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Jim Serpico: Bread For The People - Sourdough, Pizza & Life

  • Doap and the Great Accelerator: Joshua Grange's Insights on Life's Harmonies

    10 GIU 2024 · In this engaging episode, host Jim Serpico chats with Joshua Grange, the mastermind behind Doap - the innovative silicon scrubbing bar for bakers and dough makers. Joshua is also a seasoned professional guitar player who has shared stages with icons like K.D. Lang and Beck. Their dialogue delves into the profound influence of ear training on musical skills and the art of embracing failure as a catalyst for personal growth. They also discuss the practical aspects of setting realistic goals, navigating career shifts, and the transformative power of the pandemic as a driver of change. From the intricacies of professional touring and studio sessions to insights on the evolving music scene in Nashville, they touch on the influence of parental guidance and the pursuit of balance and fulfillment in life. The conversation spans a wide range of topics, from the intricacies of professional touring and studio sessions to insights into the evolving music scene in Nashville. They touch on the influence of parental guidance and the pursuit of balance and fulfillment in life, as well as stepping out of comfort zones, seeking personal growth, and reflecting on the role of psychedelics in therapy. Through personal narratives and anecdotes, they shed light on the importance of camaraderie during tours, the versatility of skills across domains, and finding harmony amidst life's challenges. Tune in for a casual yet profound dialogue that sheds light on mental health, personal development, and the joy of embracing new experiences. This episode promises a blend of lighthearted moments and meaningful insights, offering valuable perspectives on life's diverse facets and the beauty of personal evolution. Learn more about DOAP here:
    1 h 8 min. 22 sec.
  • Unpacking the Art of Brand Building with Steve DeAngelis

    3 GIU 2024 · On this week’s podcast, host Jim Serpico engages in a knowledge-packed conversation with Steve DeAngelis, a seasoned Co-Founder of MMP Creations, a media agency with a clear mission to assist brands in community building. In a world where everyone claims to be a 'Full Service Agency,' MMP stands out with its laser focus on delivering exceptional results through Video and Social Media. Jim and Steve discuss the nuances of brand building and community development for businesses, particularly in the wellness and food-oriented industries. They delve into the practical challenges that small businesses often encounter when investing in brand building, highlighting the real impact of budget constraints and the necessity for a customized approach based on the business's growth stage. They also stress the significance of fostering relationships and community through social media, cautioning against the allure of viral content and broad hashtags. Jim mentions a recent setback at a new farmer's market where an experimental sourdough didn't meet expectations. They talk about dreams and opportunities, with Jim recounting his journey in the entertainment industry and how seizing opportunities led him to his current path. Steve also shares his perspective, emphasizing that he pursued opportunities rather than a specific dream and delved into the complexities of prioritizing opportunities to achieve his current goals.  Jim and Steve discuss their experiences in bread making, video production, and business development, emphasizing the common theme of embracing failure and learning from mistakes. They stressed the importance of perseverance and continuous learning, drawing parallels between the iterative process of perfecting bread-making and creating engaging video content. The discussion underscored the notion that success is not defined solely by immediate gratification but by the continuous pursuit of improvement and learning from failures. Finally, they share insights into the performance of different social media posts, using examples of attention-grabbing content and cautioning against excessive time spent on social media platforms.
    53 min. 33 sec.
  • From Pies to Profits: A Conversation with Pizza Master Mike Pitera

    27 MAG 2024 · In this Bread For the People episode, host Jim Serpico chats with Mike Pitera, owner of Pizza a Modo Mio and Pizza A Modo Cafe in Charleston, SC. Mike, ranked among the top 10 cheese pizza makers globally by the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, joins Jim to discuss various aspects of the food industry, entrepreneurship, and business ownership. Jim shares his weekly routine and aspirations of opening his first brick-and-mortar store. They reminisce about attending a pizza school in Hollywood, Florida, and Mike's 6th place finish at the World Pizza Championships in Las Vegas. The conversation also delves into the challenges of running a food truck business. They delve into the pros and cons of an open kitchen concept and offer insightful advice on buying businesses, cautioning against relying solely on brokers. The conversation underscores the significance of proactive, self-driven strategies in pursuing business opportunities, empowering the audience with the knowledge and confidence to take charge of their entrepreneurial journeys. Mike, a beacon of success, encourages Jim to consider moving from Long Island for a new venture, highlighting the immense rewards that come with following one's passion. Jim, filled with hope and encouragement, listens to Mike's advice with openness, acknowledging the potential obstacles involved in such a bold move. This episode offers valuable insights into the food industry, entrepreneurship, and business ownership. Jim and Mike share personal journeys and challenges, highlighting the importance of proactive approaches in seizing opportunities. It also touches on the uncertainties of making significant life changes like pursuing new business ventures.
    1 h 1 min. 40 sec.
  • Branding and Problem-Solving with Erik Fabian of Sourhouse

    20 MAG 2024 · In this episode of Bread For the People, host Jim Serpico speaks with Erik Fabian, the Co-Founder of Sourhouse. a company that helps people bake more sourdough bread by creating thoughtfully designed baking tools and inviting people to bake more often. Erik discusses developing a product to help home bakers improve the bulk-proofing stage of bread making. He explains the challenges many home bakers face in achieving the correct bulk proof and how their "DoughBed" product addresses these issues. The "DoughBed" is designed to create a consistent and warm environment for the dough to proof, allowing bakers to monitor and control the proofing process easily. The goal is to provide a tool that simplifies the baking process without taking away the artisanal aspects of baking.  Jim and Erik also discuss developing products from the ground up, managing Kickstarter campaigns, starting a restaurant, taking risks, starting something from scratch, living in North Carolina vs. New York, and more. To support Sourhouse's new product  Visit them at Kickstarter: DoughBed: Instagram: @lifeatsourhouse
    54 min. 23 sec.
  • Bread and Television: A Producer's Perspective with Jim Serpico

    13 NOV 2023 · On this episode of Bread For the People, host Jim Serpico takes a break from his usual interview format and shares a personal reflection on the end of the Screen Actors Guild strike. As a successful television producer who has worked on hit shows such as Rescue Me and Maron, Jim offers unique insight into the physical and mental demands of both the entertainment and bread-making industries. He shares details about his career journey and future plans for his businesses. Tune in for this insightful and candid conversation about the intersection of art, commerce, and passion.
    23 min. 19 sec.
  • Mixing Tradition and Inspiration: Travis Gerjets's Bread-Making Adventure

    6 NOV 2023 · Be captivated by the heartfelt journey of bread maker and founder of Prairie Sky Breads Travis Gerjets, in this week's episode of the Bread For the People Podcast. Join host Jim Serpico as he delves into Travis's inspiring story of how a unique soup kitchen experience in Liverpool sparked a passion for baking bread like his beloved grandmother. Travis's desire to preserve family recipes and spend valuable time with his grandmother led him down an extraordinary path. Discover how Travis's passion for bread-making brought him to the bustling farmers market scene in Minot, North Dakota, where he initially knew no one. Tune in as Travis shares how the farmers market became more than just a venue for selling bread; it became a lifeline, building connections and opening up a whole new world for him. Follow along as Travis recounts the heartwarming tales of loyal customers who have journeyed with him since the beginning and how his bread became a genuine bridge into people's lives. Uncover the power of conversations around his homemade bread, forging meaningful connections with familiar faces, and transforming the new place into a welcoming home. Immerse yourself in the enchanting routine of Prairie Sky Breads' early mornings along with bakers Zack Schueller and Ramanda Nash, the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread, and the joy of receiving positive customer feedback. Travis and his team's passion, resilience, and ability to find community through bread will leave you inspired and eager to savor the next chapter of his remarkable journey. Don't miss this captivating episode of the Bread For the People Podcast, where Travis's extraordinary story will touch your heart and remind you of the incredible power of food and connection.
    47 min. 19 sec.
  • Sandi Smith - Mixing Passion and Purpose with Sandi's Breads

    30 OTT 2023 · Join host Jim Serpico as he unleashes his passion for all things bread in this delectable episode of Bread For the People. Get ready to be captivated by the story of Sandy Smith, the co-founder of Sandi's Breads based in Palmyra, PA. Sandy, along with her talented husband Tom, creates magic in their bakery, crafting European artisan breads and pastries that will make your taste buds dance. Prepare to be inspired as you learn about Sandy's humble beginnings, starting in their home kitchen where she milled grain and baked while homeschooling their four children. The demand for her wholesome, whole-grain baked goods soon outgrew the confines of their kitchen, propelling them to venture into a commercial location. From there, they embarked on an incredible journey, showcasing their delectable treats at seasonal markets before finally settling into their very own bakery situated in the Farmstead Farmer's Market, a bustling year-round indoor market. Discover the heart and soul behind Sandi's Breads as Sandy shares her incredible baking expertise, from a single variety of bread in 2002 to a mouth-watering repertoire of 40 varieties today. Immerse yourself in the process of developing these delectable recipes, where every loaf is a labor of love and commitment to quality. Get ready to be swept away by the tantalizing array of pastries and baked goods that Sandy and Tom have meticulously perfected. From the heavenly sandwich and slider rolls made using their signature Honey Whole Wheat bread to an endless variety of irresistible options, you won't be able to resist sinking your teeth into their heavenly concoctions. Tune in to Bread For the People to hear the remarkable story of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of bread perfection. So grab your favorite loaf, prepare to be tempted, and join us for a captivating episode with the remarkable duo behind Sandi's Breads, where good taste and community meet.
    42 min. 10 sec.
  • Kelly Carlin - Avoiding Society's Culture Trap - REPLAY

    23 OTT 2023 · Join Jim Serpico on a journey of self-reflection, laughter, and enlightenment as he sits down with the one and only Kelly Carlin. They'll explore the meaning of life (no, really), discuss ego and meditation, dive into the challenges of growing up in the shadow of one of the greatest comedians of all time - George Carlin, and even dish on getting laughs (because isn't that the point of life anyway?). But wait, there's more! They'll also share their insights on Gary Shandling, Jungian Psychology, and the power of mythology. Plus, they'll explore the powerful rollercoaster of moving in and out of flow, managing anxiety, and how to keep yourself motivated even when you're feeling stuck. As if that's not enough to pique your interest, Kelly Carlin herself is a Life Coach and Public Speaker, so prepare to be inspired, motivated, and transformed! Don't miss this episode that's sure to make you laugh, think, and maybe even question your entire existence (in a good way, of course). Follow Bread For the People on Instagram at @jimserpico and on Facebook @jimserpicobreadforhtepepolepod.
    50 min. 43 sec.
  • Rebecca Firkser - Food Media Reimagined - REPLAY

    16 OTT 2023 · Jim Serpico speaks with Rebecca Firkser, a Brooklyn-based writer, recipe developer, and food stylist. They talk about developing recipes for cookbooks and websites, being on set for a food photography shoot, Taylor Ham, the world of food media, and the job of a recipe tester. Follow Jim Serpico on Instagram at @jimserpico and @sidehustlebread. Follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccafirkser and at
    49 min. 12 sec.
  • Jeanette Candido of The Granola Plant: Food Trucks and Farmers Markets

    10 OTT 2023 · Before Jim interviews Jeanette Candido, the founder of The Granola Plant, he gives you a status update on his mobile food trailer. Jim spoke with Jeanette, an artisan granola producer and distributor known for her Gluten-free, oil-free, and processed sugar-free products about selling at various Farmer's Markets around Long Island, New York. Jeanette is someone Jim trusts to share resources and experiences. If you dream of becoming a vendor at a Farmer’s Market, maybe their conversation will inspire you. Or maybe it will deter you. Follow Jim Serpico on Instagram: @sidehustlebread and @jimserpico Follow Jeanette Candido on Instagram: @TheGranolaPlant Subscribe to Bread For the People on Apple Podcasts:
    50 min. 15 sec.

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By day, Jim is a successful TV and Film producer. He recently executive-produced FX's Hysterical, now streaming on Hulu. By night, Jim runs Side Hustle Bread, Long Island's biggest residential...

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By day, Jim is a successful TV and Film producer. He recently executive-produced FX's Hysterical, now streaming on Hulu. By night, Jim runs Side Hustle Bread, Long Island's biggest residential bread delivery company, with the help of his wife and their 3 kids.
Bread For The People was born out of the marriage of Jim's two greatest passions; bread and content creation. Episodes cover everything from film and television, to the food industry, to business growth and development.
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