• Episode #297: Danielia Cotton TALKS Songwriting & Honoring Charley Pride

    17 GIU 2024 · It is a pleasure to welcome singer-songwriter and guitarist Danielia Cotton to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast.   Danielia is a New York City-based Americana/Roots Rook artist. She grew up nurturing her natural musical gifts in rural Hopewell, New Jersey, where she was one of only a half dozen Black kids in school. After being the first woman in her family to graduate college, she continued to fight against preconceived notions, naming her first full-length studio album, Small White Town, as a nod to her upbringing.   Over the past few decades, Danielia Cotton opened for the likes of Gregg Allman, Bon Jovi, Robert Cray, Robert Randolph, Cristone “Kingfish” Ingram, Derek Trucks Band, and Aimee Mann. In addition, she was named Lilith Fair’s Onstage Local Talent Winner, and her music has been heard in television shows and national commercials. The New York Times praised Daniella, stating, “She’s a belter who can hold back or work her way up to a gospely blues-rock shout, and in the songs, she writes with her band’s brawny guitar riffs, she grapples with the road, salvation, holding on, and letting go.” Daniella’s music also received praise from Consequence, Entertainment Tonight, Refinery 29, and Spin.   Her fanbase covers New York, the Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, and parts of the Midwest. She recently performed shows for the 2024 Light of Day Winterfest in Asbury Park.    On this episode of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Danielia Cotton spoke about the lessons she learned from opening for Gregg Allman, Bon Jovi, Robert Randolph, and Aimee Mann. She also talked about her upcoming extended play, Charley’s Pride, which honors the legendary country music singer Charley Pride. Let's connect on social media! Follow me on: A) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacobElyachar/ B) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacobelyachar/ C) Threads: https://www.threads.net/@jacobelyachar D) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therealjacobelyac E) Twitter: https://x.com/JacobElyachar F) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JacobElyachar
    32 min. 46 sec.
  • Episode #296: Chantal Nchako TALKS 'Beverly Hills Cop - Axel F' & Choobiz

    13 GIU 2024 · It is a pleasure to welcome actress Chantal Nchako to The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast. Chantal Nchako's journey from her hometown in Cameroon to the University of Southern California (USC) on a full scholarship is a testament to her determination and talent. Her graduation was marked by the prestigious Ava Greenwald Memorial Scholarship for outstanding MFA Actor at USC. Chantal's success continued as she became the first USC MFA student to be accepted into Williamstown Theatre Festival's Professional Training Program, where she played the lead role of Ella in Sam Shepard's Curse of a Starving Class.   Chantal Nchako's talent and versatility have impressed casting directors, leading to roles in Madame Secretary and major roles in films including Distant Tales and Our Deadly Vows, both of which are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.   Chantal starred as the lead in the short film Beast, which won the South by Southwest Film Festival Grand Jury Prize. She also won the Best Actress Award at the Queen Palm International Film Festival. Chantal guest stars on BET+'s Diarra from Detroit and is starring in Netflix's highly anticipated film Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F with Eddie Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The highly anticipated sequel is expected to premiere on July 3.   Chantal Nchako is also the founder and designer of Choobiz, a luxury, handcrafted, vegan, and cruelty-free shoe line made in Italy. She is also a resident faculty member at the Silva Arte e Danza, a musical theatre academy in Siracusa, Italy. In her free time, Chantal enjoys skiing, equestrian, writing, traveling (especially to Italy, where she splits her time), and spending time with her adorable cat, Lucky.   On this episode of The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Chantal Nchako discussed how she secured her part in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F and her creative process when developing shoes for Choobiz. Let's connect on social media! Follow me on: A) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacobElyachar B) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacobelyachar/ C) Threads: https://www.threads.net/@JacobElyachar D) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therealjacobelyac E) Twitter: https://x.com/JacobElyachar F) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JacobElyachar
    17 min. 21 sec.
  • Episode 295: Daniel Roemer TALKS Working with Ben Stiller & 'Chaser The Series'

    10 GIU 2024 · It is a pleasure to welcome director Daniel Roemer to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast.   Daniel has over 20 years of experience writing and directing film and TV shows. After growing up in Mansfield, Ohio, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California.  Two years after arriving in LA, he took a writing and directing position at Muse Productions and developed his first feature film, When Goldfish Weep.   Daniel Roemer's unique style of directing has not gone unnoticed. He was a Top 20 Best Director candidate twice on Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Project Greenlight, and a Top 50 Best Director finalist for Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett’s TV series On the Lot. His talent was further recognized when he became one of the four directors who finalized for the LA Shorts Fest “DNA Award.”   Daniel Roemer’s shooting and editing have aired on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, and Arsenio Hall’s TV series The World’s Funniest Moments. He also edited the TV documentary series Beyond the Felt, which starred four World Series of Poker champions, and the feature documentary Breast Cancer: The Path of Wellness & Healing, which starred Christina Applegate, Melissa Etheridge, and Sheryl Crow.  He also worked with various nonprofits. Daniel recorded interviews and promotions with John Travolta, Meryl Streep, Selma Blair, Pierce Brosnan, and the late Olivia Newton-John, Kelly Preston, and John Ritter. He also worked extensively with Ben Stiller as they recorded promotions for the Huckleberry Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless children.   Continuing his successful career, Daniel Roemer recently directed the eight-episode TV series Chaser. Distributed by Buffalo 8 and streaming on Amazon Prime Video, the series has garnered significant attention. It received numerous nominations at various film and television festivals and was honored with the Best Series award at the Birmingham Film & TV Festival and Star International Film Festival in Florence, Italy.    On this episode of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Daniel Roemer shared memorable stories regarding filming interviews and promos with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and talked about Chaser: The Series. Let's connect on social media! Follow my adventures on: A) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacobElyachar B) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacobelyachar/ C) Threads: https://www.threads.net/@jacobelyachar D) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therealjacobelyac E) Twitter (X): https://x.com/JacobElyachar F) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JacobElyachar/
    25 min. 50 sec.
  • Episode #294: Gene Blalock TALKS Filmmaking, Seraph Films & Horror Haiku

    6 GIU 2024 · It is a pleasure to welcome award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur Gene Blalock to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast.   Gene is renowned for his significant contributions to the film industry, particularly in the realms of drama, horror, and fantasy. He is a founder of Seraph Films and has established himself as a prominent figure in the cinematic world, known for his unique storytelling and creative direction.   Gene’s passion for storytelling and the art of filmmaking has been a driving force throughout his career. He has successfully cultivated a reputation for creating compelling narratives that captivate audiences and push the boundaries of imagination. Under his unwavering guidance, Seraph Films has produced diverse projects that showcase his artistic versatility and unwavering dedication to the craft.   With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of storytelling, Gene Blalock has crafted films that terrify and challenge conventional norms. His ability to merge heartbreak with suspense, thrills, and thought-provoking themes has earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim within the industry.   Infusing a distinctly human perspective into every endeavor, Gene’s creations embody our shared human experience, mirroring reality through a compassionate lens. He continues to shape the cinematic landscape through his innovative projects, aiming to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the filmmaking world, a testament to his profound impact on the industry.  On this episode of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Gene Blalock shared Seraph Films’ origin story and several of his projects, including working on 41 episodes of The Disappearance of Madison Bishop and 44 episodes of Horror Haiku.  
    27 min. 57 sec.
  • Episode #293: Nikitaa TALKS Songwriting, Beyonce's Cowboy Carter & More!

    3 GIU 2024 · It is a pleasure to welcome singer-songwriter Nikitaa to The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast.  Nikitaa is a Los Angeles-based recording artist born and raised in India. They infuse their music with ethereal Pop/R&B influences and their South Asian heritage, creating what they call Goddess Pop – music that emphasizes the fluidity of gender and emotional expression. As a genderfluid demisexual person who predominately uses they/them pronouns, Nikitaa always stresses the importance of representation and inclusivity in the music industry. With almost 6 million YouTube views and Spotify streams combined, Nikitaa's music has instantly captured listeners' attention. Their third single, "Majesty," landed placement on N.M.F. playlists across the world, and their singles through 2020 were released during lockdown with self-directed and produced videos that soared on Spotify and YouTube.  Throughout 2023, Nikitaa delved into themes of vulnerability and strength in their songs, including "Scheming," "On My Own," "Peter Pan," "Throne," "Daddy Era," and "Truman Show." Their work garnered attention from prestigious platforms such as Rolling Stone India, Radio One India, and Ones to Watch playlist Now Watching. Nikitaa's exceptional lyricism and keen ear for music have also led to brand placements with Splice's Pride Month and South Asian Heritage Month campaigns, further solidifying their position in the industry.   Nikitaa's talent as a songwriter extends beyond their own projects, with notable credits on tracks for artists such as Trophy Boy (Nightmare, T.O.F.U., and Trophy Boy), Srushti Tawde (Breakfast for Bae), RIKA (Grown Up), Aastha Gill, Munawar Faruqi, and Robica. This versatility and ability to adapt their style to different artists is a testament to Nikitaa's skill and creativity.   On this episode of The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Nikitaa shared the stories about some of her songs, including "Elevator," "Godless,"  and "Majesty," and revealed her dream collaborators. Let's connect on social media! Follow me on: A) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacobElyachar B) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacobelyachar/ C) Threads: https://www.threads.net/https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCDR6CsuXm6vpk5Umn5StsPg D) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therealjacobelyac E) Twitter: https://x.com/JacobElyachar F) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JacobElyachar
    24 min. 55 sec.
  • Episode 292: DJ Ashton Martin TALKS Brand Building, Sporting KC & Previews Tacos & Tequila Festival

    27 MAG 2024 · It is a pleasure to welcome DJ Ashton Martin, one of my longtime friends, back to the Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar platform and, for the first time, to the podcast.  Ashton differs from your average DJ in his ability to turn each performance into an epic party. Having grown up in the industry and began his music education at a young age, Ashton captures crowds with an immense music repertoire and high-voltage performances. Quickly mixing effortlessly between musical genres has become a trademark quality, a rare skill set that guarantees crowd excitement.  DJ Ashton Martin has residencies at Kansas City attractions such as Aura, the Fall, Fontaine Hotel, the Scarlet Room, Society, Westport Ale House, and Woodside Pool.  He also had sets at DNVR and the Tivoli in Denver, the McFadden’s Social House in Phoenix, and the Crown Room in St. Louis. Ashton has been the official DJ for Sporting KC since 2019 and was the official DJ of the Kansas City Royals from the 2021 to 2023 seasons. He also performed for various charitable organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Hope House, the Kansas City Art Institute, and Operation Breakthrough.  The Kansas City community awarded Ashton for all his efforts as he was voted the Best of KC Club/Party DJ four times by The Pitch Kansas City from 2013 and 2018 through 2020. Kansas City Magazine was declared Best of KC in 2013, 2020, and 2021.  Ashton entertained the College World Series from 2017 to 2022 and performed at several New York City Fashion Week events. He also opened for 98 Degrees, DJ Pauly D, Jack Harlow, and Tory Lanez. Since 2021, he has been involved in the Tacos and Tequila Festival, where he shared the stage with Ludacris, Mario, T.I., and the Ying Yang Twins. On this episode of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, DJ Ashton Martin spoke about DJing at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium when Sporting KC took on Lionel Messi and Inter Miami and previewed the 2024 Tacos and Tequila Festival.  Let's connect on social media! You can find me on: A) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacobElyachar/ B) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacobelyachar/ C) Threads: https://www.threads.net/@jacobelyachar D) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therealjacobelyac E) Twitter: https://x.com/JacobElyachar F) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JacobElyachar/
    29 min. 31 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Episode #291: Rick Stasi TALKS Storytelling, DC Comics & Tiny Toons

    23 MAG 2024 · It is an honor and privilege to welcome author and illustrator Rick Stasi to The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast.  Rick and I first met at the first Planet Comicon Kansas City in 1999 at the defunct Overland Park International Trade Center, and every time I attend the convention, his booth is one of my first stops. He has credits with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Charlton Comics, and NOW Comics (The Twilight Zone). Rick also worked on projects for Disney, Warner Bros. (Looney Toons and Tiny Toons), and Lucasfilm (Star Wars).  Not only is Rick a prolific creator, but he is also a dedicated educator. For over 20 years, he has been sharing his knowledge and passion for comics, sequential art, and storyboarding as an instructor with the Shawnee Mission School District, the Westport School of Art, and the Kansas City Art Institute. Currently, he provides individual instruction and career counseling, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists. In addition, Rick has excelled in the corporate world, serving as a creative director, graphic designer, and marketer.  Outside of the comic world, Rick has explored various creative avenues. He authored Funny You Should Ask: Musings and Verse for Better Or…Poetry, Essays, and Lyrics, a collection that showcases his diverse writing skills. He also released an audio collection: Talking to Myself (To You!), a 60-plus track double album that demonstrates his versatility as a performer. Rick has taken his spoken word selections to live events and even to the airwaves of KKFI 90.FM Kansas City Community Radio.  His talents extend to voice acting, with his most notable role being the narrator for Wounded Warriors, a B2B veterans film focusing on mental health.  On this episode of The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Rick Stasi spoke about working at DC Comics, Warner Bros, and Disney. He also previewed his final book, Letters From the Exodus: The Definitive Anthology of Poetry, Musings, Songs and Scripts. 
    40 min. 19 sec.
  • Episode #290: Nina Bergman TALKS Late Night TV & 'Cold Meat'

    20 MAG 2024 · It is a privilege to welcome actress, singer-songwriter, and model Nina Bergman to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast.  Born in Denmark, Nina is the granddaughter of Russia’s most outstanding actor, Pavel Kadochnikov. She spent her early childhood traveling around Europe with her Russian Gypsy grandparents. At 14, she received a scholarship to the musical theatre Urdang Academy in London. A year later, Nina was in Moscow attending the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre. From there, she moved to New York City and was accepted at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. At that time, Nina got her first agent and began booking various jobs in commercials, films, modeling, and plays. She also started singing in underground bands.  Being an adrenaline junkie, she found herself making extra money as an amateur boxer, which later helped her book films, including Universal Pictures’ The Car and the DOOM movie franchise. Her other work includes the starring role of Marie in Hell Hath No Fury, a Jesse V Johnson movie, playing a French resistance fighter, and she played the lead role of GG, who was based on a 90s goth singer in the film Carpe Noctem, which Gene Blalock directed.  Nina Bergman’s performance in Assassin X earned her Honorable Mention Award for Best Actress from the AOF International Film Festival for her role as the notorious Trinidad. She starred as Wonder Woman, directed by Jesse V Johnson, which stars Timothy V Murphy and Marina Sirtis. She also played a cold-hearted killer in The Wayshower with Peter Stormare and Eric Roberts and starred in Know New Art, a Newport Beach Film Festival project by the Freise Brothers and Biscuit Filmworks.  Nina also starred alongside David Arquette, Jesse Metcalfe, John Malkovich, and Vivica A. Fox. She has also been featured in numerous skits on late-night shows, including The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Late Late Show with James Corden. Nina also hosted various E! Entertainment and Fuse shows and was a Trophy Presenter at The Grammy Awards.  She also worked on soundtracks for Lionsgate Films, singing the theme songs for Catacombs, Repo the Genetic Opera, and Sharknado. She sang the end title song in Black Limousine and the voice on the soundtrack for All About Her. Additionally, she performed live for the World Series and the NCAA College Football Season.  On this episode of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Nina Bergman discussed working on three late-night talk shows: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Late Late Show with James Corden. She also discussed her latest film, Cold Meat. 
    23 min. 25 sec.
  • CGT 2024 Special #3: Natalie Rogers Talks 'CGT' Journey & Previews Million Dollar Finale

    13 MAG 2024 · The Canada’s Got Talent (CGT) finale is tomorrow!   Eight acts will compete for the $1 million prize. Singer Natalie Morris is one of the acts competing for the $1 million prize. The Toronto Maple Leafs anthem singer blew the audience and the CGT judges (Howie Mandel, Trish Stratus, Kardinal Offishall, and Lilly Singh) away with her powerful cover of Brandi Carlilie’s “The Joke.”  Her performance received four yeses.  Natalie was one of 14 performers invited back to compete for a spot in the show’s first elimination round. She delivered a poignant cover of Beyonce’s “I Was Here” that resonated with the Canadian audience. Her performance was not just a success but a life-changing moment when the judges awarded her the Group Golden Buzzer. This Golden Buzzer secured her a spot in the million-dollar season finale and a generous $25,000, courtesy of CIBC.  In this special CGT edition of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Natalie Morris discussed her journey through the Canadian talent competition and previews her finale performance.  Canada’s Got Talent airs on CityTV. 
    10 min. 28 sec.
  • Episode #289: Jeffrey James TALKS Songwriting & Working in Nashville

    11 MAG 2024 · It is a pleasure to welcome singer-songwriter Jeffrey James to The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast.  Jeffrey is a Nashville-based musician known for his captivating style and unique sound.  He released several singles, including the UK Top 5 dance track "Breakout" with Dave Audé.  His music has been featured in popular TV shows and films such as All-American, Criminal Minds, iZombie, Jack Ryan, Marry Me, and Shameless.   James has also contributed his songwriting talents to other artists, DJs, and films.   Jeffrey's talent extends beyond performing. As a composer, he has earned acclaim for his work on musicals such as "Chaining Zero" (awarded Best New Musical by Broadway World) and "A Song for What Could Be" (Rhinebeck Writer's Grant recipient). Collaborating with Justin Halpin as Halpin & James, they created the 10-minute musical Graduation Day. Since his debut in 2016, Jeffrey has garnered millions of streams across his repertoire and received praise from industry tastemakers like Billboard and 1883 Magazine.  In this episode of The Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Jeffrey James delved into the process of his music being incorporated into shows like All-American, iZombie, and Shameless. He also shared the inspiration behind several songs, including "With You" (his collaboration with AUGUSTKID), "Love You Need You" (his collaboration with Matstubs), and "Day by Day." 
    21 min.

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