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Let's Wander The Extra Mile

  • Episode 20 - Oh BONK!

    24 MAR 2024 · Duke continues his search for Harry and Chris and asks for help from unsavoury sources and evil forces
    5 min. 44 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Episode 19 - Stuck in a (glove) hole

    10 MAR 2024 · Duke gets sent out to find Harry and Chris and encounters some rude white van men.
    5 min. 54 sec.
  • Episode 18 - Harry's new digs

    25 FEB 2024 · An argument breaks out between the gang and Harry looks to new gloveholes
    6 min. 45 sec.
  • Episode 17 - Whohl Again

    4 FEB 2024 · Duke is getting ready for Valentine's Day and he's trying to decide which one to cover for Gloria.
    7 min. 41 sec.
  • Episode 16 Tidy Cramster

    14 GEN 2024 · Kung Po Panda and Harry Cramster join the show because Dukes angry.
    7 min. 22 sec.
  • Episode 15 - A Year in review

    30 DIC 2023 · A quick going over of this year's events.
    11 min. 40 sec.
  • Episode 14 - Whack tunes and Noop

    27 NOV 2023 · Duke plays his and Gloria's Christmas single and gets a reply from a fellow artiste
    8 min. 23 sec.
  • Episode 11 - Let's Wander The Extra Mile Post Bonkening

    25 NOV 2023 · A chat with some of the cast from the Bonkening film.
    8 min. 31 sec.
  • Episode 13 - Christmas songs and Cocaine Hippos

    19 NOV 2023 · Chris and Duke chat about this weeks happenings and Duke reads some of his favourite news stories
    7 min. 31 sec.
  • Episode 12 - Let's Wander The Extra Mile

    5 NOV 2023 · Gloria joins Chris and Duke for a chat about their relationship, Haunted Dolls and their latest adventure The Bonkening.
    9 min. 12 sec.
Let's Wander presenter Chris Day and his sidekick puppet Duke Cruise. We attempt to make interesting conversation about history and nature however it always goes south.

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