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Horrific Heartland

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    The Murder of Marion Parker

    20 GIU 2023 · TRIGGER WARNING! This episode is dark and depressing so listen with caution! December 15, 1927 was a normal day at Mount Vernon Junior High School in L.A. until a strange man walked in and convinced the school that he was there to pick up little Marion Parker. Who was this man and did he have connections to the Parker family? We discuss the timeline, the horrific events, and of course, the motive. Sources: Follow us!,,
    Ascoltato 38 min. 4 sec.
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    Love Triangles & Lies- The Murder of Forrest Teel

    13 GIU 2023 · From the outside, Forrest Teel's life looked perfect. He's got a wonderful family, a nice car, and making good money as the executive for Eli Lilly. Not everything was perfect though, he was having a VERY long affair with not one, but two women. In 1958 his mistress, Connie Nichols, had enough and was ready to end her 15 year affair with him. That night, her gun accidentally went off killing Forrest Teel in his car. Was this really accident or was it self-defense? Sources: "In the Eyes of the Law" by Tom Faulconer Follow us!,,
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    The Storyville Slayer

    8 GIU 2023 · This one is a doozy so listen with caution! Between 1991 and 1996 over 24 women were murdered and discovered years later in New Orleans. When the alledged killer, "Clay," calls in to the Howard Stern show in 1997, that's when pieces of this 24 year-old cold case starts to come together. Listening to the timeline, it will still make you question if "Clay" was the person who killed all of these women or was someone else involved. Sources: Follow us!,,
    Ascoltato 50 min. 21 sec.
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    The Murder of Heidi Firkus

    23 MAG 2023 · Usually when you're struggling financially, you ask for help. That was not the case for Nick and Heidi Firkus. Heidi was a sweet and caring person who was very active in her church. On the morning of April 25th, 2010 in St. Paul, Minnesota, Heidi didn't make it to church. She was murdered. This week on Horrific Heartland, we discuss the timeline of what happened to Heidi. Her husband, Nick, says an intruder murdered her....but was that actually what happened? Sources: Follow us!,,
    Ascoltato 48 min. 45 sec.
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    The Slave Master Murderer- John Edward Robinson

    9 MAG 2023 · TRIGGER WARNING! It's a heavy episode this week as we talk about John Edward Robinson, aka The Slave Master. Between 1984 to 2000, he had over 8 victims in Kansas City, MO. We talk about his past, his MO, and how he used the internet to murder. Sources: Follow us!,,
    Ascoltato 39 min. 28 sec.
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    The Case of Kristin Smart

    2 MAG 2023 · We're heading out of the Heartland this week and into California to cover a case Aly has been watching for a long time! On May 25, 1996 Kristin Smart, a student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, goes to a party off-campus. She appears to be intoxicated and one person at the party offers to help her back to the dorms. That person was Paul Flores. We talk about the timeline of the case and what led to Paul's arrest. Sources: Follow us!,,
    Ascoltato 35 min. 19 sec.
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    Romeo and Juliet Who Kill- The Case of Sierra Halseth & Aaron Guerrero

    25 APR 2023 · It goes without saying that it is NOT romantic when a couple commits murder together. During the month of April in 2021, 18-year-old Aaron Guerrero and his 16-year-old girlfriend, Sierra Halseth murdered Sierra's father, Daniel Halseth in Las Vegas. How did this happen and why did they make a video talking about it!? Sources: video in the woods) Follow us!
    Ascoltato 35 min. 38 sec.
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    The Burger Chef Murders

    18 APR 2023 · We got another baffling case for you this week! On the night of November 17, 1978 in Speedway, Indiana, four Burger Chef employees went missing after closing time. Police at first thought it was your typical robbery, but when the employees Jayne Friedt, Daniel Davis, Mark Flemmonds, and Ruth Ellen Shelton were found dead near a wooded area, that's when the case changed. Who murdered these teens? Was it just a robbery gone wrong or something more? Sources: Follow us!
    Ascoltato 30 min. 12 sec.
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    The Case of Tara Calico

    11 APR 2023 · On September 20, 1988, Tara Calico went out for her daily bike ride on the New Mexico State Road 47 (she biked 36 miles by the way!) and never made it home. Her walkman was found on the side of the road, but Tara and the bike were missing. Then, in June of 1989, a polaroid of a young female and a young boy were found in a parking lot of a convenience store. Was the young female in the terrifying polaroid Tara? Who is responsible for her disappearance? Sources:
    Ascoltato 29 min. 45 sec.
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    The Murder of Dorothy Stratten

    28 MAR 2023 · 20 year-old Dorothy Stratten had a promising future. She was named Playboy's Miss August in 1979, Playmate of the Year in 1980, and worked on a few movies and TV shows. Her career and life tragically ended on August 14th, 1980 by the hands of her estranged husband, Paul Snider. This week, we cover her life and what lead to her murder. Sources:,,
    Ascoltato 37 min. 27 sec.

Oh hi! Aimee and Aly here! We're just your "normal" midwest ladies who love true crime, the paranormal...and cats! On Horrific Heartland, we explore the creepy, the spooky, and horrific...

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Oh hi! Aimee and Aly here! We're just your "normal" midwest ladies who love true crime, the paranormal...and cats! On Horrific Heartland, we explore the creepy, the spooky, and horrific cases throughout the Heartland and beyond. Get your true crime fix wherever you listen to podcasts!




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