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    External Validation and Why It Sucks...and STORY TIME!

    16 GEN 2024 · Starting with story time...woah, this story literally BLEW MY MIND! It was so insane I'm STILL thinking about it! But yes, onto the real topic...external validation, or seeking validation from others, sucks and we should avoid ALL costs! Listen as I share what external validation is, how I've experienced and continue to experience it, and what we can all do to reprogram our brains to seeking and thriving from internal validation. This is the way to peace and healing!
    Ascoltato 20 min. 39 sec.
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    Fuck Those Winter Blue Hoes

    15 GEN 2024 · Seasonal depression is a bitch. But say fuck those winter blues with me! Learn my top 3 tips for beating the winter blues and staying your usual, peachy self this winter! I know I've been happier overall this winter and I honestly attribute it to the things I talk about in this episode. So tune in and BE FUCKING HAPPY!
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    My In's and Out's for 2024...What Are Your's?

    15 GEN 2024 · A huge trend right now is going through your in's and out's for the new year...I finally jumped on board this train! Listen to hear my four in's and my four out's for 2024! Comment down below what your in's and out's are for this year! IG: its.blair.cho
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    Set Some Motherfuckin' Goals, Y'all!

    8 GEN 2024 · Do you want to become a better person or actually accomplish some goals this new year? Not just set some bullshit new year resolutions just to forget about them in a's some easy steps to set realistic goals that you can actually accomplish! And I share my goals as well! My word for the year is FITNESS! What's your's going to be?
    Ascoltato 28 min. 36 sec.
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    Habits That Will SAVE Your Fucking Life

    28 DIC 2023 · Building habits and routines is KEY to living a better life! In this episode, I go through 7 of mine that I've buit and actually been able to be consistent a few I want to build and a bit of rambling. LAND THE DAMN PLANE, BLAIR! But yes, listen!
    Ascoltato 42 min. 39 sec.
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    How I've Been Losing Weight...And How You Can Too! Realistic Tips and Tricks!

    17 DIC 2023 · I have finally done it! I've gotten my fat ass off the couch and started doing shit! Not only have I lost 18 lbs in TWO months, but I'm getting mentally and physically stronger by the day! If I can do it, I swear to you, ANYONE can do it! I was the laziest, most procrastinating fuck out there, and I finally figured out my "why" and started! If you want to start too, listening to this episode is your first step!
    Ascoltato 28 min. 21 sec.
  • Interview with a Vampire...I AM NOT A VAMPIRE

    13 DIC 2023 · Listen to me interview my oldest child, Aida, and get her take on life, love, and self-esteem!
    Ascoltato 14 min. 56 sec.
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    A Round of Chingus' for the House

    12 DIC 2023 · Join me and my first guest, my husband, for a quick Q and A!
    Ascoltato 18 min. 55 sec.
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    Building Self-Love and Confidence Within Yourself

    11 DIC 2023 · Everyone struggles with self-love and confidence but there ARE ways you can build both! This episode dives into some of my struggles with these things and how I'm actively working to overcome them. Move forward, not backwards, and your life can and will change for the better!
    Ascoltato 12 min. 29 sec.
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    My 2024 Glow Up...And How You Can Too

    8 DIC 2023 · Are you perfect? If yes, ignore this episode. If no, check it out and learn the easy steps to perfect your 2024 glow up! Manifesting, goal setting, vision boards and more!
    Ascoltato 20 min. 18 sec.

Just a soul-searching girl in this tough ass world. Do you want to skyrocket your confidence? Learn about self-care? Hear about all things self-development? Do you want to better your...

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Just a soul-searching girl in this tough ass world.

Do you want to skyrocket your confidence? Learn about self-care? Hear about all things self-development?

Do you want to better your life in all aspects with a bit of fuckery thrown in?

This is where I come in…

My name is Blair Cho and I’m a 30 something woman learning about life one damn day at a time. Listen as I share what I’ve learned over the years and what I’m still learning every day, real time. Maybe you can avoid some of the shitty ass mess life throws at you.

Because let’s be real, life be lifeing y’all.

Subscribe to my podcast, follow me on IG at its.blair.cho and give me a 5 star review. Pretty pleeeeease?

Leave your comments/suggestions/bullshit below.

Get cozy on the couch, grab your favorite beer, take your pants off and tune in!

XOXO, Blair
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