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Imperfect Strangers

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    Bed Rotting

    3 FEB 2024 · You’re not bed rotting. You’re doing great, sweetie. Amanda and Melissa discuss the social media phenomenon of naming everything to be a negative mental health issue when really bitches just tired.
    44 min. 47 sec.
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    She Met Tori

    14 GEN 2024 · We REVIVE Season 7 with a conversation ripe for eavesdropping. Amanda met [italics, bold, underline] Tori Amos. You already know. She was tripping! And Melissa was like YOU DID THAT, FRIEND! LMAO. *heart emojis*
    50 min. 49 sec.
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    27 NOV 2023 · …and we’re back! Welcome to season 7 of your favorite podcast you almost forgot about because these MFs were gone so long we bet you thought there were Problems In The Relationship. See what we did there? Fear not, stranger-friends! The brand is strong! (This was our crap attempt at clickbait. Literally no one thought there were problems, LOL). On this episode of Imperfect Strangers, Melissa and Justin explore a new app to bring them closer in their marriage after an argument. On the second half, Amanda chaperones a field trip to Washington DC and based on the children’s behavior within the first hour, she has “ragrets.” If you’re here and you’re listening, thanks for waiting. We appreciate you. This is the part where you reply, “No problem!” Get it? Because there are no problems in the relationship. Yeah OK, we’ll stop. Enjoy.
    59 min. 59 sec.
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    14 AGO 2023 · Amanda and Melissa reflect on the making of this podcast and their subsequent warm and fuzzy friendship as they hit their sixth season finale and 120th episode. This has been a really great run-on sentence. Melissa and Amanda also answer listeners’ unresolved questions from previous episodes. *CONFETTI* A little post-script to say rest in power to the legend DJ Casper, creator of the iconic Cha Cha Slide. He passed this week and we found out while editing the episode, looking for the sound clip we included here. That song is a gift.
    1 h 16 min. 12 sec.
  • Come on Barbie

    3 AGO 2023 · Man, we feel like women! Don’t listen to this episode if you haven’t seen Barbie yet. Amanda and Melissa unpack this pretty pink masterpiece. Spoilers ahead. Highly recommend. Also, Melissa here with a NY Times Correction: Justin Beck would kill me if I didn’t correct the official record to say that he never wore a puka shell necklace while singing at me with an acoustic guitar between any college years 1995 through 2000.
    1 h 7 min. 12 sec.
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    The Lorax

    7 LUG 2023 · Melissa tells Amanda about how she and Justin attended a town meeting to make a noise complaint and as it turns out, it was the perfect date night. Something something something about trees, hence Lorax.
    53 min. 33 sec.
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    Bat Mitzvah

    25 GIU 2023 · The ladies recap their weekend spent together as Melissa became bat mitzvah, including their quick trip to the gorgeous TWA.Warm fuzzies and too-long hugs all around. Ewwww. *hearts emojis*
    1 h 5 min. 42 sec.
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    11 GIU 2023 · Melisser is busy busy busy with her upcoming bat mitzvah service and guess who’s coming? Amander! Melissa is verklempt, actual and genuinely honored. The Hebrew word for friendship is chaverut and wow, what a beautiful and long way these two have come. Elsewhere in this episode, Amanda explains All Duggar Everything to Melissa. Basically, the girls are saying do religion this way. Not that way. Yeah, it’s not lost on them how the theme of this episode ended up. We’re living in a simulation anyway though! Enjoy.
    57 min. 18 sec.
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    This Podcast Is A Toddler

    28 MAG 2023 · To celebrate the third birthday (WOW) of Imperfect Strangers, we invited Andy Bellatti of Astrology With Andy to read the birth chart of this show. This podcast is a hardcore Gemini, a sign known for communication and curiosity — a perfect for a show about two strangers getting to know each other. If you want to find out more about astrology or learn more about yourself by getting your or your business’s birth chart ready, look up Andy on IG at @astrologywithandy.
    44 min. 50 sec.
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    Romantic Depot

    12 MAG 2023 · On the eve of Mother’s Day, Melissa implores you to get a Cadbury egg-shaped vibrator with arms for that special lady in your life. Amanda urges you to protect ya neck with wasp spray, but also swords, machetes and motion sensor lights. If the previous paragraph wasn’t weird enough, this episode takes a weirder, XXX rated turn when these two, always late to a viral moment, discover passages from 50 Shades Of Grey.
    1 h 15 min. 29 sec.

Amanda, a graphic designer from OH, invited Melissa, a NY stay-at-home mom on her podcast. Melissa, who has been hunkered down for decades after a cool but soul-crushing brush with...

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Amanda, a graphic designer from OH, invited Melissa, a NY stay-at-home mom on her podcast. Melissa, who has been hunkered down for decades after a cool but soul-crushing brush with fame on MTV’s Real World New Orleans, didn’t really do this sort of thing but Amanda seemed nice. They recorded twice due to technical difficulties, but ended up chatting for hours. Who the fuck talks on the actual phone? They do! Two strangers getting to know each other the old-fashioned way. Get to know Melissa all over again as she gets to know Amanda for the first time. Bonus! One’s white and one ain’t.
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