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  • ITR EP 21 About Us Mobile Install

    8 OTT 2021 · Welcome to this episode where we get to learn more about a new addition to Meet Installations Manager, Chris Billand aka @installsbymrchris We have a profound conversation about his origins into automotive upgrades. Chris shares his background with us and we learn a bit about the future of's Mobile Install services.
    30 min. 34 sec.
  • ITR EP 20 About Us Edition

    27 AGO 2021 · A Great Session with the GM of OBD genie, David he shared all about the origins up to current day and exciting future plans. So Join us for this insightful and educating edition of Infotainment Talk Radio.
    36 min. 50 sec.
  • ITR EP 19 #Satellite Session

    2 LUG 2021 · Welcome to another great edition of Infotainment Talk Radio. We have a full edition all about Satellites. It is amazing to realize this technology is not that old and yet we depend on it daily. Hard to imagine Life without all the glory brought to us by Satellites. Location and Observation. Early detection and so much more. Join Doug and Joel as they learn more about how satellites and GPS work. Be sure to consume on your favorite platform. Thank you for sharing listening and Infotainment Talk Radio!
    41 min. 23 sec.
  • ITR EP 18 The Upgrades are Coming Summer Edition

    23 GIU 2021 · 2020 Was one heck of a year, so now halfway through 2021 we offer up a refreshing look forward to the upcoming product releases for Ram, Jeep, Ford and GM. Plug and Play upgrades and announcements about some new factory crossover options that will be available before the end of the year. Join Doug and Joel as they chat about the upcoming kits, only available at Please enjoy.
    47 min. 17 sec.
  • ITR EP 17 About Us Canada Edition

    22 APR 2021 · Hello, We are Back. After quite a bit of time away. Infotainment Talk Radio Returns with a special about us Canada edition. Doug and Joel speak with Nas Amiri of Infotainment.Ca and learn all about the new GM and the impact he is making in Canada. Also we speak about Jeep Beach 2021, so join us for another fine edition of Infotainment Talk Radio.
    32 min. 6 sec.
  • ITR EP 16 FORD Sync 4 Edition

    26 AGO 2020 · This week an edition all about Ford's New Sync 4 which will be released in select 2021 Ford Vehicles. Doug and Joel are Joined by Jesse. Jesse is's Master Ford Tech. The show covers some of the Known updates like wirelesss carplay and android auto, plus cloud enhancements to the Factory Navigation. We learn more about the newest version of Ford's Infotainment client Sync 4. We cover some New Updates and improvements to showcase how Ford Motor Company is truly an Innovative American Company. So open up this episode of Infotainment talk Radio gain insight into the upcoming Sync 4 release.
    37 min. 48 sec.
  • ITR EP 15 Vehicle to Vehicle Edition

    17 LUG 2020 · Join Doug and Joel in a forward thinking conversation about Vehicle to Vehicle technology .. Also On this edition of Infotainment Talk Radio we speak about the idea of an Autonomous Metropolis and self driving Cars. So get ready to learn a bunch on this Vehicle to Vehicle Edition :
    35 min. 46 sec.
  • ITR EP 14 All Things Jeep Edition

    24 APR 2020 · Who doesnt LOVE a Jeep? Seriously what a great American brand. Doug,Joel and Tyhler Review the History of Jeep plus discover some little known factoids ....all on ....this first ever Remote from Home Edition.. So Share the Infotainment Talk Radio show to those you know who are fellow enthusiasts ... and or course also share #tellafriend Stay Safe...
    57 min. 37 sec.
  • ITR EP 13 Spring Upgrade Season

    27 MAR 2020 · Welcome to Season 2 of Infotainment Talk Radio, this is the first of a dozen Episodes to be released in 2020. Enjoy another frank discussion with Doug and Joel about's New Upgrades... including New Kits for FORD and GM and the New Body style trucks... so please enjoy...stay safe and.. thanks for your time and interest....
    47 min. 45 sec.
  • Infotainment News Update Week of March 23rd 2020

    26 MAR 2020 ·, Ford & GM Release Covid Statements -
    3 min. 4 sec.
An informative Talk show related to topics of Automotive technology such as Navigation, infotainment Systems and Factory Plug and Play Upgrades

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