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  • 5-21-24 Minnesota Mead Mafia - Josh, Josh, Al and Adam Talk Mead

    22 MAG 2024 · 5-21-24 Tonight we're talking with Adam Bystrom, Josh Mahoney, Al Boyce and Josh Holbrook, members of the aptly-nicknamed 'Minnesota Mead Mafia'. Join us tonight at 9PM ET for what will most likely be some mead madness.
    2 h 15 min. 49 sec.
  • 5-7-24 Christopher Clarke - Four Fires Meadery in Maumee, Ohio

    8 MAG 2024 · 5-7-24 Tonight at 9PM ET on Gotmead Live we will be talking with Christopher Clarke, Owner/Meadmaker at Four Fires Meadery and Head Brewer at HEAVY Beer Co. in Toledo, Ohio.
    2 h 28 min. 8 sec.
  • 4-23-24 Uwe Boer at Celestial Artisan Meadery

    24 APR 2024 · Tonight at 9pm ET, we're headed to Arizona to talk with Uwe Boer, meadmaker at Celestial Artisan Meadery. Uwe’s passion for making mead and sharing his passion with others grew strong during that time leading him to start his own Meadery. He spent several years developing recipes and procedures for commercial production.
    2 h 10 min. 6 sec.
  • 4-9-24 Bryce and Savannah at Fox and Raven Meadery

    10 APR 2024 · Tonight at 9PM ET on Gotmead Live, we're talking with Bryce and Savannah, owners of Fox and Raven Meadery in Carollton, Texas.
    2 h 3 min. 11 sec.
  • 3-26-24 Bray Denard - The BOMM (Bray's One Month Mead) and Mead Making Techniques

    27 MAR 2024 · Bray Denard, PhD is the inventor of Bray’s One Month Mead (aka “the BOMM”), one of the more popular mead styles among home mead makers. Bray has continued to refine his methods over the years to create a never fail nutrient protocol that works with any yeast!
    2 h 9 min. 10 sec.
  • 3-12-24 Laura Angotti - Mead in History and Historical Mead Making

    13 MAR 2024 · Tonight we're getting together with Laura Angotti, who has written books on mead in history and delved deeply into the writings and recipes of people going back thousands of years to provide information on how mead was made and imbibed in various cultures and at differing levels of society. Laura's most current book, "Wellcome Mead" is available on Amazon, and her new book, "Gold and Sweet, Ensnaring" will be out soon. She has also done a book on cider, "Cider and Perry in Britain to 1700: A Collection of Material from Primary and Selected Secondary Sources - Historical Brewing Sourcebook".
    2 h 46 min. 25 sec.
  • 2-27-24 Bob Slanzi - Mead Management, Thinking Outside the Box

    28 FEB 2024 · Tonight we're talking with Bob Slanzi, beekeeper, meadmaker, industry influencer and general all around pretty cool guy. We're going to ramble around and talk mead both here in the US and in Europe.
    1 h 31 min. 15 sec.
  • 2-13-24 - Traci Kuhfuss - Mead recipes, flavor profiles, exotic woods

    14 FEB 2024 · 2-13-24 Tonight at 9PM ET we're headed to Texas to talk with Traci Kuhfuss, home meadmaker and mead consultant. Traci Kuhfuss comes to us from Texas by way of Arizona. She ís been active as a homebrewer and mead maker for 20 years now, participating in brew clubs and competitions in all the places she has lived and traveled.. Traci is a professional graphic designer who loves making mead.
    2 h 10 min. 15 sec.
  • 1-30-24 Tony Fry - Arkansas Meadery

    31 GEN 2024 · 1-30-24 Tonight on Gotmead Live at 9PM ET, we're off to Arkansas tonight (where it's warmer) to visit with Tony Fry, owner and meadmaker at Arkansas Meadery in Alexander, Arkansas.
    2 h 13 min. 24 sec.
  • 1-16-24 Carlos Herrera - Texas Longhouse Meadery - Starting and Building a Meadery

    17 GEN 2024 · 1-16-24 Welcome to 2024! GotMead Live is back with Carlos Herrera, owner of the soon-to-be Texas Longhouse Meadery in Wylie, TX, just north of Dallas. Carlos will be talking with us about his mead, and the journey to start a commercial meadery.
    2 h 3 min. 31 sec.

GotMead Live is a show all about mead - making it, drinking it and learning about the world of mead. We bring in home meadmakers, commercial meadmakers and industry leaders...

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GotMead Live is a show all about mead - making it, drinking it and learning about the world of mead. We bring in home meadmakers, commercial meadmakers and industry leaders to talk about mead.
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