brilliant line from Enemy of the State and a mystery about dead letter drops. Grumpy has been shunned by one of his heroes, Mr Alan Partridge who has a different view of sandwich cutting. We both horrified by the arrangement of bread in a sandwich recently made by Wife of Grumpy. No top tip from Lippy this week, and a rather old fun fact from Grumpy
    29 min. 5 sec.
  • Where have we been the last four months?

    2 FEB 2024 · Plus, leadership traits, Floyd the puppy, The Apprentice, dyslexia and a fair bit of waffle. Excuses aplenty as to why we have been off air for four months. Some very old messages from The Screaming Tomato and Davros. Floyd the puppy has grown, almost into a full dog and is enjoying life, particularly used tissues. The Apprentice is back and we're going to back a contestant based on the first episode. A previous contestant being fired triggers a discussion about dyslexia
    27 min. 42 sec.
  • Outrageous refunds, slow supermarket lanes, buying Stonehenge and is it an ick?

    14 SET 2023 · Plus, when did the 20th century start, McDonalds' opening times, F1, munge, Doom, lap custard and bus routes. The Screaming Tomato has picked us up on a fun fact a few months ago where a boat was apparently in two different months, years and centuries at thee same time. Grumpy get road rage every time he goes through Guildford due to the sign outside McDonalds. Private Eye's Funny Old World has details of an outrageous refund claim that caught Grumpy's eye and made Lippy speechless. A Dutch supermarket has opened a slow lane at supermarkets aimed at elderly people that would like a chat at they pack their shopping. A minor vocal interruption by Floyd leads to a quick pupdate. Grumpy has another of his top ideas to make Formula 1 a bit less dull. We've both re-watched Fresh Meat, a brilliant series about freshers at University, due to Grumpy using the name munge to describe a hash up of food when camping. Duckboy wasn't taken by the name, however enjoyed the end result. Doom is running on a McDonald's kiosk, but not a hairdryer. Otters, one of our favourite creatures, have been reintroduced in Oregon and California to support the eco-system and doing a fine job. Grumpy gets quite crossed about talking during concerts and is horrified by reports of items thrown at musicians on the stage. Lippy has been listening to "Is it just me?" on Radio 1 and there's a lot of unusual family traditions out there. Grumpy explains the origin of the "lap custard". Grumpy has uncovered some information about Stonehenge and the gifting of the monument to the public. Shouldn't cost more than a shilling to visit it. Lippy has a new feature, is it an ick? Grumpy didn't know what an ick was either. Grumpy has a fun fact, that is immediately scuppered.
    31 min. 42 sec.
  • What we got up to over the summer

    7 SET 2023 · Including, Floyd has landed, Le Mans Classic, Festival of Speed, camping in Swanage, building a pergola, redundancy, classic car shows, Weyfest, Christmas dinner in August and a wine trip to Norfolk We've had quite a summer and have a new addition to the family. No, Lippy's not pregnant, we have an eight week old Australian Labradoodle called Floyd. Grumpy had an almost incident free trip to Le Mans Classic in July, which turned out to be even better than he expected. In a motorsport filled month Grumpy went to the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, which included a private tour of group B rally cars. The annual Swanage trip had mixed weather and resulted in Lippy's brand new tent blowing down in a storm. Fortunately, Lippy and Dick Boy had bailed before the storm struck leaving Grumpy to put the tent away when the weather improved. The collapse may have been down to some poor pegging! Lippy and Duck Boy build a pergola for their back garden from base materials, no kit was involved. A couple of incidents, however, the structure is square and secure. More DIY is anticipated. Grumpy's been made redundant after 14 years at the same company. He's pretty happy! Whilst the pergola project was on the go, Grumpy was commentating at the Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show. What a day! Enjoyed by all and raised a stack of cash for the Cranleigh Lions. We had a family trip to Weyfest near Farnham, mostly to see Scouting for Girls, the best festival band in the world! We saw many other bands, some previously unknown. The summer was rounded off with Christmas dinner (actually a BBQ) with some very old friends all of our children, their partners and children's children and a trip to Chet Valley Vineyards in Norfolk. We're back next week with some a more usual mix of odd stories facts and a new section from Lippy.
    32 min. 7 sec.
Lippy and Grumpy ignore the important issues of the day and instead ramble through a variety of topics, hopefully convincing some guests to take part too.

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