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Inside The Eagles RedZone

  • Heads Are Gonna Roll

    6 GIU 2024 · It's June and beat writers are already throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks. Erik and Matt rip off the band aid and hold a couple guys' feet to the fire, because the local beat writers SHOULD be held to a higher standard. As they are the connection between team and fans, they do the fans and team an injustice with click bait, false articles. It's June....why are we having to talk about this Eagles team being "overrated"? Erik and Matt rip the media a new one, then go over some positions in comparison to last year's roster. Although it's WAY TOO EARLY, they give their inital thoughts on what they're looking for out of certain players and position groups.
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    BITE Ep. 3 - These Takes Are Hotter Than Summer

    25 MAG 2024 · Your favorite new Saturday show just dropped and this episode is a good one. Join Erik and Matt on this episode of Breakfast In The Endzone as they discuss a multitude of topics throughout the sports world. First, they discuss the current landscape of sports media and how WAY TOO MANY people are putting ridiculous hot takes out. They go through some NFL hot takes from OTAs and basketball hot takes throughout the playoffs. Should prominent sport accounts on social media and podcasts/main stream media be held to a higher standard? Is it all for click bait? Then, they dive into Bronny James and the NCAA news of schools being able to pay players. Will this have a positive impact on keeping kids in school? Could it end up benefiting the NBA the most? End the show with Matt's Teaching Corner. Our new segment where Matt will dive into some football concepts, formations, and schemes. Today, Matt breaks down Cover 2 and the Bunch formation. 
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    21 MAG 2024 · ITERZ is back with Kress to take a look at the upcoming NFL season. The boys go through some key games they're excited about from each week in the NFL. After discussing the games, prime time game selections, and what teams seemingly were done no favors by the NFL schedule makers, they then dive into win/loss totals for teams around the league. If you're looking at potential bets to put in now, especially with the schedule out, this is the episode for you! You get insight, comparative numbers, and different tips to maximize your betting success. 
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    BITE Ep. 2

    18 MAG 2024 · BITE is back for your enjoyment, so grab your breakfast essentials and sit back with Erik and Matt as they shoot the breeze. There's a variety of topics that were discussed in this episode, including: - The likeablity of the 2024 Phillies and fans' connections with athletes - The announcement of a new segment called "Matt Teaches" - Quarterback rankings and whether they can win Superbowls - College stories It's close to three hours of laughs, seriousness, and off the walls commentary.
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    Breaking Down the 2024 Eagles Schedule

    17 MAG 2024 · The NFL schedule was released on Wednesday and the football nerds are all salivating over it. On this episode, Erik and Matt go through week by week of the Eagles schedule and provide a brief preview of each match up. No W's and L's, but insight into each game and how the Eagles could be looking. This is an exciting part of the off-season and we're here to guide you through all 18 regular season weeks for the Philadelphia Eagles. The discussion then flows into broadcasting teams, due to time slots and how many prime time games they have. Erik and Matt give their insight on what they look for from play by play guys, analysts, if Brady will transition well, and why guys like Sean McVay might not find success at it.
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    BYW Retrospective: As The Yard Turns (Ryan Ragnarok Pt. 2)

    15 MAG 2024 · It's Tuesday, so you know what's dropping!! ITERZ is back with another edition of BYW Retrospective. Today, we were joined again by Jeff Layton, who came back for part 2 of his story. Since the podcast cut off about an hour of content, Erik and Matt guide Jeff through the stuff that was missed on episode 1, and they dive in deep into things for part two. Topics include relationship drama leaking into what's supposed to be a brotherly community, small things in wrestling that used to be big deals, the rise of OCWS and different match styles. Jeff let's it all flow in what is a great episode to sit back and learn from. 
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    The Narrative Pt. 2

    11 MAG 2024 · Erik and Matt rip the straps off and dive in deep to the Chip Kelly tenure, a day after they began to scratch the surface. They left off after DJax was cut, and today, they go through the rest of his years in the NFL. Erik and Matt don't leave any potential topic off the table regarding Chip. They discuss his desire for complete control, how he purposefully interacted with some players but not others, whether there's some racial bias, and just how crazy this dude was. They go through the trades, the free agency moves, the good things, the bad things, and ultimately what led to where Chip is now. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
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    The Narrative Pt 1

    11 MAG 2024 · Today's show, which is only scratching the surface of this topic, is all about pushing narratives. Erik and Matt begin today's show discussing sports radio hosts and their desire to push certain narratives instead of facts, based on their belief that Nick Sirianni does "nothing". This ties into the big story, which is the 25/10 Podcast discussing Chip Kelly. Well, Erik and Matt have listened to that episode and have decided to dive into the Chip Kelly era. Take a peek back into 2014 and the first offseason under Chip. They discuss ESP's article which was a hit piece on DJax's character and what led to his release. Join Erik and Matt for part 2
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    BYW Retrospective: Ryan Ragnorok Part 1

    8 MAG 2024 · DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES, THE LAST HOUR OF THIS PODCAST WAS NOT RECORDED. JEFF WILL JOIN US FOR PART TWO, AND WE WILL SUMMARIZE THE PART THAT WAS NOT RECORDED. One of the great stars from the NJ BYW scene, Jeff Layton, joins Erik and Matt for another edition of the BYW Retrospective series. Sit back with Erik, Jeff, and Matt, as we learn all about Ryan Ragnorok and how he found the GBYWN. We just scratched the surface, but topics include: His start, his dabble with indy wrestling, the jersey scene, EWA, his tag team with Danny Devine, and some rats. There's plenty of good memories shared in this episode, and there's more with Jeff to dive into.
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    BITE Episode 1

    4 MAG 2024 · To introduce our new Saturday Morning show, ITERZ has dubbed it "BITE" or Breakfast In The Endzone. Erik and Matt are keeping the football talk on Wednesday's during the offseason, and Saturday's will be different. Join the ITERZ boys as they dive into the other sports, pro wrestling, and personal life stories. On the debut episode, Erik and Matt go through the Sixers loss to the Knicks, what their offseason needs to look like, NBA coaches, the BYW Top 100, fights, and preview WWE Backlash. These two have always tried to break down football in simpler terms, now you're going to get opinions on all other sports and more insight into what make Matt and Erik who they are. Sit back, have some coffee and enjoy the ride. Please join our discord server to listen to live recordings, ask questions, and get involved in the show:
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