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  • Episode 220: Missing Stroud Topps Autos, Fanatics/Auctions, Fun Face Holliday, RECORD MJ & More!

    15 GIU 2024 · on episode 220 the guys are BACK with a JAM packed episode!!! Fanatics dives into the auction house game, Missing CJ Stroud Autos, Fun Face Holliday suprise SSP's, RECORD setting MJ sale and its MAJOR impact on the hobby, and TONS more!! Avail on all platforms and streamed LIVE on YouTube every week, with bonus footage and your Q's answered!
    Ascoltato 47 min. 17 sec.
  • Episode 219: Game Used CARDS!? Gamestop Enters Hobby, New PSA Slabs & TONS More!!

    17 MAG 2024 · on episode 219, The DH and Scott break down a crazy week in the hobby. GAME USED cards, GameStop entering the hobby, new PSA slabs, Bowman frenzy, and TONS more!!
    Ascoltato 53 min. 33 sec.
  • Episode 218: Topps Conference News, Redemptions, NFL Draft, Chrome Basketball & More!

    2 MAG 2024 · on episode 218, The DH and Scott break down all the news coming out of an incredible Topps Conference, address the recent redemption changes, topps chrome basketball returning, the NFL Draft and Marvin Harrison Jr. and TONS MORE!!! Plus, a HUGE surprise and ANOTHER DH Rant! A JAM PACKED EPISODE of LGTP!!!
    Ascoltato 45 min. 26 sec.
  • Episode 217: Goldin to eBay, ANOTHER Topps Leak (DH Goes OFF), UFC Buyback & more!!

    12 APR 2024 · on episode 217 the guys discuss the recent trade between Collectors and eBay, with eBay acquiring Goldin and Collectors getting the eBay Vault, ANOTHER Topps Leak (The DH goes OFF) and the story they refuse to address, the UFC buyback program, and TONS more!!! a JAM PACKED episode!!
    Ascoltato 45 min. 28 sec.
  • Episode 216: JSA Sale, Altered Wembanyama Prizm?? Rovell Bombshell & More!

    26 MAR 2024 · on episode 216 The DH and Scott break down the recent sale of JSA, possibly altered Wembanyama Prizm 1/1's, Topps bringing Wembanyama "RPA's" to Dynasty MLB, Darren Rovell rumblings and TONS MORE!!
    Ascoltato 33 min. 57 sec.
  • Episode 215: PSA/SGC News, Bedard Bounty, Caitlin Clark & MORE!

    12 MAR 2024 · on episode 215, The DH and Scott discuss the recent acquisition of SGC by PSA's parent company Collectors, Caitlin Clark signing a HUGE deal with Panini, Conor Bedard Bounty/S2 insanity, and TONS MORE!!! a CANT MISS episode!!
    Ascoltato 49 min. 40 sec.
  • Episode 214: Trashed RPA's!? S1 Secrets, AJ Dillons Legendary Signing, BREAKING NEWS & more!

    22 FEB 2024 · on episode 214, The DH and Scott break down the hidden parallels and secrets in Topps Series 1, AJ Dillons Legendary Signing, BREAKING NEWS regarding TRASHED Aidan O'Connell RPA's, Possibly FAKE AR13 Autos, and TONS more! a JAM PACKED episode!! Become a supporter of this podcast:
    Ascoltato 47 min. 57 sec.
  • Episode 213: Steve Loney (Cardsmiths) & LCS Owner Steve Wilson, Prizm, Bronny/Bron Superfractor & more!

    12 FEB 2024 · on episode 213, The DH and Scott sit down with Cardsmiths Steve Loney and LCS owner Steve Wilson! 2x interviews! Currency controversy, Bronny/Bron Superfractor, Prizm Parallels, Topps Series 1 and TONS more!
    Ascoltato 1 h 1 min. 5 sec.
  • Episode 212: UFC to Topps! Donruss Next Day Mistake, Caitlin Super Sale & More!

    3 FEB 2024 · on episode 212, The DH and Scott break down the shocking news of the UFC moving to Topps, Panini/Donruss's Next Day Mistake, Caitlin Clark Superfractor Sale, Leaf buying Press Pass, the demise of Metazoo, a hilarious Pat McAfee autograph and TONS more!
    Ascoltato 47 min. 1 sec.
  • Episode 211: Brady Photoshop, EXCLUSIVE: Most Dangerous Room in The Hobby? MJ Bounty, NFL Playoffs

    19 GEN 2024 · on episode 211 The DH and Scott break down the ridiculous outrage over the Brady Bowman Photoshop, drop a HUGE EXCLUSIVE on what could be the most dangerous room in the hobby & a massive problem at Topps. Plus: MJ Melendez Bounty, Baker/NFL Playoffs HUGE for the NFL Hobby, and TONS more!!!
    Ascoltato 39 min. 39 sec.

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