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  • The search for identity with Janet Sherlund

    20 MAG 2024 · Janet Sherlund: An Intimate Conversation with Janet Sherlund on Adoption, Loss, and the Healing Power of Memoir. It’s stunning to realize that only 10 states make birth records available to American-born adoptees and their biological parents—Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island. For adult adoptees born in the 20th-century era of closed adoptions, this presents a painful obstacle to discovering their origins and ending the agonizing hunger to know their own identity. Janet Sherlund poignantly captures this journey in her elegant and heart-wrenching memoir, ABANDONED AT BIRTH: Searching for the Arms That Once Held Me (Forefront Books; May 7, 2024). Sherlund paints a vivid portrait of the detachment and longing of an adopted child and the lifelong quest to find her biological mother. It’s an unflinching examination of the grief and trauma caused by this primal separation and the dogged determination it takes to face the forces of opposition—both internal and external—to finally achieve answers. @ #abandoned #seekidentity #searchfortruth #hopeful
    33 min. 35 sec.
  • Redemption of a Holocaust Survivor With Dr_ Rob J Wolf

    6 MAG 2024 · Robert J. Wolf MD: Neuroradiologist, Author. I hope that this note finds you well. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this. My mom, Judit Wolf, was one of the many interesting participants in the “Survivors of the Shoah” movie from the 1990s, important work indeed! Consulting Professor Michael Berenbaum was kind enough to write a fine testimonial for my critically acclaimed book Not a Real Enemy. The book has now won a Nautilus Book Award, a National Indie Excellence Award, a Living Now Book Award, and a Readers’ Favorite Book Award for 2023! I am deeply saddened by what is happening in Israel and in the USA, and at no time like the present could my book’s messages be more poignant, more relevant, and more germane. I am reaching out as I seek support for Not a Real Enemy. I would like to see my book taught in classes, starting with Harvard, where antisemitism is on the rise, and at Tufts, with its changing curriculum, sadly pointed out to me by a friend from my home state of Michigan. What an outreach for such outlandish news! I’m hearing more of the same at Stanford and other campuses. I graduated from Tufts in 1984 with, B.S. in Biology and Psychology, and graduated University of Michigan Medical School in 1988.@
    37 min. 56 sec.
  • Social Issues _ Contemporary Fiction With Juliet RoseMP3

    17 FEB 2024 · Author Juliet Rose: I have a unique writer's voice and am a multi-award-winning author of eight novels. I blend social issues into my fiction writing in the hopes of opening different perspectives. My genres are contemporary/literary fiction, new adult, and supernatural horror/suspense. By the time she was ten years old, Juliet Rose knew she wanted to be a writer. She entertained neighborhood kids with her stories after school and with the support of her mother got her first typewriter. Life had other plans and after the death of her mother when Juliet was eleven she put those dreams on hold. Over the decades she has picked up the proverbial pen time and again, writing about her life experiences including the cancer diagnosis and subsequent passing of her four-year-old daughter. Focusing on fiction currently, she is driven to bring to life characters from many walks of life and the struggles faced in modern society. Her writing style is open and fluid, giving the characters the ability to shine as the truth of their own story. Her works are honest and sometimes brutally painful but in the end her characters are given the voice that needs to be heard.
    32 min. 44 sec.
  • The Essential Services Authors Need With Michele Defilippo

    8 FEB 2024 · Michele Defilippo: Publish Like the Pros with 1106 Design: Offering Quality, Integrity, Transparency, and Personal Customer Service to Authors since 2001. Self-publishing means the AUTHOR is the publisher, but you'd never know that from browsing the internet. Most authors believe a publisher is necessary, that they must sign away their rights, creative control, and revenues to offer their books to the public. This is not the case! 1106 Design's mission is to help authors publish books without sharing a penny of their net revenue* from sales with a publisher. We provide self-publishing peace with quality services, reliable publishing advice, and the convenience of project management at every stage. Since 2001, we have helped more than 4,000 authors Publish Like the Pros.
    33 min. 35 sec.
  • A Natural Afterlife Discovered With Bryon Ehlmann

    24 GEN 2024 · In his book, Ehlmann challenges centuries-old beliefs and invites readers to embark on a transformative journey. Contrary to conventional wisdom, this groundbreaking book unveils a profound truth: death is not the end of consciousness nor synonymous with nonexistence. While it may or may not lead to a faith-based, supernatural afterlife, death preserves one's self (or soul) and makes any final moment of pleasure eternal. Since the release of the movie After Death, Bryon has written an article comparing the accuracy of his book with the movie which he can also discuss in his interview. Expand Your Mind, and Rethink Your Views About Death and the Afterlife. A Natural Afterlife Discovered: The Newfound, Psychological Reality That Awaits Us at Death topples centuries-old orthodoxy
    38 min. 34 sec.
  • True Success Means Success in All Areas of Life With Daryl Dittmer

    22 GEN 2024 · Author, Entrepreneur, Sober, Student of Life. My name is Daryl Dittmer. I am a successful entrepreneur, recently published author, full-time student of life, and sober for decades. I am here to share with you how life can go from torrential times to something beautiful beyond your wildest dreams. It started at sobriety for me but that's just the beginning of the story. My name is Daryl Dittmer, I'm an entrepreneur, and a recently published author, and have been sober for decades. I'm here to discuss sobriety, but more importantly, how life can go from a dead-end mess to something you can't imagine in your wildest dreams, inside and out. I'm here to share my experience, in the hope that it will help all who decide to listen. My name is Daryl Dittmer, I'm an entrepreneur, and recently published author, and have been sober for decades. I'm here to discuss sobriety, but more importantly, how life can go from a dead-end mess to something you can't imagine in your wildest dreams, inside and out. I'm here to share my experience, in the hope that it will help all who decide to listen.
    30 min. 34 sec.
  • A New Take On Victims and Perpetrators We All Must Know

    3 DIC 2023 · Phyllis Leavitt MA Author and Psychotherapist: I have just written a book called America in Therapy: A New Approach To Hope And Healing For A Nation In Crisis, in which I talk about the urgency to bring our whole country to therapy in a way never written about before. From years of experience as a client myself, and well over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist working extensively with individual and family dysfunction and abuse, I felt a deep calling to share all I have learned with the public and demonstrate how the principles of the best psychotherapy can be used to help heal our country of escalating hatred, divisiveness and violence. I speak to all of us who fear for our children and all future generations, who may feel hopeless or resigned or simply don't know what to do to help create a more loving and sustainable world. I bring a message of both urgency and hope, in language the layman can easily relate to and understand, through personal stories, client case studies, and professional expertise.
    38 min. 8 sec.
  • Earning My Wings with Mary Frances Fisher

    26 NOV 2023 · Mary Frances Fisher the author of "Growing Up O'Malley. Growing Up O’Malley is a poignant story of an Irish immigrant couple raising seven boisterous children in the early 1900s. Their antics provide the backdrop for a story filled with humor and determination to navigate life’s challenges—the Great Depression, kidnapping, deadly illness, and World War II. Their journey focuses on optimism, Irish wit, and faith to provide inner strength hidden until tested by fate. Her additional writing experiences include several short stories published by Transcendent Publishing: "Earning My Wings" in Touched by an Angel: A Collection of Divinely Inspired Stories and Poems, October 2013; "Mercy's Legacy" in Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2013, December 2013; "Be Careful What You Wish For" in The Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2014, January 2015; and "The Gift" in Finding Our Wings: A Collection of Angelic Stories and Poems, March 2016; and the second place winner for "Leap of Faith" in The Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2016. She has also written a screenplay based on "Mercy's Legacy" and in 2023 won the Firebird Honorable Recognition for "Earning My Wings". #EarnYourWings #SkyHigh #FlyHigh
    37 min. 34 sec.
  • Upcoming Teen Author Shares Experiences As A Writer

    27 OTT 2023 · My name is Asher Robinson (Asher Warren is my pen name) and I have been writing since the age of seven. When I was seven I went to a writing club where we had to write short stories of any genre. I wrote a horror story (of course) and my work was published soon after. Ever since that club I have been writing nonstop. It took me a while to write my first full-length novel because I didn't know how to extend a story without it seeming boring and dragging on. Then, in 2021, I wrote my first full-length novel called, Maniacal. Maniacal is a slasher/mystery/whodunit. It is published on my website and on Amazon. That book was short, only 151 pages long. I wanted to be able to expand a story even more without seeming boring so during Maniacal's editing process I wrote another book called, The Trees Are Breathing. It's a 350-page thriller/drama novel and it will be published summer of this year. I am willing to talk about a variety of topics. I can talk about being a teen author, publishing, writing, bullying, stress, etc. Pretty much anything that follows loosely under those categories. Asher Robinson is a 16-year-old author from San Diego, California. He started writing when he was seven. He first started by writing a bunch of short horror stories, some of which were published (not available anymore). He took what he learned from writing short stories and he used it to write a full-length novel.
    33 min. 53 sec.
  • Frank Giammanco's “Lord of the Wood,”

    12 OTT 2023 · : Frank Giammanco is an author and a business consultant living in northern New Jersey. He went to West Babylon High School and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Fordham University. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Frank Giammanco honed his skills in the publishing industry with roles in editorial, sales, and management. As a consultant, he brings his expertise in business planning, marketing, social media, and content development to clients. Frank Giammanco blends his publishing industry experience with his writing talent to publish his first-ever fantasy and fiction masterpiece, “Lord of the Wood,” which takes the readers on a thrilling quest to search for Bigfoot. Making A Difference by Al Berg as told to Frank Giammanco, published by Outskirts Press. After nearly four decades in the vision care fields as a publisher, I am currently providing consulting services to a number of companies which includes business planning, marketing strategies, social media, and content development for digital venues.
    31 min. 18 sec.

As adults it may be challenging to find time to read, but reading must be seen as an event with passion, knowledge, and drama; we thrive to give you all...

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As adults it may be challenging to find time to read, but reading must be seen as an event with passion, knowledge, and drama; we thrive to give you all of these and more as we invite writers to share their Inspiration so that we all can be Enlightened. Let's Just Read
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