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Hush Little Baby Bedtime Stories

  • 18 min. 26 sec.
  • The Funny Bear and Wise Owl Bedtime Story

    12 DIC 2023 · Join lovable bear Willy, wise owl Katie, and sweet fawn sisters Prentiss and Meredith for magical adventures in the enchanted Higgledy-Piggledy Forest! When ravenous bear Willy wakes from hibernation, he hurries to clever Katie's oak tree cafe for her famous blueberry muffins and tea cakes. Along the way, he encounters the deer twins Prentiss and Meredith frolicking in a meadow. Willy invites the sisters along to Katie's for a scrumptious breakfast.At Katie's hollow tree dwelling filled with books and bubbling potions, the friends feast on smoked ham, biscuits, berries, and tea by the cozy hearth. Curious Prentiss wonders what mysteries the scholarly owl might be brewing. Meanwhile, silly Willy prepares to spin another of his ridiculous tall tales to amuse them all! What whimsical adventures will the quirky forest friends find this glorious spring day? Snuggle up and discover the laugh-filled magic that only the best storybook pals can share! This charming bedtime story for children blends whimsy, friendship, and imagination. Follow along with lovable characters like Willy, Katie, Prentiss and Meredith in the fairy tale Higgledy-Piggledy Forest. Perfect for parents looking for wholesome, engaging stories to relax kids for sleepy time.
    8 min. 53 sec.
  • A Bunny's Midnight Tales A Fantasy Friendship in a Small Town

    12 DIC 2023 · A heartwarming fantasy tale of a magical friendship between a little girl named Emma and a talking bunny named Cotton who share whimsical adventures in their idyllic small town and discover a hidden world of fairy folk in the enchanted forest.
    17 min. 16 sec.
  • The Tortise and the Hare - Aesop

    6 OTT 2023 · The Hare & the Tortoise A Hare was making fun of the Tortoise one day for being so slow."Do you ever get anywhere?" he asked with a mocking laugh."Yes," replied the Tortoise, "and I get there sooner than you think. I'll run you a race and prove it."The Hare was much amused at the idea of running a race with the Tortoise, but for the fun of the thing he agreed. So the Fox, who had consented to act as judge, marked the distance and started the runners off.The Hare was soon far out of sight, and to make the Tortoise feel very deeply how ridiculous it was for him to try a race with a Hare, he lay down beside the course to take a nap until the Tortoise should catch up. The Tortoise meanwhile kept going slowly but steadily, and, after a time, passed the place where the Hare was sleeping. But the Hare slept on very peacefully; and when at last he did wake up, the Tortoise was near the goal. The Hare now ran his swiftest, but he could not overtake the Tortoise in time.The race is not always to the swift.
    1 min. 17 sec.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    26 SET 2023 · Once upon a time there lived a poor widow and her son Jack. One day, Jack’s mother told him to sell their only cow. Jack went to the market and on the way he met a man who wanted to buy his cow. Jack asked, “What will you give me in return for my cow?” The man answered, “I will give you five magic beans!” Jack took the magic beans and gave the man the cow. But when he reached home, Jack’s mother was very angry. She said, “You fool! He took away your cow and gave you some beans!” She threw the beans out of the window. Jack was very sad and went to sleep without dinner. The next day, when Jack woke up in the morning and looked out of the window, he saw that a huge beanstalk had grown from his magic beans! He climbed up the beanstalk and reached a kingdom in the sky. There lived a giant and his wife. Jack went inside the house and found the giant’s wife in the kitchen. Jack said, “Could you please give me something to eat? I am so hungry!” The kind wife gave him bread and some milk. While he was eating, the giant came home. The giant was very big and looked very fearsome. Jack was terrified and went and hid inside. The giant cried, “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread!” The wife said, “There is no boy in here!” So, the giant ate his food and then went to his room. He took out his sacks of gold coins, counted them and kept them aside. Then he went to sleep. In the night, Jack crept out of his hiding place, took one sack of gold coins and climbed down the beanstalk. At home, he gave the coins to his mother. His mother was very happy and they lived well for sometime. Jack and the Beanstalk Fee Fi Fo Fum!Climbed the beanstalk and went to the giant’s house again. Once again, Jack asked the giant’s wife for food, but while he was eating the giant returned. Jack leapt up in fright and went and hid under the bed. The giant cried, “Fee-fifo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread!” The wife said, “There is no boy in here!” The giant ate his food and went to his room. There, he took out a hen. He shouted, “Lay!” and the hen laid a golden egg. When the giant fell asleep, Jack took the hen and climbed down the beanstalk. Jack’s mother was very happy with him. After some days, Jack once again climbed the beanstalk and went to the giant’s castle. For the third time, Jack met the giant’s wife and asked for some food. Once again, the giant’s wife gave him bread and milk. But while Jack was eating, the giant came home. “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread!” cried the giant. “Don’t be silly! There is no boy in here!” said his wife. The giant had a magical harp that could play beautiful songs. While the giant slept, Jack took the harp and was about to leave. Suddenly, the magic harp cried, “Help master! A boy is stealing me!” The giant woke up and saw Jack with the harp. Furious, he ran after Jack. But Jack was too fast for him. He ran down the beanstalk and reached home. The giant followed him down. Jack quickly ran inside his house and fetched an axe. He began to chop the beanstalk. The giant fell and died. Jack and his mother were now very rich and they lived happily ever after.
    4 min. 25 sec.
  • Sleeping Beauty

    6 SET 2023 · One of the most famous stories of them all - Sleeping Beauty
    26 min.
  • 11 min. 34 sec.
  • 22 min. 33 sec.
  • How The Camel Got Its Hump - Rudyard Kipling

    12 AGO 2021 · a famous Rudyard Kipling story that explains how the camel got his hump.
    6 min. 46 sec.
  • The three little pigs

    6 LUG 2021 · The classic tale of the three little pigs.
    12 min. 26 sec.
Hush Little baby bedtime stories

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